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pacifier, appeasement, interceptorbot 2
pack, compressslenes 1fromlenes 2To stuff something into a hole; to put away out of sight; to hide; to insert.
packed downslenes 1fromlenes 2To stuff something into a hole; to put away out of sight; to hide; to insert.
packed in, close together, crowdedsesod1 1fromlesod
padlockkedadu 1
painful (of joints)ulog 1
pair things out; same in valueslokob 2fromlokob
pal, friend; friendship name used by two people living in different areasbilà 2
pale from an illnesslélél 2
pale from fright, fearlusék 1
pale, whitehuték 1
palenesslusék 1
palm of hand; sole of foothólól 1
palm tree leaves that are edible, soft, youngból kul 1
palm, a variety offandan 1Pandanus odoratissimus.luos nongu 1Calamus maximus.
palm, similar to coconutblala 1
palpate the abdomen externallydalul 1
panic; fear of being caughttfà nawa 1
paper wasptebwón 1
parallelsbantang 1
parlordesyung 1
part in one's hair; path in the middle of somethingsengê 1fromlengê
part in one's hair; way made, as through cogon grasslukê 1
part of a fishtrap that prevents the fish from escapingblangan 1
part of a housedeslingun 1
part of a monkey by the tail where no hair growsklamfang 1
part of a pig trap; spear handletlunul 1
part of a traphedwél 1fromdwél
part of a wedding ceremonystingkuk bukol 1
part of the weaving loomsulud 2
partially cooked, as riceotù 1
participate in something of which one is incapablehegedot 1
partner, counterpart; opponentblà 1
pass byiwes 1
pass by someone or somethingius 1
pass over, go over something; cross over, jump over somethingulé1 1
pass something by means of a long stickdugol 1
pass the blame backhnulék 1fromulék
pass through rubbing against something, pass through the midst ofihil 1
pass through, between or by something or someone (of burdens, problems, work)ku 1
pass through, follow a pathlan 1
pastime; diversionlelen 1
pat someone's back, as to cheer, comfort, encouragesifil 1fromifil
patch, as on clothesklefeng 1
patches inserted between rotten walls, roof, basketsif 2
path, way, road; area worked on; handiworklan 1
pathway through somethinglengê 1