Tboli - English



g-varge-1pfxAs an inflectional prefix with verbs, it signals either an ability to do something or an unintentional action.Là hyuhen ke wen ngà mung, kô gsalà le bulung halay.It's not good if a child goes along, they might accidentally-undo the effect of the rice charm.2pfxAs a derivational affix with nouns or adjectives, it changes the grammatical function of the root. It is also used to form ordinal numbers except for the number one.Tngón le se ke kmulón bè bulón glewun duhen mnóng bè bulón getlun dun gfaten.(By looking at the stars) they'll know if it will rain in the second month or be sunny in the third or fourth.
gabayvTo afford; to manage; to accomplish, as in amount of work, short of timegabay me hemken kul, alì le wen.We can't afford to feed them, they are too many.Gabay ye kô mit kul?Can you manage to take them all along?gabay me semtlagad du deng tey kimel.We couldn't accomplish it quickly, it was already evening.he-, ke-, -m-.
gadvarmgadnYell, shout.vTo prod, nag loudly, yell or shout at.Tey gaden tu kem ngà ma silà.He really yelled at the children getting corn.ge-, he-, ke-, m-.Okóm lemwót se ke Tahaw kun, són moen tendo gel mgad kem tau anì géhél le mbut tmiba, anì yó géhél le gemgehek abay se tey alì meslò ktuken yem Sit Bokong, kóyóen ke géhél bud gemken halay lomi.But Long-tail Nightjar continually yells at the people so that they'll quickly begin to make their field and be able to plant rice, because Dusky Mannikin pressures them for her payment, so she could quickly eat new rice again.n-, s-.syn2
gad luduknMicrohierax erythrogonys erythrogonys.Philippine falconet.Appendix 10 Birds
gadingnGenuine gold color, as an old deer horn and honey bee eggs.
gafasfromafasvargemgafassgafasvAble to hold back, restrain.he-, ke-, -m-, s-.
gafitvartgafitvTo catch up with someone; to reach something above, overhead.gafitu du tey geta.I can't reach it, it's high up.gafiten du gunù, deng hegkay.He (Tarsier) didn't catch up with the house, it had lifted up.Yó ilóem du ke alì metlasik mehek yem logi là kô gel gafiten du yem libun mla.You'll see if a man is very fast to dibble-stick plant, the woman planting (behind him) isn't able to catch up with him.Tikóng gafit le Hnu, mon le mò du, "Nam sut bè Datù kun."When they caught up with Turtle, they said to him, "You must come to the chief."he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.synguta 1cfgefet 1efet1 1
gagafromagavTo harass and ruthlessly push someone to do something in a hurry even while it is being done or is busy with something else.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sem-, sen-.syndanda 1dansók 1cfslaf 1
gagidvarhegagidadjVery many, countless, as people.Tey gagid tauhen yem ken.There were countless people at the feast.gagidem msó kul.You aren't able to count them (too many).syngenged 1hgenged 1gengedcfhnóm 2nóm
gahitvTo clear a swath of about two meters around a field to protect it from wild pigs and rats, or to keep part of a field from burning when another part is burned.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfalab 1fas 1ótó 1
galasnRain ritual that causes it to rain, by placing a sharpening stone in water.Galas yem sotu adat kem Tboli ke móyô le ke kmulón.One of the customs of the Tboli is the rain ritual when they want it to rain.vTo perform the rain ritual.Ne bè kmò bulung hkulón anì hol tódô kmulón, sal gel mon le hgalas.In making the medicine to make it rain so that it really rains, they always say it's performing the rain ritual.h-.Sok le gel hemgalas, sal gel kmulón.When they perform the rain ritual, it always rains.
galàadvTo put off, to waste time.Béi galà myón, géhéli lemwót.Don't waste time sitting there, hurry up and start out.cffeng 1tlek 3
galingvTo mill dried corn kernels.hem-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfsabi 1
galuvarsgaluvTo cling to someone; unable to be separated or go on without someone, always used with the negative.galuhen ke béhen.He isn't able to leave his grandmother.galuhu du ke là tonu du.I can't go on if I don't see her/him.galu nawaw du ke là hentifesu gu lem gunuu.I can't live if I don't clean my house.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfalu 1alu nawa 1
gamalvTo encircle something round with the hand, as when holding a baseball bat.he-, ke-, -m-, s-.
gamawnA spirit that makes the person change his looks and look fierce; a person who has this spirit.Kegenen du Fù Balang ke gel kól béléen gamawen dilaken gtefes but klinguhen.When Great Grandfather Balang was still alive, if this spirit came to him his tongue would reach his ear.Appendix 02-01 Spirit beings known as individualsvTo be possessed by this spirit.synbo 2me 2méw 1mo 1motoy 1smet 1sngót 1sondit 1ukô 1ungel 1yol 1cfbakà 1book 2
gamàfromamàadjWasted; spilled.h-, k-, -m-.Tau du gmamà du?Who wasted it?-n-.syngwós 1kok 1
ganagvarhganagvTo take time.Ganag le bud setngón he ni kem tuha le ke bang le mò ken bong bè lówó le ni kem ngà.Their parents will take time yet to coordinate with each other when it's time for them to make the wedding feast for these children.h-, k-, s-.For two parties to take time together on something at a slower pace.Là tagad gsoluhu kóm ni bud te sganag he dé.I don't have time to face (talk with) you now, later we'll take time together.adjSlow.antbetik 1dfo 1géhél 1hlóng 1sikót 1slò 1synolun 1
gansànGoose.Appendix 27-01 Domestic animals
gantangTagalog gantanA measurement usually of rice, approx. 2.2 kg or six sardine cans in volume.vTo measure by the ganta.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
ganggàfromanggàvTo be delayed; to delay others.Yó se gunu le alì ganggà.That's why they are really delayed.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Bê ye tlek gnanggà lu.Don't delay them.s-.synhlalé 1hlolu1 1lolucfgékét 1ékétgolun 1olunléét 1legen 1lima 1lindò 1linggà 1linggot 1lumu 11teyen 1tolun 1
gasanvTo be caught in the rain.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfhedas 1tangas 1
gasinA kind of tree with a poisonous fruit used to poison fish.cfsol1 4Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
gastuSpanish gastonExpenses for living, trips, work done.Yó kem fen gna mò ken eles nitung le yem mò kem gastu le bè yem kdaw yó.Those who make the first feast, they prepare for the expenses of that day in advance.vTo provide expenses for someone or something.he-, ke-, -m-.Ke nui lem blóng le, gbek le homong gmastu kóm bè kihu ken le.If you dwell in their midst, they are able to provide for you also from any of their food.-n-, s-.
gatasnMilk.él tutù2Breast milk.vTo use milk in place of breast milk.ge-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.