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unresolved problemslibug 1
unripe, immature, not fully ripe or dried, not fully cooked, as riceatak 1
unstable feelingsdódól 1
unstable, idlehewók 2segóyóng 1fromóyóng
untidybolok 2
untidy, dry from heat of sunklangkang 2
untie something or someone1
until, extending toefet1 1
untruth; falsehoodkéng 1
unusual, extraordinarysegkay 1fromkay 2
unwantedly, unsatisfyinglysgot 1
unwillingness to help anyone outside of one's own family or selfungul 1
up; above; on top of; toward a higher place; afterwards; during the time ofta 2
upper arm musclengà bkong 1
upper front teeth and upper lipnisót1 1
upper side of something; top ofta 1
uprootkohil 1
uproot and transplant seedlingskoli 1
uproot taro plantslefos 1
uproot the whole planttbugel 1
uprooted (of trees)slókód1 1
upside down; inside out, as clothesblékê 1
upstream, higher arealeged 1subô 1
upstream, on a higher areasneged 1fromleged 1Upstream, higher area (whole area).
urge an animal alonghehi 1fromhi
urge on, cheer on, encouragehtóy 1
urinatetléél 1
us, our exclusive (dou set)kum 1
us, ours dual (dou set); polite command, for us bothkut 1
use a drinking strawusuk 1
use a lice pick; look carefully inside tall grasssukéb 1
use a pole to carry something very heavytanggung 1
use a pry bardwél 1
use a wide area; extend beyond a boundarylamang 1
use satire to expose and discreditléd 2
use something as a lever to open up; give something to get what one wants; separate from one's spouselekas 1
use sticky sap to catch birdshulut 2
use the can for measuringlata 1
use the word bwaya 'expression of anger' when irritated, upset or disgusted about something or someonehebwaya 1frombwaya 3Expression of anger.
use, own, adoptmu 1
useable in place of, serve ashenged 1
useless due to laziness (of people)ledut 2
usually, customarily, habituallygel 1
uterine pain after childbirthhented 1
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