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nag little-by-little continuouslylenteg 1
nag, find fault, irritatesulô 2
name for a round, stout womanObobù 2
name or term of address for a mutemew 1ngot 1
name or term of address for a short, stout, round childngow 1
nape of the necktesudun 1
narra, Philippine nationalbyolung 1Pterocarpus indicus.
narrow red bands of cloth sewed on a blouseglang 2
narrow-mindedstedek 2fromtedek
narrow, crowdedsikeb 1
nasal cartilage; forming of new leaves on palm treesból 1
nasal drainagengol 1
nasal mucous, hardklungót 1
natural salty taste of watermahì 1fromkahì
natural springsfut 1
nature or feeling of something between warm or cold; innate or essential qualityduf 1
naughtykwakê 1
navy blueginggung 1
near each othersloni 1fromloni*
near; arounddulen 1
nearby, besideklohok 1fromlohok 2Beside, nearby, alongside.
nearby, within seeing or hearing distanceloni* 1
necklace made of rattanlibu 2
necklace, large beadshnumbu 1
neglect, abandongkogol 1fromkogol 2
neglect, disregard oneselfhbasag 1
negligent, unexacting, nonchalant, slovenly, lax, slackawal 2
nest-like basket, small, made of splintered bamboo, used for sacrificing to the spiritssabak 3
nest, made of splintered bamboosabak 1
nevermind; it doesn't matterkunen 1
nevermind; untimelytlek 2
nevertheless; yetgoem 1
new shoots (of plants)sulì 1
new wine made from sugarcanelewag libun 1
new; younglomi 2
newly harvested field; dry stem of corn, dry rice strawlami 1
newly hatched baby birdtnulon 1
newly; recentlyhlomi 1fromlomi 2New; young.
next in rank or placetodol 1
next in rank to a superiorsugung 1
next to; take the side of to defendfi 2
next, following; second, as harvestseef 1
next; in turntufì 1
nibble (of birds and animals)kléb 1
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