Tboli - English



m-var-em--m-me-pfxAdded to certain nouns and verbs to form an adjective, or to another adjective to form another adjective with similar meaning. It also signals either actor or experiencer focus on either verbs or nouns."E Sembilà, fen u mkaf du kut," mon Hnu, "anì fen tudaem do ke wen tógó nù ta.""Oh Friend, you be the one to climb for us," Turtle said, "so that you can be the one to throw to me if there are ripe (bananas) up there."Ke deng nbungen yem ksuten, boluyen du, lemuduk.If already it (the fruit) is in a group at its appearing they call it, it is heaping.
mavTo get or take some but not all, from a large quantity.Htólóng le se mò bnék, ne htólóng le se gunu le ma ken.They set some aside for rice seed, and they set apart that which they will take from for food.Géhél ye mifal kô geslà ye bulónen gel ma Ala.Immediately cross (the river); you might coincide with the month when Ala usually takes (away life).Laen gmoem sok bangen ma kóm hatay.There's nothing you can do when it's time for death to take you(r life away).Said of rainy season when the Allah River floods and sweeps away lives and destroys crops.cfdot 1na 1skot 1wa 1Mò tulón là ma.idiomAnything senseless said but worthy of a laugh.
ma olungnMirror.ma olung modoyidiomMagnifying mirror.
maanfromlaan 11adj(Of people, animals, things) lightweight.Tey maan yem silà tnimbangu ginu, là kóen bong kiluhen.The corn I had weighed earlier was very lightweight, its kilos were not many.antblat 1blat nawaidiom ofblat 1mayuk nawaidiom oflayuk 1cflóyóf 2idiommaan nawa2advClearly, distinctly.Maan kton le du mayuk.They could clearly see it in the distance.Maan kungol le kiken mius.They clearly heard its crying (as it) passed by.synmingu 1cflónób 1
madangTagalog marangnArtocarpus odoratissima.A tree and its fruit. It produces a large fruit, green outside with white flesh pods inside.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
mahìfromkahìadjNatural salty taste of water.Tey mnóm mahì yem él bè kokol Yê Man.The spring water at Yê Man's has a very natural salty taste.cfhéét 1
mahilfromlahiladjEasy.Mahil mò nmò ke sen-galuhem kdengen.It's easy to work if you want to finish it.Yem mu yem kminì, mon le anì butô tu kem mken tum silà ne mahil mebel utón.The purpose of the harvest ritual they say is so that those (rats) who are eating the corn will be blind and it'll be easy to find meat.antlima 1
mahil duadjWhich one?Hnénég le mahil du matù.They watch to see which one will win.
makannLarge bamboo mat, used for drying rice, corn or for threshing.
malnTarsius philippensis.Tarsier, a small nocturnal animal of the lemur family with a long, rat-like tail, large eyes and soft fur.Yó kun nmò Mal tembol tnonggong.What Tarsier did was to beat the drum.Appendix 27-02 Wild animals
malaTagalog pamintanPiper nigrum.Black pepper; all varieties of hot peppers.
Varieties of peppers
mala safatsmall hot peppers, red or green
mala sendaluvery hot, small pepper
mala tenedvariety of sweet pepper
mala tloyongbell pepper
mala tonokginger
Appendix 17-06 Spices and herbs
mala tonokTagalog luyanZingiber officinalis.Ginger plant and rootstalk used as flavoring in cooking.Appendix 17-06 Spices and herbs
malayadj(Of people) mature.Deng malay knawahen ne yê (nbuten tuha).Mother's character is already mature (she's beginning to be old).
malisyngen 1
malùadvSomewhat.Sok deng malù legen, sok mékéng, omin le lemdof, nofok le kem koyu lembang.After a somewhat long time, when (the field) is dry, then they cut off branches, cutting down the big trees.