Tboli - English



kaan dulék1advRepeated, to do something a second time because it wasn't done well the first time.Mò nmò kaan dulék ni kem ngà ni.These children are doing things a second time.
kaan lafin1advDouble talk, as promising to do one thing, then immediately doing something else.
kaba1nThe American large cockroach.synmóg 1.1Periplaneta americana.
kabang11.1vTo make something spotted, speckled black and white.1.2adjSpotted, speckled black and white.cfbuling 1.1
kabid1nCabbage.Brassica oleracea/capitada.2vTo sleep with knees resting on someone or something.
kabil1nA small pouch made of abaca with a woven strap, used for carrying ingredients for betel nut chews.cftlagà 1.1
kadas11.1nHarrow used in field work.Ayaw là balingen nmou kemdaw ni laen gunuw mdóm kadas.It's evident my work isn't going to become anything today. There isn't anywhere to borrow a harrow.1.2vTo harrow.2Speedily; swiftly; quickly.Ke gel me msut bè yem libun me Yê Ham tódô kadas hemken kum.Whenever we arrived at our sister Yê Ham's (home) she would feed us quickly.synbetik 1.1dfo 1.2lingas 1.1
kadaw1vTo crawl.kadawen ngà ni, angat btang ni kdeng.This child is full of energy to crawl around, he will fall later.
kadin1Dimple.2A tree and its fruit.cfbkelen 1.1
kafa11.1nChaff; empty husks.Gel des halay, ken sdô, ken ungé, ken sit, tenmongu, kafa, ne dê duen.There's always something that goes wrong with (lit. its sickness) the rice: pigs eat it, rats eat it, maya birds eat it, insects get in it, or there are empty husks and many other things.1.2vTo have empty husks.
kafa henlù1nEmpty bullet shell.
kafal1nShip, any large vessel used on the sea.cfówóng 1.1
kafô1vTo regret.Géhél benlihem anì là kafói du.Hurry and buy it so that you won't regret (missing) it.Ke là géhél benlihem du angati kafô ke wen gna edu.If you don't buy it, you will regret it when someone else gets it first.syngsel 1.1sel
kafuk1nSilk cotton tree.Ceiba pentandra.
kaful11.1nAshes, residue of anything burned.Kul kebeng tau kem Afun són kafulen lebeng le.The Japanese bury their dead by burying only their ashes.1.2vTo turn something into ashes.cf1.2
kafun11.1vTo neuter, castrate a male animal, person.1.2adj(Of males, person or animals) castrated, neutered.
kafus1vTo lack, be deficient, needing; to run out of something before everyone has received some; to miss out on something just by a little bit; to jump to a log or stone and miss by a fraction.synghangus 1.1