Tboli - English



éexclOh, a particle often accompanied by a negative.É, ke beng kuy dé.Oh, it's up to you.É là, tau ni.Oh no, this person.É là, là gemmoen tau ni!Oh no, this person isn't able to do anything!É gi. Moen tau ni?Oh! Why is this person like this?É gnahe bélê ye.Oh, I'll go ahead of you.
êexprOh no!; Really?, usually with a negative meaning.Sok le madal yó kem munung gunù, ne ke laen dù bè yó kem tau mulu madal ke olo le beyen temmngel, yó mon le, "Ê là, gnê le kem tau yóó."When they dance, if none of the wedding guests dance and they are just content to watch, they say, "Oh no (what's wrong), they are inferior."Ê! Moen yó du?Really! Why is that?"Ê gi!" mon Iwas, "mduke mógów do.""Oh no!" Monkey said, "as for me I'm too lazy to go."
éfêvarhéfênWetness, moisture.vTo make something wet; to moisten by sprinkling.g-, h-, k-, m-.Méféi kut kun yem bakù mékéng yóó mò bol te.Moisten those dry tobacco leaves for us to mix in (our chew).n-.Néféem kut kun yem dù lohò.Moisten for us the remaining lime (for a chew).s-.adjWet, moist. To give encouragement, hope to go through a certain task.éfê nawaidiomBribe.Elesi stulón du gu laan là deng skukum, hyu se ke wen oguhem du mò éfê nawahen anì là kat henblaten kóm.Talk to him in advance before the case begins; it is good if you hand him a bribe so that he won't make the fine so heavy on you.méfê nawaidiomYoung.Tolo méfê nawa ye kuy bà dù ye mnagì, olo ni du kum deng mosol kdaw bélê me.You are still young you can study anything; but as for us, we are already old (lit. the sun is going down on us).
éfélnSmall yellow bee usually encountered in trees or coconut palms.cfbowi 1nuhag 1songkò 1tbuleg 1tebwón 1tegti 1tmaing 1tmuson 1Appendix 14 Bees and wasps
éhéexprWatch out, warning to stay out of the way (often said when shouting in anger or in irritation); excuse me.Éhé kudà hto féten.Watch out, the horse is loose.Ehé kun nmò ye lanu.Excuse me, please make a way for me.
éhék1varmelem éhékséhéknA sharpening stone.Nù se éhék du?Where is the sharpening stone?Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo sharpen knives, tools on a sharpening stone.Éhékem du éhék smintu.Sharpen it on the cement sharpening stone.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synóhóng 1éhék2idiomTo stimulate or provoke or trigger something.Béem néhék lu bè udél déke sfatay le.Don't stimulate them with words, they might fight each other.
éhék ngihinA rock used to file teeth.The teeth are filed down short, then blackened with soot. It is considered to be more beautiful than having white teeth, both men and women.
ékemexprExpression meaning good if...but it's not so.Aling mom benlihen ékem móyóe du.He bought it anyway, good if I wanted it but I don't.Ékem tengónem se.It would be good if you knew it but you don't.synilóem 1cfyake 1
ékéngvarmékéngnDryness, as in the absence of moisture or abundance.vTo dry something.g-, h-.Hékéng le bè kdaw, ne sotu gunu le tméwéng du ta ofi.They dry the corn in the sun, and another thing (they do is) they hang it above the fire.k-.Ne yó sotu gel kmò le du ke hanà là dengen gedlug yem kékéngen yem silà, gel nmò le lenufi.And another thing they do if it still isn't too dry, they roast and pound the corn to make it thin.adjDry, free from moisture, as dead leaves, corn or rice ready to be milled.m-.Sok mékéng, ntem le.When (the field) is dry, they burn it.n-.synklang 2klangkang 2tfasang 1hékéngidiomWaiting for someone who doesn't show up.Sendawu hékéng lem fedyan mangat kóm.All day I waited for (lit. dried) you in the market but you didn't show up.tahu ékéngenidiomNothing left, all gone (lit. real dryness).
ékétvargékét1n(Of a human, animal, insect) a bite.Ékét kutu ohu nim dô gnómu mékét do nii.Perhaps it's the bite of a dog flea that I feel biting me here now.vTo bite (someone, something)."A," mon Kefti, "yó gunuhu tendo eles mit ofi, knikou yó kem blawang, tódô le gel mékét.""Oh," Firefly said, "the reason I bring fire with me is because I fear the mosquitoes who always bite."g-, h-, k-, m-.Deng hulung mékét ngà ni.This child already knows how to bite.n-, s-.Timbow deng tahu kwasen bè yó, lemwót yó kem tau sékét le kudà mò lelen le hatan yem bud kkay le kul bigu deng hayahen bè yó.When it's truly daybreak, they begin to have the horses bite each other (fight) as a pastime while they wait for food to be served that morning.syntengen 2cfangil1 1mékét kdaw/mékét bitilidiomDrought (lit. the sun is biting, sun directly overhead, extremely hot day).mékét kukumenidiomHis judging is reasonable, strict, no consideration but fair.Deng nékét kukum uu laen bud gmoem ne ni.The court has found you guilty (lit. biten you), there is nothing you can do now.sékét te kwangidiomBackbiting.hékét kudàTo fight horses.2vTo snap together, as a padlock; to thread, as bolt and burr.g-, h-, k-, m-.Là buden mékét yem kendadu.The padlock no longer snaps together (lit. bites).n-.
