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yam beansingkamas 1Pachyrrhizus erosus.
yam, wildbok 1Dioscorea alata.
yaws; skin disease that is contagiousbekataw 1
yeast, leaven, fermenterbot 1
yellhsu 1
yell and scream; play noisily (children)ugak 1
yell, cry outhsu 1
yell, shoutgad 1
yell; noiseugak 1
yellow part of something; egg yolklélél 1
yellow; ripemélél 1fromlélél 1Yellow part of something; egg yolk.
yelpail 1
yesdume 1el 1frome 1Yes.
yes, positively, affirmatively1
yes, that's it; that's rightulit 2
yesterday afternoonbkuloy 1ekuloy 1
yet, up to the present time; before all is done; eventuallyhe 1
yet; immediatelytagad 2
you ou setyu 1
you singular (-e set)-i 1
you, your dou setkóm 1
you, your plural (-e, -u sets)ye 1
you, your plural (dou set)kuy 1
you, your singular (-u set)-em 1
you, your singular (ou set)uu 1
young leaves, tips of plantstubed 1
young, as plants, trees, sugarcanetobong 1