Tboli - English



tavarsenta1nUpper side of something; top of."E Sembilà, fen u mkaf du kut," mon Hnu, "anì fen tudaem do ke wen tógó nù ta.""Oh Sembilà, you be the one to climb for you and me," Turtle said, "so that you can be the one to throw to me if there are ripe ones there at the top."2advUp; to or toward a higher place; above; on top of; afterwards; during the time of.Ke gekteng logi se yem libun deng myehen, bud wen sentulón tahen.If a man pulls a married woman (to the food basket), again there will be a case to be settled afterwards.Angat wen lenangagem tahen yem tniba yó.There will be something you grieve about during the time of that (kaingin) field there.Ne sotuhen yem ngà boho udì ne wen hiiten, hensù le kluon tukô yem hiit, ne gtien eteta ebè sufaw yem tniba.Another thing (they do is take) the little bow and some arrows, put some weeds on the end of the arrow and shoot toward the top to the upper edge of the field.e-, ete-.Bè kmonen du sguk suku, tódô haway etta longit, gendaen yem mon Skukuk.Over the top; after that.At his saying my knife is crowded (has no space), the sky just ascended upward; it was angered by what Skukuk said.sen-.vargetasynte 1cfe- 1
ta henmùprepOn the wrist.
ta kmawangnAtmosphere overhead.Appendix 15 Heavenly bodies and atmosphere
ta kuluvarte kulu1nTop of head.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person2prepOn the head; over, above the head; by the head.Nwahem do kun yem lebanu sdang ta kuluhem yóó.Get me my basket that is hanging over your head there.
ta uyóvarte uyónForehead.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
tabavarhtabanCall, calling, invitation.vTo call, summon.Tabahem du blówón anì géhél mulék.Call her (with the) gong so that she'll hurry back.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Tnaba le fun bulul anì gmuta le utón ke mò le hengalaf.They are calling the spirit-owner of the mountain so that they'll get meat when they set their traps.s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.
tabagvarhtabagvTo lose or spend something for nothing.Deng gotu tabagen yem filak laen dog uléken.He spent all his money; he has nothing to show for it (lit. no return for it).g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synksil 1sdé 1cfsbad 1sbitek 1sibet 1sidok 1adjLost, strayed; mixed up, as of mind or thought.Sok tabag hendemen tau, là holen hetngón.When a person's thinking is mixed up, he doesn't make sense.cftimbeg 1timbul 1
tabasManguindanaonnBolo with a long curved blade made and used for clearing fields.cfsuk 1Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
taduknA stage in the development of palm fruits as the fruit is beginning to develop, just before it bursts forth.
tafa nawavTo be anxious, fearful.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Là kô tnafa nawa le du abay se bnentey le yem angat kwen dounen.They are not anxious about it because they watch when it will get its leaves.s-.syntagaw nawa 1cfónó nawa 1
tafaknPunishment.vTo punish.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
tafìvarhtafìmtafìnUnconsciousness; vulnerable spot.Bang kegenem sok gwa le u bè tafiem?You won't have long (to live) when they get (hit) you in your vulnerable spot.vTo die suddenly; to fall over from a sudden blow, be unconscious.h-, k-, m-."Là," mon Datù Fak, "tu dém bakbak anì mtafì.""No," Chief Frog said, "(it should be) that hammer there so that he'll die suddenly."-n-, s-.cfbengón 1
tafovartamfonEnlargement of the scrotum.cfbigà 1adjTo have an enlarged scrotum.-n-.
tagad1vTo wait.It is always said to visitors when they leave and means that the visitor is more than welcome and one wishes they would stay longer.Tagad se du.Don't be in a hurry.2advYet; immediately.tagad gel sù le du bè yó kem ken hnunges.They don't immediately place it (the meat) with the wrapped rice.
tagakvargtagakstagakvTo leave something behind, to be left behind.Són usoken dù tagak.Only the small broken pieces are left remaining.Hyu ke wen se nwit le bè ngà le tagak bè gunù.It's good if there's some they can bring to their children left behind at the house.g-.Tódô gel gtagak ne tey gel gengón yem sol ehek efet lewu libun semsla du.She's just left behind and there are so many dibble-stick holes it takes two women to follow him filling the holes.Tnagak me yu ne.We're going to leave you now.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Nbut le muta, okóm tnagak le tum gunu le bemkes hmules.They begin to harvest, but they leave behind (until later) the area around where the rice medicine is tied.s-.synskogol 1kogol 2cfbayà 1hlunus 1lus 2tebel 1
tagawvTo set free, let loose, as animals.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synliwà 1cfhtimbeg 1
tagaw nawavTo worry.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Tnagaw nawaw yem ngà mung, kô wen desen kut gu ditu.I'm worried about that child going along, he might get sick there.syntafa nawa 1
tahawnCaprimulgus macrurus manillensis.Long-tailed nightjar, flies only at night, not seen during the day.Appendix 10 Birds
tahàvartmahàadjTall; long; oblong.Umahu kóm tey tahà tóken, ne subeng tóken snéen tey tahà lumaken.At that time he had a very long, fancy knife; its handle as well as its scabbard was very long.g-, h-, k-.Dê ne kem dumu hulu le talak tniba igò le mangat ktahà towok yem halay le.They have many other plants in that field while they wait for their rice to grow tall.-m-, -n-.synkahab 1lóhów 1lulus 1
tahuvarhtahukehtahuktahuadjTrue, genuine, exact.Gel tahu se nim ni.This one is always true.h-, k-, -n-, -s-.synulit 2cfdume 1
tahuyexprContraction of tahu 'true' + hi 'you' meaning Are you sure that's what you want?Deng kesflowon le omin le segdà, mon mà dì mò ke twolihen, "Tahuy kô snuntuku u?"After their teasing each other, they got mad at each other; uncle said to his younger brother, "Are you sure you want me to beat you up?"
tahùnThe blade of an abaca stripper.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
takasvarmakasstakasvTo tire of; be weary of.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Balù hilu butengem bè Tboli, là tmakas le kóm.No matter how many nights you are with Tboli, they will not tire of you.-n-, s-.synhulen 1hulów 1luda 1cfdlà* 1tlak 2tlasan 1
takulnA tree with a very sticky sap which is used for catching birds.Yó gel atul yó kem tau fun halay, gel le ma yem litok koyu boluyen takul mò hulut le yó kem sit bokong ditu bè kilil halay anì yó wen tawan bélê le.The plan of the owner of the rice is always to get the tree sap called takul for catching the maya birds there at the edge of the rice field so that some of them will be affected (caught).Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses