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wailing, howling of dogs at nighthwóng 1
wait forangat 3
wait for someone or somethinghatan 1
wait for, anticipate, expect somethinghku 1
wait in hiding, ready to shoot with bow and arrowtineg 1
wait patiently, respectfullytógón 1
wait to say or seehatan mon 1
wait, expect something or someonemenku 1
wait, watch expectantly, as hunters of small gameulón 1
walk briskly with chin up, unmindful of people around you, showing off, proudhegfes 1
walk briskly with chin up, unmindful of people around you, showing off, proudhegwes 1fromwes
walk lamely, walk with a limpkail 1
walk or do things slowlyhloyut 1fromloyut
walk together (large group going to a wedding feast)ulu 2
walk, hike; dirty from the soiltonok 1
walk; skip or step over somethinglafang 1
wallbeng 1
wander absentmindedlysibet 1
wander aimlessly, pace anxiouslylindan 1
wander in all directionssbitek 1
wander off the pathama 1
wander, do the opposite of what one is told to dokyangén 1
wander, go back and forth aimlesslysidok 1
wander, hang around, get lost, have no directiontimbeg 1
wandering, whistling ducksgulu 1Dendrocygna arcuata arcuata.
war, battle, killingsfatay 1fromhatay
ward off with bolo, stick or hands; defend oneself when fighting; sparbangkil 1
warm oneself by the firenalang 1
warm oneself in the sun; dry things in the sunhedaw 1
warm, heat up; make hothkinì 1fromkinì
warning question, as when one is irritated or offendedilóu 1mo 2mone 1frommo 2A warning question which could be followed by a manifestation of one's emotion, as when irritated or offended.
warning sound a hen produces in its throat when seeing an enemyngak onuk 1
warning to stay out of the way; excuse meéhé 1
wash clothes; launderfuk 1
wash feet with hands or a stoneudós 1
wash the face by splashing water on itlouf 1fromoufouf 1
wash, as sweet potatolob 2
washout from the edge, side of a hill, roadtbék 1
washout in a fieldtbag 1
wasp, mud daubermegwawa 1
waste by lavishness; squandergwós 1
waste from stripping abacaliling 1
waste from the stripping (of abaca)sabut 1
waste timeheksów 1fromksów 2(Of one's life) to be hanging, no direction, as with no goal or purpose in life.
waste time going about; busybodysegewók 1
waste time in discussion without agreement or directionstuay 1