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quarrel while pointing one's finger at someone's eyetdok lem mata 1fromtdok 1
quarrel with fingers pointing into the eyes of the opponentsetdok lem mata 1
quarrel, fight each othersbólów 1frombólów
questionsólók 1
question indicator2
quick, fastflóng 1tlagad 1
quick, fast, hurryskéw 1
quickly do somethingsetlagad 1fromtlagad
quickly have time for somethingtlagad 1
quickly start to act; start to leave or dispersehbélét 1frombélét
quickly take the time to do something before it's too latetlana 1fromtana
quickly; often, repeatedlysnuma 1fromsluma
quickly; rapidly, promptly; Hurry up!; Come!géhél 1
quickly... yetklel 2
quiet, undisturbed; still, quiettinof 1
quietness, stillness, peacefulnessenek 1
quivering, as movement of mouth and lips of a monkeyomot 1
quiveringlyomot 1