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kalamansikmunding 1Citrus microcarpa.
katydid or long-horned grasshopperklotut 1Phaneroptera furcifera.
keep back; withholdnali 1
keep falling when one is weak due to sickness, extreme fear or hungerhegluduk 1fromluduk
keep for oneself; keep to oneselfsgafuy 1
keep secret, hiddenlimeng 1
keep silent, quiet, as an angry personhudem 1
keep stillhetnô 1fromtnô 2htinof 1fromtinof
keep still, be quietenek 1
keep, put awaynes 2
kerosenelenagas 1
kerosene lamp made from a small tin can with a wicksolok tatung 1
kettlekuleng 1
kick (of cow and carabao)bintì 1
kick (of horses only)kwì 1
kick offdóng 1
kick or step on someone in fightsteked 1
kick with the foot lightlysindul 1
kick with the heeldóng 1
kick, genericsifà 1
kidnap; take something without permission; elope; take another's spouseówóng 2
kidneybungu 3
kill and roast in a firetétê 1frométê 2To roast, butcher, dress a chicken.
kill or destroy slowly, as wasting plants little by little at an early stage of growthlutós 1
kind (of things)bak 5
kind of worm believed to be about the size of a small dog that runs after peoplekuled gowil 1
kind of; class ofkay 1
kinky, curly hairkulut 1
kinship termfay 1leway 1
kinship term, man's brother-in-law; term of address between brothers-in-lawfóg 1
kisselek 1
kitchen area of a housetlian 1
knife, small all-purposekbahù 1
knob, wooden on a large gongsuub 1
knock each other down, as in wrestlingsetwê blékê 1
knock the ash off; fall offtotol 1
know how, skilledhulung 1
know or understandgeslemet 1
know, have information, understand, have wisdom, knowledgetngón 1
known for a deed; included as a suspect among manygboluy 1fromboluy
known, understood, announcedglalag 1
knuckle; joint; knotsbukù 1
knuckles (of fingers); joints (of bones)lengù 1
kris, creese, dagger with a serpentine bladesudeng 1