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ugly; not good, not fitting for the occasionétê 1
ulcer-like sore in the crotch, groin areakifang 1
umbilicus, navelhuhed 1
umbrellahayung 1
unabashed, shameless, uninhibited; careless, sloppy in worksdiwal 1
unable to catchkomot 1
unable to keep up; left behindgtagak 1fromtagak
unbecoming; unfitting; improperóngó 1
uncle; term of address for older male friendmà dì 1
unconsciousness; vulnerable spottafì 1
uncover; remove the blanket covering a bride; remove the lid from a kettletuké 1
undecided about planssegsud 1fromgsud
undecided, doubtful, reluctantsgangaw 1
undecided, uncertainmegewu 1
undercooked (of dye)lemudem 1
underestimate someonehegnok 1
underneath; belowlaan 2
undershortssewel seyu 1
understandglemet 1
understand by observation, listeningglileb 1
understand, agree, reach the same point of viewsegtung 1
understand, analyze, comprehend, scrutinizeheknol 1fromknol
understand, comprehend; discerntnef 1
undevelopednolos 1
undo by mistakesut 2
undo or make voidgsalà 1fromsalà
unequal (of size, amount); unfair treatmentkihu 2
unequal, not the same length; partial in one's dealingsskafi 1fromkafi
unevenly wovensisen 1fromisen
unfair, partial; unequalskihu 1fromkihu 2
unfinished, unproductive, unsuccessful endeavorbkól 1
unfitting, unseemly; unfavorable, upleasantmóngó 1
unfittingly, awkwardly; unfit, unsuitablehedekot 1
unhealthy, as skin and fur (of animals)aaw 1
unhesitatinglysdiwal 1
unimaginable (of distance, time)kna 1
unit of measurement using both arms, as around a tree with finger tips touchinglagaf 2
united to do somethingsgayun 1
unlikelyutun 2
unmarried; young, singlesawang 2
unmilled rice, cooked, dried and poundedulós 1
unmindful of what might happen; wander aroundhetlasak 1
unmindful, oblivioushilay 1
unnecessarilydkot* 1segdot 1fromgdot
unpleasantness, a displeasing, distasteful consequence of a situationneel 1
unpleasantness, problemsnaay 2
unpredictable, uncertainhenblóng 1
unreasonableyag 1
unreasonable, a belittling expressionélél 2
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