Tboli - English



bavarkba11.1exclBoo! An exclamation used to startle or scare someone.1.2vTo scare someone by saying ba! 'Boo!'.
baay1nA large, red, hardwood tree that is used for lumber. It has hard, red, inedible berries which tarsiers like to eat.
babat1nType of arm or ankle bracelets made of brass with fancy pointed edges.cfsingkil 1.1
bad11.1nShare, the portion earned when harvesting for someone else.1.2vTo get a share.synólól 1.2umun 1.2
badak1nJackfruit tree and its fruit. It is the best wood for making a 6 string guitar and makes nice furniture also.Artocarpus heterophylla.
baduk11.1nJowls of a pig.1.2vFor a person to have fat on the face and neck.
badung1nA bolo with a curved, wide blade used for work, cutting wood.cfbangkung 1.1kebibi 1.1suk 1.1
badù1nFuzz near the leaves of the twok palm, used for kindling a fire with flint.Tey minog bulen kukù lumun tô nogotem badù.Cat's fur is very soft; it's as if you are holding palm fuzz.cfbnuut 1.1bunut 1.1twok 1.1
bagang11.1nA charm believed to cause cats to catch rats, usually something odd found in a fish, as a fish hook or a stone from a chicken's gizzard.Tey mtud bagang fak Lahin, baluen ke là myón fak sana kwen gutahen.Lahin's frog charm is very effective. Even if it's out of season, he still gets some (frogs).1.2vTo use the animal charm.synbetyà 1.1cfbulung 1.2
bagì1nLuck, fate.Tey bagiu, tô mosok etahu hanga koyu.What luck, that tree branch almost fell on me.synulét hólól 2ungkul 2.1
bagu1nA hardwood tree the bark of which is used for making rope and armor (arrows don't penetrate it). Pigs eat the fruit which is about the size of a mango.
bahung11.1nA sickness caused by not partaking (for whatever reason) of the first of a harvest and wedding feasts with other family members.1.2vTo be sick with this sickness.cftawan 1.1
bail1adj(Of liquids) sour, distasteful, as soured calamansi juice, palm drink and stagnant water, having a bad odor and taste, musty, as a bamboo container not properly washed before using will sour.cfbali 1.1bongol 1.1kuné 1.2
bak11.1nMouth, opening, entrance.1.2vTo make the opening go in a certain direction.cfbkó 1.1nak 22nBlade of a knife, arrow point, sharp bamboo.Là tonu du yó dum busaw, olow mungol ngawóyen, ne tonu litô bè bak suk yem tau demwata ne wek snéen.I didn't see the spirit, I just heard his scream, and I saw blood on the spirit medium's knife blade and hair also.33.1nBark of dog.3.2vTo bark.cfail 1.2dluu 1.1duuhwóng 1.2toul 1.24nLength of about a handspan long (as of gold on a Tboli necklace).Wen ulewen, wen sudeng lumaken ne lemieg kmagi na sdangaw baken.He (the bridegroom) is wearing a headscarf, he has a dagger in its scabbard, and he's wearing a necklace with a handspan length of gold.bak fandìnA span of skirt material folded double.bak kumùnA span of blanket folded double.sbak kmaginOne Tboli necklace (the gold piece).sbak lintinOne arm bracelet.sbak singkilnOne ankle bracelet.sbak tisingnOne ring.5nKind (of things).Tey dê baken yem snoluhu.There are many kinds (of things) I am facing.hol bakenidiomnThe real reason for something, or the sponsor.Okóm yem hol baken wen bigu bud kay le ebéléen, tey dê.But they serve the sponsor (of the wedding feast) many baskets of food.
bak dól1nDoorway, entrance (lit. opening by the plank).
bak fandìsubentry ofbak 4Length of about a handspan long (as of gold on a Tboli necklace).
bak kumùsubentry ofbak 4Length of about a handspan long (as of gold on a Tboli necklace).
bak sut1nEntryway, the distance visible from the house when a visitor is approaching.
bak tukô1nType of sharp, pointed arrow.
bakag1adjWeak, loss of strength, as a bowstring or trap after much use.cfbkól 1.2
bakag beengidiom ofbakag 1.1Weak, loss of strength, as a bowstring or trap after much use.
bakang1adjOld, ripened and hard betel nut (inside part).Tey hulô mamak du yem bakang blulan.The old, ripe nut of the wild betel nut is very red to chew.Refers to a nice kind of chew when the chew is said to be red.cfblibóy 1.1blulan 1.1kuhan 1.1
bakà11.1nFoolishness.Katen alì wen bakaen ngà ni.This child really has foolishness.1.2v/adjTo be foolish; to have the spirit of foolishness; to not do what one is told to do.synasén 1.1bisung 1.1book 2.3hekligol1 1.1hekliluk 1.1heklituk 1.1hkitek 1.1iba 2sekban 1.2kbancfbo 2.2gamaw 1.2me 2.2méw 1mo 1.2motoy 1.2smet 1.2sngót 1.2sondit 1.2ukô 1.2ungel 1.3yol 1.1