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taboolii 1
tadpolebikol 1
tadpole with four legs and tailklaya 1
tag along behind someone you depend onhitit huli 1fromitit
tag along; attach oneself to someonehedù 1
tail fin of any large fishblibag 1
tail-like extended hairline along the canal on the back of the neckikong bnaus 1
tailbone; coccyxkitut 1
tailor, seamstresstau tembé 1
take a bathdyo 1
take after, be like someonegdodot 1fromgodot*
take away, pick updikót 1
take big bites, stuff it all insomok 1
take care of someone or somethingsgifà 1
take care of, look after, followsgolò 2fromgolò
take care of, provide forsegiyok1 1tdof 1
take for grantedhlingay 1fromlingay
take from one place and put in anotherskibol1 1
take good care of somethinghgulam 1
take little by littleletel 1
take more of something before what is there is all gonesodok 1
take or get with fingers, pull out little by little destructivelydot 1
take part in; partake ofgtob 1
take possession ofsegyomo 1
take refuge in the shade or shelterhgolung 1fromgolung
take responsibility for, watch out fortlomin* 1
take revenge; avenge; pay back a bad deedbeles 1
take shelter, stand in the shadegolung 1fromolung
take something along by mistakegwit 1fromwit
take the chance, catch the opportunity; early ontana 1
take the skin off; cut just the top offuyaf 1
take things out of storage; transfer to a new house; open up; scatter what was kept in orderakat 1
take turns, spell offbalu1 3
take without prior permission; go on ahead, not waitingtegesò 1fromlesò 2To sneak out, as from a group; to pick out something, as from among others.
talk at the same time; close musical pitch (of gongs)seblang 1fromblang
talk fast with an irritating loudnesshséél 1
talk loudly, shout, cry outmensu 1fromsu
talk or walk in one's sleepkiwón 1
talk someone into doing something, good or badduf 2
talk to oneselfuteb 1
talk with an irritating loudnesshséb 1fromséb
talkative, forceful, persuasive (of speech)bél 1
talkative, garrulous; complaining, fault-finding, nagging; gossipingbtutin 2
talkative, nagging, scoldingsélék 1
talkative; follow up on unimportant detailstif 1
tall (of a tree)toyus 1
tall and lean (of person); taper (of candle)lulus 1
tall, straight (of trees); long, (of log); lanky (of legs)layul 1