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oar, boat paddlekwa 2fromwa 1To obtain, acquire, take, get, to trade, barter.
obesesubê 1
obese, weak (of people)obol 3
obey, comply; mindimón 1
obey, take heed, keep stillhdon 1
object focus affixn- 1
obsessedibeg 1
obsession, persistent preoccupation with somethingibeg 1
obstruction of harm or evil intended by supernatural forcessabù 1
obtain, acquire, take, get, trade, barterwa 1
occasional, seldomhdangan 1fromdangan*
occasional; once in a while; infrequentblóng 4
occupy whole space, take allhetfeng 1fromtfeng
occurrence of something unexpectedbel 1
ocean, seamohin 1
odor (of unbathed people)ngit 1
odor of dried urinesed 2
odor of scorched feathers, hair or foodlengis 1
odor of underarm perspirationhengì 1
odor, smell, scentboo 1
odorous (of fresh blood)nél 1
odorous; pungentngit 1
of, about, with, for2
offended, angry; able to stand again after accident or illnessgdà 1from
offering given to spirit-beingsdsù 1