Tboli - English



n-var-en--n-ne-pfxSignals that the object, goal or experiencer is in focus and occurs with both verbs and nouns. When used with a noun, the noun becomes a verb.E tenngelem dé, Sembilà, deng gotu mékéng dounen soging huluhu, gotu tógó kem dumuhen.Oh look (at it), Friend, all the leaves are dry of the banana I planted, part of them (bananas) are all ripe.Ke deng nbungen yem ksuten, boluyen du lemuduk.(Of rice in the grain bearing stage) if it is already accumulating when it first appears, it is said to be heaping.
na1vTo get, take all of something.cfma 12advFirst, must.Okóm ke gel kmulón bè blóngen, nan na gel hangat yem bud hendlà kkinien.But if it rains in between, first he must wait for it to be very hot again.Nahu na gna hni.First I'll ask (for it) ahead./Let me first ask (for) it.Bè halay, gu laan le là deng mehek, na le ket libut le.With rice, before they plant it, first they do their rice planting ritual.varne 13exclOh!"Na, tey deng ni u Sembilà," mon Iwas."Oh, here you are Friend," Monkey said.cfweyò 1wis 1wóhô 1wóyóy 1
na 2fromne
na dugawvarna dugiexprAn expression of disbelief along with teasing, it's nonsense.Là dog hentahu le du yem tulónu kul mom mon le, "Na dugaw, na dusaw."They didn't believe what I told them, instead they said, "It's nonsense."synya se yóó 1
naay1nA viand made by pounding cooked beans.2nUnpleasantness, problems.Angat wen naayen ni kedeng.There will be unpleasantness here later (end up crying and fighting).synméw 3neel 1neet 1
nabolosnWild betel nut tree.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
nabulnA large, red hardwood tree with fruit that bats like to eat.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
nadêfromadêRoot refgengadêadênSound and act of expressing pain, as Ouch!Gungolu nadê yem ngà.I heard the child's cry of pain.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo cry out in pain.ge-.Botonge genadê nan e gtefes lem langihu henmù yem ngà.It hurt to the extent that I cried Ouch! when the child's hand hit me on the side of my face.he-, ke-, me-.cfadê 1adéy 1adéyóyadéykuh 1
nafnA kind of small bamboo about the size of mbali, usually used in weaving baskets.Appendix 23 Bamboo
nagawvarmnagawnTheft.Tey nagaw bong nagawen ngà tu.It was a big theft, that child's stealing.vTo steal.g-, h-, k-.Tey bong hennagawen ngà tu.What that child had stolen was very much.m-.synkemet 2lufet 1cfholo 2olo 2
nagìvarhnagìmnagìnStudying, learning.Tahu duhen nagì le kem ngà ni.It's a serious thing their studying, these children here.vTo study.g-, h-, k-, m-.synheknol 1knol
nak1vTo set a trap (aiming it in a certain direction).g-, h-, k-, m-, ne-.2vTo aim a light or gun at something or someone.g-, h-, k-, m-, ne-, s-.cfbak 1
nalvarlenalvTo put out; to open, as wrapped rice.m-.Deng mnal bè soluhem ken tnanahem hebsow.Already the food is open in front of you, take your time to be full.synlasà 1tal 1
nalamvarknalamnFamiliarization.vTo welcome, get to know; to associate with; to get acquainted with until a relationship is established or until confidence is built; to be familiar with.Hol sen-galuhem yem nalam onuk bnes anì mahil kebelem utón.Really strive to be familiar with the birds of the field so that looking for meat will be easy.g-, h-, geh-, k-, m-, s-, sef-.cfhulung 2
nalangvarmenalangmnalangvTo warm oneself beside the fire.g-, h-, k-, m-.cfhedaw 1
nalivarngalivTo keep back for oneself.Abay se ke wen kudà libun mdà bè yó, bud gel nali yem sotu kudà logi, ne bud gel nali yem sotu snéen, ne yó gunu le alì gel hsut klóbô le.Because if there is a female horse standing there, the one male horse will keep her (for himself), the other one also will want to keep her, and that's the reason their fierceness comes out.g-, k-, m-, s-.Ni se kul adat, là kô le snali.This is their custom, they don't keep (anything) back from each other.Horse fighting is a sport that is participated in at Tboli wedding feasts.syngeken 1lekenlengen 2
nam1nA kind of millipede; small, short, black worm.Ke wen nam ton le, yó kmò le du, bensong le doun ne téwéng le.If they find a millipede, what they do is wrap it up in a leaf and hang it up.It rolls up in a ball the size of a marble when it sleeps or is touched. It is used as medicine in the rice field when clearing the field and is believed to have some kind of power to predict the abundance of the harvest.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures2nSuncus occultidens.Southern Philippines musk or house shrew.Appendix 29 Rodents
nanaknPus.vTo have a core, as a boil; to be full of pus, a pocket of pus.g-, h-, k-, m-.