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race towards a goalsugê 1
race, contest of skillsanggan 1
race, in competitionskuya 1
ragged and frayedtlonton 2
raid at nightnayaw 1fromayaw
rainbowléwés 1
rainbow or basin-shaped area in the upper portion of a fieldlikub 1
raise one's arms in anger, challenge for a fight, defend oneself in courthtel sigel 1
raise or lift something upboluk 1
raised platform of a Tboli house where people sit or sleepblabà 1
raising of the eyebrowskmót 1
rapid, fast, quickhlóng 1
rapid, fast; occurring often, frequently, oftenklet 1
rash, genericdes blotù 1
rash, pustules; roundnessblotù 1
rashly, carelessly, incautiously, imprudently1
rat trap, a variety ofdilan 1tkob 1
rat, a variety of small mice known as Norway ratbninsil 1Rattus norvegicus norvegicus.
rat, common Philippine fieldfólbul 1Rattus mindanensis mindanensis.
rat, mouse, genericungé 1
rat, Negros small fieldhesob 1Rathus eyulans negrinus.
rattan dish rackkalo 1
rattan, a kind oflegwi 1
rattan, a variety ofnongu 1ongu 1
rattan, genericluos 1
ravine, gorgesbong 1
ray of light, as through leaves, roof, window, cloudstsang 1
rays of the sun; fibers of abaca; strand, as of hair or beadsbalu1 2
razor bladelebaha 1
re-dye (of Tboli weaving)bunów 3
reach a long way, as sound; go far, as in studiestemfed 1
reach an extreme end; come to a stopgsengel 1fromsengel
reach or get something; achieve or attainguta 1
reach out, as a childkawad 1
reach the stage of getting fragrant, tasty (of fruit)no 1
reach to or end at something in a striking mannergtefes 1fromtefes
reach to, as an amount; arrive at; ready to harvest; relay, as a messagegefet 1fromefet1 1
react in fright with the hands open and thrown backkamang 3
reading bookbok 3
ready, prepared (for enemies)hnilam 1
realize something after the facthekuón 1
realize, recall, imagine, analyzehekna 1fromkna
realize, recognizedilô 1
reallyhol 1
really instead, usually used when wishing for a curse on someonehom 1
really, is that sonô we 1