Tboli - English



obin1nA weaving design.cfkilil 1.1sélê 1.1tbóón 1.1tegówók 2fromówóktgimak 1.2tigel 1.32nA woven mat-like piece that is used for wrapping around and carrying a wild rooster when hunting for other jungle fowl. Its head sticks out one end and its tail out the other.3vTo bring along with.synigen 1.1kitin 1.1
Obobù1pnA character in the traditional Big Spirit stories.2nName for a round, stout, big woman.
obun1nNutmeg imperial pigeon.Ducula bicolor.
odoy1vTo tease; to fib, to lie.synhlowon 1.1kayit 3kudit 1.1seklayit 1.1cfkéng 1.2kleyek 1.1klit 1
odung11.1nVigil, as sitting up with a corpse until burial.1.2vTo keep vigil.
ofin1vTo protect, shield someone; to stand up for, defend someone.Ke là wen ngà ofinen deng tô bnonok yehenen.If it wasn't for the child shielding her she would have been killed by her husband.
ofofromofol 2To think wrongly about something.
ofokv1To cut down, as trees, bamboo, coconut, banana, with a very sturdy bolo.Hsóli tefek mò ofok koyu.Have made (at the blacksmith) a work bolo for cutting down trees.synaba 2ledof 2.2cfhutu 1.22To convince, entice until one agrees to go along.Ofok le kóm yó du kul nmò yó.They are enticing you is what they are doing there.synugay 1.2
ofol litegidiom ofliteg 1.3Tired, weary.
ogong1nSow, female pig.cfsdô 1.2sdô bnes 1.1
ogot11.1n(Of people) one in charge; a master or leader.Sal gel wen ogot tekuy.There is always (someone) who is our master.1.2vTo have a relationship of responsibility with someone, either to be responsible for that person or to be responsible to him/her; to be responsible for (something).syndatukmù 1.1kulu 3.2sebkes 1.1bkescfdatù 1.22To hold something or someone.Tek utì dù ogoten.There is very little left that is still holding.Nénégem ke tolo wen dù ogoten.Look and see if there is still something left holding it.synfét 2.2kem 2.2varnogotdù ogotvThe remaining part of a thing that still holds, as a rope about to break from long use.
ogu1vTo hand something to someone; to offer something.Yó se gna deng bélê le, yó se bud oguhen yem sotu bè yó kem tau lawa.The first one of them to finish is the one to hand (it) to one of the visitors.synblay 1.1singit 1.11.1ufuk 1unduk 1.1cfahay 1.1duung 1eted 1.1
ogum1nA thistle-like plant without thistles, very fleshy with a very succulent stem.
ogut1vTo collect things and take them to another place; to transfer something from one place to another, as corn or rice piled in the field and then carried to the storage place; to haul.Kdusa ogutem du yem silà nukétu.(Use) the sled to haul the corn I'm picking and husking.
ohu1nDomestic dog.Són gungolen toul ohu, gotu hnù le lu bè tonok.You only heard the whine of the dogs, they had put them all (out of the house) onto the ground.Caris familiaris.