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sad, worried; sorrowinglangag 1
saddlesyà 1
saddle blanketafid 1
safety pinabat sual 1
sag; droopbloyo 1
salary, payment, reward; faresukéy 1
salivaiwol 1
salivatetbul iwol 1
same also; in like manner; the same asdalang 3
same, similarsenged 1
sand, make smooth the roughness of a new clay potbunów 2
sap (of trees, plants)litok 1
sardinessedinas 1
sass, talk back, shout back angrilyheskong 1
satisfied, finishedbaw 1
satisfied, fullbsow 1
saunter, stroll, linger; procrastinateolun 1
say, speakmon 1
scab; coveringtofung 1
scabbard; sheathlumak 1
scabies (of people)lafu 1
scale-like membrane inside a certain kind of bamboolufuk 1
scales for weighingtimbang 1
scare birds away by yelling yóhô;hyóhô 1
scare, frighten someone so they don't continue doing badhewó 1
scare, frighten; jump with frightketut 1
scarecrowongot 1
scatter in different directionssekla 1
scatter, as birds, fliesbwa 1
scatter, as clotheslunak 1
scatter, disarrangesebesak 1fromsebsaksebsak 1
scatter, disarrange thingsbélét 1
scatter, splatter; distributebulét 1
scatter, spread, as rumorssból 1fromból 3To open up, as a flower, package, letter; to open out or undo a knot on a rope; to spread, as a sickness or to spread a mat; to multiply or reproduce, as plants or animals; to reveal a secret or unfold in court, as the whole story or evidence of a crime; to find an answer, as to a problem or a riddle.
scatter, strew things all oversbakil 1
scattered by the wind, as paper, clothesholis 1
scattered, strewn, not in proper placebélét 1
scissorsgunting 1
scold, chide, upbraidhled 2
scold, snap, as when one is moodyhgeng 1fromgeng
scoopsyul 3
scoop, handfulkuf 1
scorn, ridicule by naming body parts or one's defecthlò 1from2To be bossy, nagging; to make little things sound very big which sometimes scares others.