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labor with all one's might, as in childbirthhtodos 1
labored breathing, as in pneumoniadehel 1
lack, deficient, needing; run out of somethingkafus 1
lacking; wantingélél 1
ladder steps; notched steps for climbingbang 1
ladder-like steps; stairsslikan 1
ladies' small knifesnubeng sfu 1
ladle handleóhól 1
lag behind, as in a racegtambil 1fromtambil
lag, linger, drag one's feet, dragging long or lengthy thingsheglanut 1fromglanut
laid down, put down; deadmasà 1fromlasà 2To sleep together, to die or lie together in the same place.
laid down; deadtidol 1
lame, because of a deformity, wound on one's foot; limptugek 1
lamelytegnù 1
lament, plaintive song sung at deathlanu 1
lamp wicksembwan 1
land abruptly, land suddenlydauf 2
land curled up on somethinggekulù 1fromlekulù
land head first into somethinggetudók 1
land headfirst into somethinggeblungù 1fromblungù*
land on or stick to something in a sprawling manner; sprawlkefeng 2
land on the stomachklafak 1
landslide, smalllubék 1