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taboolii 1
tadpolebikol 1
tadpole with four legs and tailklaya 1
tag along behind someone you depend onhitit huli 1fromitit
tag along; attach oneself to someonehedù 1
tail fin of any large fishblibag 1
tail-like extended hairline along the canal on the back of the neckikong bnaus 1
tailbone; coccyxkitut 1
tailor, seamstresstau tembé 1
take a bathdyo 1
take after, be like someonegdodot 1fromgodot*
take away, pick updikót 1
take big bites, stuff it all insomok 1
take care of someone or somethingsgifà 1
take care of, look after, followsgolò 2fromgolò
take care of, provide forsegiyok1 1tdof 1
take for grantedhlingay 1fromlingay
take from one place and put in anotherskibol1 1
take good care of somethinghgulam 1
take little by littleletel 1
take more of something before what is there is all gonesodok 1
take or get with fingers, pull out little by little destructivelydot 1
take part in; partake ofgtob 1