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ngadéyfromadéyvarnadéynSound and act of expressing extreme pain, unbelief or disapproval.Tódô suloyen buteng ngadéy.All night long he just cried out 'adéy'.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo cry out in pain or unbelief.g-, h-, k-, me-.
ngak1vTo give a warning, as one sees someone coming and tells one's companions.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-, se-.2vTo mention or admire something that someone else has.Tô hnungolu ke hlusem do yem nengaku béléem yu.I want to hear if you will let me have that which I admired of yours before.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-.Ke mógówi lem tuduk béen dê nengakem kói bnanga.When you walk in the jungle (especially) don't verbally admire many things, you might get sick.se-.
ngak lemogolvarngak mogolnThe comment or curse of the spirit of the dead which causes illness on someone still alive.vFor the spirit of the dead to curse or cause illness on someone still alive.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-.Béem hensidek kem twolihem kô nengaken u mogol yéem.Don't harm your younger siblings, your dead mother's spirit might cause you illness.
ngak onuknThe warning sound a hen produces in its throat when seeing an enemy.Appendix 19 Sounds
ngalvarmngalvTo leave open, as doors at night or anything supposed to be closed all the time; usually indicates a break-in.g-, h-, k-, m-.Eles mngal bakdól yem kkól me.The door was already open when we arrived.ne-.
ngalifromnalivTo keep someone from going or doing something they want to do; to not give out; to withhold something from others.Nù bè tu kem dumuhen deng gna matay nù bè mugul, ngali le ditu.He's there with his many relatives who have already died, staying there at Mugul; they are keeping him there.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, se-.
ngangvTo persist; to continue doing something.Ngangen gel mungu yem timun efet gel móyón tô gafiten kbungu yem halay.The cucumber plant continues to bear fruit until it almost catches up with the heading-up of the rice.Nbuten kdut wek yem libun, ngangen tek udì ne duen.The hair of that woman began to come out, persisting until only a little is left now.
ngawnMeow of a cat.Appendix 19 Soundsv(Of cats) to meow.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-, se-.
ngawóyfromnawóyexclAn exclamation of pain, groaning and moaning.Là tonu du yó dum busaw, olow mungol ngawóyen, ne tonu litô bè bak suk yem tau demwata ne wek snéen.I didn't see the spirit, I just heard his groaning, and I saw blood on the spirit medium's knife blade and in his hair also.vTo groan and moan in pain.ge-, he-, ke-, me-.cflangat 1
ngàvarmngà1nOffspring, child, young; interest on a loan.Hyu ke wen se nwit le bè ngà le tagak bè gunù.It's good if there's some (food) they can bring to their children left at the house.vTo produce offspring; to lay eggs, of fowl.ge-, he-, ke-, me-.Deng mengà onuku.My hen has already laid eggs.ne-.Nengaen yem dou sala onuk.She's laying eggs in my chicken's nest.se-.2nA little something, as a gift, surprise.Nam ne hnénég kun wen ngà nwitu béléem.Come and look here; there's a little something I brought you.Wen tô ngà tulónu kóm.There's a little something I'll tell to you.adjDiminutive.Wen ngà msó nwitu ebéléem.I'm bringing you a little rice.
ngà bkongnUpper arm muscle.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
ngà gu laannIllegitimate child.
ngà ititnA newly born chicken.
ngà libunnA girl, young lady.Sok wen mehek, tey dê sawang logi mógów abay se tngón le tey dê ngà libun nù bè yó mò dumu le segluk hligal.When someone is planting rice, a lot of unmarried young men go because they know a lot of young ladies will be there to be merry with them.
ngà loginA boy, lad.
ngà natinA colt.
ngà nemunA child who becomes part of a family as a helper, maybe for a short time or until the child is grown.
ngà onuk lebotùnAn egg.
ngà tenwónnA stepchild.
ngà tùnA puppy.
ngebnA river canyon with deep water; source of a river; a deep hole left by dynamite; abyss; chasm.cfbob 1linu 1sóbóng 1
ngednRiddle.Ke kihu bélê le alì mfól ngeden, efet kól mwas là tngónen du tum balaen, yó se matù.If either of them has a deep riddle, and if his counterpart doesn't know (solve) it until daybreak, then he's the winner.Ke là tilob utónen, baluen he ke halay hken le du, ke hutón le du lemnaw, yó se angat bud nged le.If the viand isn't nice, even if they feed them rice, if the viand that goes with it is vegetables, that'll be (mentioned) in the riddle.vTo make a riddle.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.Yó nmò le yem kifu snged le.What they do at night is tell each other riddles.synléd 2

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