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machinist's hammer with ball peensólón1 1
mad, angry, wild, hostile; incensed, enragedhlóbô 1fromlóbô
maggotsafat 1
maggotsbokung 1
main floor beamsbulu 1
main floor joist; partition, division, boundary, barrier, borderbengel 1
main part or point of somethingbótóng 2
main points in a storylebang 1
main post in a houseteblungun 1
make a beeline for a target, go straight tohleng 1
make a pocket from the bottom of one's skirt to carry something inkowin 1
make a quick stopgduung 1fromduung
make a ridge or edge on somethingbulul 1
make a round trip in one daylugut 1
make a small issue bighlob 1fromlob 1
make bigger; enlarge, increase; nourishhbong 1frombong 3
make clear; clarifyhtataw 1fromtataw
make different; set apart; interpret differentlyhtólóng 1fromtólóng
make easyhlahil 1fromlahil
make it plentytey 3
make noise (with words); link arms or legs in play; link up with, connectskawit1 1fromkawit
make noise; noisyhebnes 1
make one's intention obvioushilô 1fromilô
make pathway throughsngê 1
make pretty, do something wellhtilob 1fromtilob
make puddles of waterasak 1
make room or space forgawang 1
make senselan 2
make someone's time difficult, as a child crying for attentionhekleyek 1fromkleyek
make something completeket 1
make something new; renew, restore somethinghlomi 1fromlomi 2New; young.
make space, as in a crowd; clear a portion of an areagawag 1fromawag 1Empty space between something or someone.
make starch or dig out the starchy substance from cassava or certain palmssokul 2
make sugarcane winelewag 1
make the medicine for increasing the harvesthmules 1
make things complicated; go the long waysiwed 1
malabar night shadelebati 1Basella rubra.
man, boy, malelogi 1
manage to carry more than expectedsbotong 2
manageable, refers to the nature of somethingtifo 1
mane; hair behind the head of pigblugal 1
mange (of animals)aaw 1
many seated, as peoplehegyón 1fromyón 1To sit down on something; to ride on.
many, comprising a great numberwadag 2
many, numerousgulà 1
many, numerous, multitudinous1
marblesholén 1
March, month ofsélél 1
mark a trail or show ownership of an areahatik 1