Tboli - English



dabuk1nThe inside portion, as of an abaca stalk after removing the outer fibrous layer for stripping.Snung ye du dabuk kdungon yem kobong.Strap the bamboo water container with the inside portion of abaca.
dadu11.1nPlow.1.2vTo plow.
dafat1vTo wrap or cover with leaves, as meat gotten when hunting; to use leaves as a mat for placing meat on.Sok wen semdô gel dafat le du doun twok, doun bongu, doun blulan (yem gunun hmasà du).When someone hunts for a pig he usually wraps it in palm leaves.synslafad 1.1slafi 1.2
dafu1vTo comfort; to caress, usually of children and pets or a person having difficulty in breathing.synsifil 1.1ifilcfhduù 1.1duùkbit kakim 1.1
dafut11.1nSplash.Tey temfed yem dafuten.Its splash went very far.1.2vTo splash, splatter (as when cutting meat or fish with a dull knife).synhasut 1.1
dagang1vTo carry or take an item to a place in order to sell or display it.Nam e dagang kut efatu kdungón ni, anì ke wen filaken bemlihi kut alù mékéng.Carry this abaca across the river for us, so you can buy us dried mudfish with the money from its sale.synhbalù 1.1
dalang1vTo learn (something) by experimentation or by observation.The specific ingredient used for Tboli medicine is chosen because of a certain natural characteristic it has. In the above example, a piece of honeycomb is used as medicine for corn so that the corn will be "a little bit sweet, a little bit sticky--like the honeycomb". In the Tboli world view all nature is considered to be alive, therefore it is not inconsistent in their thinking to expect that the corn can learn from the honeycomb and produce in itself the same kind of sweetness and stickiness that are natural characteristics of the honeycomb.cfgbót 2frombót2vTo do the same to someone who does something to you.Là kóen hulung tmóbóng tau ni, ilóem dalangem béléu?This person here does not know how to help, had I done the same to you (lit. always you learned from me)?Hdalang tau ni.This person is expecting the same act from me (when I visit him).3conjThe same also; in like manner; the same as.Dalang le kóm.In like manner they are doing (to you) what you did to them.Dalang se hunges ken.The same also for the wrapped rice.
daliln1A particular sequence of musical notes marking the introduction and closure of a tune played on any musical instrument.2Provocation, deliberate mischief to incur wrath or disfavor or to provoke a fight.Tau wen lenbuten, laen lanen meles gel wen nmoen mò dalil le sfatay.A person who is angry with someone but having no way to get even, does something for a provocation for them to fight.3Figuratively, the cause of a problem or sickness.Tedu dalil gunun wen bnukù nawam?What is the cause of your problem?cfdolil 1.2lasun 1.1lewót 1.2
dalit1nThe pollen deposited by bees in a honeycomb.
dalul11.1nPalpation.1.2vTo palpate externally the abdomen by touch, so as to relieve some discomfort, usually due to an unborn child.
dalum11.1nNeedle.1.2adjNeedle-like.syntbek 1.2tbé 1.2cftmo 1.1
damay1nA tree, the sap of which is very sticky when it is scraped. The birds like the fruit. The scraped, slimy skin is also used as a medicine for wheezing.
danà11.1nA pressure mark, imprint.1.2vTo imprint; to make a mark on.Ne lemwót nim klamang bulul nii, danà hangahen.And this whole mountain was imprinted by its limbs (a legendary tree).synanal 1.2liseg 1.2sogu 1.2
danda1vTo mistreat, command work to be done in an abusive, disrespectful way.Kegenen du Datù ekni sok hetbahu són danda moen kem tau.While Datù was alive when he had people working for him he just mistreated them.synaga 1.1dansók 1.1gaga 1.1aga2cfdók 1.2
dandónadj1Famous, renowned, noted.Kegenen mowil Mà Dì hol dandónen mbô bayad tau.While uncle was alive he was noted for his being in debt to everyone.2Huge; great; powerful.Hol dandónen ulal malas yem hatayen.It was a huge poisonous snake that killed him.synmfulùfromfulù*cffulù* 1.3
dangut11.1nFibers in sweet potatoes, cassava.1.2vTo be fibrous.Tey danguten ubi ni.This sweet potato is very fibrous.
dansók1vTo harass and ruthlessly push someone to do something in a hurry, even while it is being done or while busy with something else.synaga 1.1danda 1.1gaga 1.1aga2cfdók 1.2
datal11.1nA plain; a flat area; level place.1.2adjFlat, level, ironed out, as a problem.cflefnal 1.1legnò 1.1