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faknFrog, generic.Smolok le subô él mebel le fak.They used a torch going upriver looking for frogs.Frogs are an important item in the diet of the Tboli. All varieties are eaten except fak bnutél 'toad', although some eat the thighs of this variety also.cfgoson 1Appendix 30 FrovTo have many frogs.m-.Tey mfak yem Lemyan.Lemyan (River) has so many frogs.n-.Tey nfak yem Lemyan.There are so many frogs in Lemyan (River).
fak bnutélnToad, also known as Hawaiian frog.Appendix 30 Fro
fakayManguindanaon mapakéyadjProper; good, all right.Là kóen fakay ke sulék tô nwahem yem sotu kmó abay se wen gel sidek du.It isn't good if you would take all of one bunch because there are always some that are bad.synhyu 1
falanShovel.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo shovel.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
fanCebuano pan1nBread, as rolls.Mlihi kut dé fan mò utón te kefi.Buy bread for us to go with our coffee.syntnafay 1cfmambang 12nBait, lure used for fishing.Mahil le bkó bè yem hengalaf sok ken le yem fan le du.They (prey) easily spring the trap when they eat the bait put in it.umù fanidiomUnfair judgment, one suffers even though all were involved (lit. using someone as bait at the frontline).3vTo put food aside for someone; to reserve.Fanem kem ngà katayen.Put aside its liver for the children.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synangat 4htifes 1igam nawa 1tdù 1tginof 1cfabung 1hlinok 1hyu 2tgama 1
fandanTagalog pandan mabangonPandanus odoratissimus.A palm tree, the leaves of which are used for weaving mats. The tube-like roots which grow up the outside of the plant are split in two and woven into window shades.cfblungis 2Appendix 09-01 Palm trees
fandìnAny kind of ordinary cloth used for a Tboli skirt blanket.Kihu balaen du ke fandì duhen ke dumu nes, syan sundu kumù Tboli du.He can respond with anything like a Tboli skirt blanket or other cloth, but it can't be a Tboli woven blanket.cfkumù 1lewék 1tleben 1
Kinds of Tboli skirts
fandì melanawrecognized as made by the Maranaw
fandì ndólrecognized by its design of red, yellow and white stripes. It is also wider on one side.
fandì sentlàplaid design
tedyungblack with white stripes on one side
fasnMowed grass lying on the ground.vTo cut grass off very short, as in clearing a field.Fasem du ni legadaw.Cut the grass with this sickle.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Ke hanà nbuten gel mosò yem halay, deng sana gel nbut le gel hmilol mfas du hilolen yem tniba.When the rice is still beginning to fill out, they begin to cut the grass very short around the field.s-.cfalab 1gahit 1ótó 1Appendix 08 Ways of cutting
fasadnAgreement, promise.Béi gedlug gel mò fasad.Don't always be quick to make a promise.Tahu se, tikóng le kól bè Datù, bud tulónen kul yem ktungóen ne yem fasaden bè yó kem fulisen.True, after they arrived at the Chief's, again he told them of his sleeping and his agreement with his policemen.vTo promise; to make an agreement, contract.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
fasang*varhfasangnPersonal power that commands influence, respect or confidence.h-, k-.adjPowerful; authoritative, (recognized in one's tone of voice, facial expressions, actions).m-.Tey mfasang ktoloken yem tau tu koni, là kói bned hmungol du.That person's teaching just now was very authoritative, you wouldn't be bored listening to him (I wasn't).
fatnCardinal number 4.Mdengen ke ket tau ket ne tlu duhen fat hunges ken nù béléen.It's plentiful if each person has three or four (pieces of) wrapped food placed with him.vTo make something four.h-, k-, m-, n-.adjFourth.g-.Tngón le se ke kmulón bè bulón glewun duhen mnóng bè bulón getlun kól gfaten.They know if it will rain in the second month or be sunny in the third to the fourth.
fat dangawnA four-handspan long bolo used in bartering at weddings.Ni fat dangaw tóbóngu kóm mò balen mken (limun bigu).I'll help you with this four handspan bolo (on the basket) for a signal to eat.At a wedding feast it is customary to exchange items of value in this way. It is placed on top of the food basket and no one eats until someone decides that he wants that item and will exchange it later.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
fatuvarfetuadvAcross a river, mountain, valley; on the opposite side of.
faynTerm used when speaking of one's sister-in-law or brother-in-law and other relatives except the parents.Nkay le bigu ke wen tuón le duhen kem fay le.They lift up a winnowing basket (full of food) when their parents-in-law or brothers/sisters-in-law are there.Appendix 03 Terms of address vTo be sisters or brothers-in-law.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.cf11Là genfayThe name they call each other by.
adjImprudent, rash, lacking in due caution.Ke là mà dì deng ndelen mi témê lan me kmuli.If it wasn't for uncle (talking to him), grandfather would have fined us because of our imprudent laughing.advRashly, carelessly, incautiously, imprudently.Tek udì gunu me là bkó blatik lan me tódô mama.We almost got caught in a pig trap because we just wandered carelessly.g-, h-, k-, m-.Béi tódô mógów mfà.Don't pass (in the midst of people) carelessly.n-, s-.antadat 1
fedyannWeek; market; market day.vTo go to the market.ge-, he-, ke-, -n-.suluk fedyan2idiomThe day before market day.
fennThe one; one designated.Ke htóbóng le, wen se fen meted ken bélê le.When they hire help (to plant), there is one designated to bring them food.
fengadvDelay; loiter, dawdle about doing something.Bê ye feng nunung, géhél ye mken igò mton là kem hol kehyuhen nim ken là bong ni.Don't waste time dawdling to watch it, hurry and eat as you see it's not very good this little food here.Customarily, the one who serves a meal will claim it to be not good and not much even if it is a big feast.cfgalà 1tlek 3
fesvargfes1nWhip.vTo whip, lash, strike.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Deng tô hatayen bà mon na le e sfes maen.He about died when his father whipped him (in anger).cfabid 1ifit 12advOnly.Yó se fes mógów, yó se olo mton du.Only those who go, only those will see it.Yó se fes hulung, yó se olo gemwa.Only those who know how, only those will get (a reward).cfolo 1
fes kudànHorse whip.
Fes Loos KlagannA healing ritual performed in relation to the Loos Klagan.
fes lówó1nOne's immediate family.Kdê kun fes lówó gotu gbót mken.All of his immediate family all join in to eat.
fetnA length of cut firewood.vTo cut firewood into lengths.s-, g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Nfetem kut kun yem méngé yó mò snuk te ken.He said to cut into lengths that tree for firewood to cook with.s-.Nay o kun sfet koyu mò snuku.Give me one length of wood for my fire.cfhutu 1otok 1Appendix 08 Ways of cutting

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