Tboli - English



aexprAn expression of dislike, disdain or refusal."A," mon Datù, "tahu se ni kuy.""Okay (in disgust)," Chief said, "your (case) is true/you're right."ante 1el 1e 1
a wêexprThe expression of one's frustration at someone's refusal to do what is asked or when learning about something which is not expected.A wê, ngà ni tô hwahu koyu mom bulà kun.Oh no, this child (he's lazy, rebellious), I sent him to get wood, instead he played basketball.A wê, moen tu du?Oh no, why is that?
aawvarnaawn(Of animals) mange, a skin disease caused by a parasite, the mange mite.v(Of animals) to be infected with the mange.n-.Naaw yem kudà blay le do.That horse they gave me has mange.adj(Of animals) unhealthy, as skin and fur full of sores.cfkékél 1ketel 1lafu 1
abavarmaba1vTo start to clear a rice field.Suk du abahem du yem tnibahem?What bolo (did you use) to begin to clear your rice field?g-, h-, k-.Tey minggel nóng kdaw yem kaba le ekimel.The weather was really good when they began clearing (a rice field) yesterday.m-.Maba, yem là tahu ktiba du he.To begin work on (a rice field), it is not truly clearing the rice field yet.n-.Sok deng wen yem numa tuha ton le, hnatik le mò angat naba le.When they have found a mature new growth forest, they will mark it (as a sign of ownership) where they will start to clear a rice field.Just a little work is done on a small area in order to listen to the omen bird for direction. If the omen bird call is good, more work will be done, but if not it will be abandoned.blotik abaStars looked for to begin a rice field.bulón abaMonth for beginning to clear a rice field.suk abaBolo used to begin to clear a rice field.2vTo fell a tree in a certain direction by the way it's cut.Abahem eleged yem koyu nofokem.Make it fall upstream that tree you are cutting down.m-.Tey hulung maba tau ni, là hugónen te gunù yem koyu nofoken.This man knows how to fell (a tree), the tree he cut down didn't fall onto the house.n-.Nabahem dou efatu yem lumét nù talaku, wen soging kô gdilanen.Make the lumét (tree) fall to the other side of my field for me, (or) it might crush the bananas.synledof 2ofok 1cfeled 1ewed 1
abalnShoulder.Ne yó kmò keslagi le tódô slé le bè abal le yó kem blówón le.And the way they play the gongs (there on the path going to the wedding), they just hang the gongs over their shoulders.Appendix 12 Body parts of a personadjBroad shouldered.m-.Tey mabal tau tum geslongu bè lan.What a broad shouldered man that was that I met on the road.
abangvTo push or lift something heavy.g-, h-, k-.Meflingay kabang le du eta yó gunun béhéng.Their lifting it was done in a careless manner that's why it's uneven.m-, n-.Tenngelem dé yem tau nabang le gu dlem.Look and see the person they are carrying (by two or more persons) from down below.s-.Several pushing or lifting something heavy.Tenngelem lu dé yó kem tau sabang gu dlem.You should see them those people carrying each other up the hill. (It could be a father taking pleasure in carrying his heavy child.)sens-.Sensabang ye edini yem but dlong nù dlem.Carry (lit. help each other lift) over here that log of dlong that is down the hill.
abasnMeasles.vTo have the measles.n-.Nabas yem ngà yóó.That child has measles.
abat1vTo dig out, as a sliver or thorn.2vFor the sick to go to a traditional healer to remove a curse or sickness encountered.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
abat sualnSafety pin (lit. what is used to remove a thorn with).
abay1advDare, gives special emphasis when used with the negative 'don't'.Béem abay nmò yó.Don't you dare do that.2conjReason why.Abay blayu bè dumu tau lanem là géhél bemli du.The reason why I sold it to somebody else is because you did not buy it immediately.Abay glumfaku nim blanggù lanem mit do mnagaw.The reason why I am afflicted in this jail is because you took me along with you to steal.
