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vaccination, vaccinebekunà 1
vacillate, waver; indecisivesbulug 1frombulug
vagina, female genitalia1
vaginal polypbiloy 1
vague or fading colorkobu 1
value; price, cost; measurebtes 1
vegetable, genericlemnaw 1fromlenaw
vehicletdak 1
veinulat 1
vengeance; revengebeles 1
vent, as words; pour ongkoho ta 1fromkoho
verbally admire somethingngak 2
verbose, loquacious, chatteringséwél 1
very beginning, very first; in the time pasttganay 1
very heavy and expensive type of gongbnogul litok 1
very many, countless, as peoplegagid 1
very, emphasizertey 2
very, reallyalì 1
viand made by pounding cooked beansnaay 1
viand, banana stalkluté 1
vibrating, oscillating, shakinghkengkel 1
viewpoint (straying), opinionlangan 2
vigil, after a deathodung 1
vigorous, energetic, fast; hospitable; cheerfullingas 1
vigorously, brisklyhnóm 2fromnóm
vine of a wild root familytengen 1
vine used as a betel nut substitutegowil 1
vine, a variety ofblókón 1
vine, black, used on basketslitok 3
vine, used for tyingklé 1
vine, wild, bearing edible fruitkmatì klagan 1
vinegarlanggaw 1
vines, as sweet potato, squashlefà 1
vines, long, thick, hanging down from tall treesweled 1
violin bowboho 2
violin, one-stringdwegey 1
votebutu 1
vow, swearsafà 1