élnWater; a liquid; a river, stream or tributary.Là gbek le mifal du él tey mgel.They were not able to cross the river, it's very strong.cfhikong 1él bungu koyu'Juice of fruit'.él kulónRainwater.él lefòCoconut milk.él tahuTrue water (drinking water).él tifasPalm drin.él tutù1Breast milk.kulu élSource of a river or stream.vTo put water on something to be cooked; to be very moist, wet, as rice cooked in too much water; to drain as an ear, eye, sore.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-.Neélem kut dé yem ken.Put water on the rice for us.cfbob 1kokol 1linu 1sfut 1tbul 1mudél meélidiomTo struggle to speak while sobbing.Béi mudél meélem dé.Don't speak muffled in tears there.
él kmibungnStagnant water.
élékvarmegélék1nSelected; chosen.Tebel le hlò éléken.They left all the selected ones.vTo select, choose.g-, h-, k-, m-.Yó kmò gel kesekteng le, mélék le yem tau mò hnok ta yem bigu kay le.What they do in their pulling each other, they choose a person to place his hand on top of the winnowing basket of food they serve.n-.Gel nélék le se mò meen le.They usually select for their seed corn.s-.adjChoosey, selective; well-chosen.Tey mélék kutónen ngà ni.This child is very selective of his meat.meg-.Megélék yehenen yó ngà me.The spouse of our child must be well-chosen (not just anyone).2nLeftovers, residue.Hlò éléken yem dù gafit ye.It's only the remains that are left for you. (It could be either the best or the remains of something.)
élék liholvTo desire to eat other kinds of meat while one recovers from a sickness; doesn't like to eat if there is no meat..g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
élél1vTo lack; to be wanting.Yó sotu but gunu le élél bè Tboli abay se hotu le nawa le bè tau, baling klifót le kul knù.Another reason the Tboli are lacking (poor) is because they give their all to other people, they become forgetful of themselves.adjPoor (of people).synawam 12adjUnreasonable, a belittling expression meaning it is of no importance.Tek élél gendaen tu dum mon Skukuk.The sky's anger over what Skukuk said is very unreasonable.
élés nawanJealousy.vTo make jealous, to challenge.Hélésem nawam.Be challenged (by it).Hélésen nawam tau tu.That man challenges you (makes you jealous).g-, h-.Dalang se yó kem tau munung gunù, sal gel hélés le se kul nawa yó kem tau mulu, bud kóyô le se kul ke wen balà le du.Similarly the hosts will make the wedding guests jealous; they want them to respond to what they do.k-, m-, n-, s-.adjJealous; keen for success because of what one sees others do.
éménBlepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelid.Sindu kmugà du yem desem, ayaw émé.Your sickness is not conjunctivitis, it's a sign of blepharitis.vTo have blepharitis.h-, k-, m-.Tey mémé yem tuha logi tonu dlem.That old man I saw down below has bad blepharitis.n-.
énégvarhénéghlénéghnénéglénégnénégvTo watch, as a film show; scrutinize; to look at something closely, carefully.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Gel le mógów ebè tonok tendo nénég le yem blotik abay se bè yó gunu le temngón du ke angat kmulón dun mnóng kdaw.They always go (down from the house) to the ground to scrutinize the stars, because that's how they know if it will rain or be sunny.s-.cfbinguy 1hlunu 1tngel 1
éngénnLanius cristatus.Brown shrike.Appendix 10 Birds
éngéngvarméngéngv(Of people and birds) to mimic, imitate. (To say the same thing after another person or to make a gibberish sound in order not to hear what the other person is saying.)Tey lò éngéngen ngà ni.This child is all mimic (insultingly, provoking to anger, not accepting what others say, instead mimics).g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.adj(Of sound) having almost the same pitch.
éteyexclAn exclamation of delight or disgust. Oh no!Étey, halì bong!Oh no, a big wound!
étêvarsétê1adjUgly; not good, not fitting for the occasion.Tey étê lanen msol tau tu.The way that man digs is not good.Mu du ke blayem do nim tey kgal étê nii?What are you giving me this ugly shirt for?he-, ke-, s-.varsétêsynsidek 1cfusing 12vTo roast, butcher, dress a chicken.étê le onuk kem ngà tu.Those children are fond of roasting chicken.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Onuk gel nétê le sok le kminì.They usually roast chicken when they do the harvest ritual.vartétêcfhekléng 1sadab 1