abay déexclWatch out!Abay dé ngà, na te nfes u.Watch out! Child, I'll whip you.cfyéy 1
abay se kóemconjBecause.Abay se kóem mdà bè lan yó gónó le gemslob du.Because she stood in the way, that's why they bumped into her.synkaem 1cfasem 1
abìnA large basket used for harvesting, carrying camote, etc.Yó muhen nim ni, mò gunu le hemyón yó kem abì gunun nù halay mò hla le bè yem kehek le yó.The purpose of this (table) here, is where they are to set the baskets of seed rice for their dibblestick planting there.cfsafak 1tfuul 1Appendix 24 BasketsvTo fill or use this large basket.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Nabiem kut dé yem logomu.Put in the basket for us my harvested handfuls of rice stems.cfteef 1
abidvTo whip something or someone many times or severely.Na ye olò abid du yó dé skél anì medlà.Go ahead whip (several times) him with that rattan stick so that he'll stop doing it.g-, h-, k-, m-.Duón ye mabid du tau yó?What reason did you have to whip that person?n-, s-, sems-, sens-.Bê ye kat mom sensabid sen kô mom mlef ye.Don't you repeatedly whip him, you might kill him.adv(Of whipping) severely, repeatedly.m-.Mò ye alì mabid mfes du kudà ni?Why are you repeatedly whipping this horse?cffes 1ifit 1
abunYoung, unfurled, edible leaves of the taro plant.Ke là holen wen tau htibahen yem fun tniba, ne ke hlò kun dumu yó kem tau yó, lelen laen hol halayen, yó olo nmoen snóbów abu duhen basuk, dobung duhen ke kihu klasi ken.If the field owner doesn't have many people help make the field, and if those people are all his relatives, and at the same time he doesn't have much rice, what he does is make a soup of young taro leaves or squash, bamboo shoots or whatever kind of food.Appendix 17-01 VegetablesvTo have lots of young leaves.m-.Tey mabu kleb yê.Mother's gabi plants have many young leaves.
abungnPreparation, preparedness, readiness.abung lówóWhatever is done beforehand to protect oneself from a curse or any other form of trouble. It may be the wearing of certain charms, giving something being worn in exchange for a portent, or being guided by dreams.abung nawaPrepare beforehand, as seeds before a drought in order to plant afterwards; obey so you won't be in trouble.vTo prepare ahead; to think ahead; to get ready for.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mudél Hnu, monen, "Hdoem béléem kóm, Datù, ke wen knikoem sawang là elesi mabung."Turtle spoke, he said, "Think about it yourself, Chief, if you are afraid of something you prepare ahead before it's too late."n-, s-.synigam nawa 1cffan 3hlinok 1htifes 1hyu 2tdù 1tgama 1tginof 1
abùnFat.Yem htilob yem lówóhen yó se yem abuen.What makes the body look nice is its fat.adjFat; (of plants) healthy.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey mabù yó kem koti, són yó tendo gel nbô le eta yem klawi le gel kól kemlo.Those edible koti plants are healthy, that's the only thing they carry back to the house (for vegetables) during their entire time of weeding (the rice field).n-.cfknabut 1
adalnA dance.adal blilaA dance named after a certain bird.vTo dance; to dance to the music of...Tey tilob adalen du yem heglungu.She danced beautifully to my playing the lute.Adal Btoti du doli tihen.Wagtail (a bird) danced it with her other (one) foot.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ne yó nmò yó kem logi kul, mogul le blówón, ne fen smagi ne kmintang yó kem libun, ne madal kem dumu.As for the men, they beat the gong, and the women play several gongs and the klintang, and others dance.n-.synsóyów 1
adang1nPaurometabola.Grasshopper, smallest.cfkfadang 1tlangas 1Appendix 13-01 Flying insects2nStilts.
adasnIrritation of the throat caused by eating something very sour or bitter or too sweet, as when drinking a concentrate.Moen là géhél mkó adas lem liholu ni?Why isn't this irritation in my throat going away?vTo have an irritation in the throat.h-, k-, m-.Tey madas lem liholu, bà mon tey ksom yem kenu koni.My throat is very irritated, the reason being (implies extreme) what I just ate was very sour.n-.udél madasidiom(Of words) to be irritating or annoying.
adatn(Of an individual or a group) a custom, practice, attitude, characteristic.Tey tilob adaten libun tu, hulung hmódó.That woman has a beautiful custom, she knows how to be hospitable (entertain).A person with a good custom is described as being respectful of others, generous, even-tempered. To be stingy is considered to be the worst custom of all.vTo respect, show consideration for someone or something.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.nadatem kedumum ke lemwóti igoen tolo mken.You do not respect your fellowman if you leave while he is still eating.s-.ant1synasal 1balu1 1egem 1kmò 11knawa 1
adêvargengadênadêexprOuch! An expression used when experiencing momentary pain.synadéy 1adéyóyadéykuh 1cfnadê 1adê
adén1nTerm of address between two people with the same name.Wen adénem, senged boluy te.You have a namesake, we both have the same name.Appendix 03 Terms of address 2vTo sound the same, as in rhyme.s-, hes-, kes-, sems-, sens-.
adésexprMy oh my! An expression of extreme dislike or anger, said in response to a rebellious child or subordinate who reacts with unfavorable words or actions.Adésem kun! Ngà nii.My oh my! This child is challenging me (what he is doing is not fitting for him).
adéyvaradéyóyngadéyexprAn expression, as Good grief!/For Pete's sake! used when in extreme pain of long duration or when one is surprised at something seen or feared, as a snake, bees.Adéy, moen tu du ke nmoen tu?Expr why did he do that?synadê 1kuh 1cfnadê 1adê