Tboli - English



-uvar-hu-wsfxI, me, my, mine (-u set)."Sélét ni dum do," mon Hnu, "tey keblat gunuu.""How much more for me," Turtle said, "my house is very heavy.""Tey," mon Hnu, "nawaw soging huluhu gu leged.""Wow," said Turtle, "you should see the bananas I planted upstream."New e nebel Méw dé ni.Now I must look for owl then.
uawn(Of weeds) second growth.synulék 1
ubang1nSmall chips, pieces, remains, as of wood, food, property.vTo chip off; to chip away at something.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.synbaki1 1sifol 1una 1luna2nMany little grievances, as complaints about a daughter or son-in-law.vTo complain, nag.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey dê hni le, okóm ke là gbeken du yem logi ke wen hni yem libun duhen tuónen ne kem fayen, yó se but gunu le mubang du.They ask for many things, but if the man isn't able to give what the woman and his in-laws ask for, that's why they complain at him.
ubasvarmubasvTo become tired and give up, as in a race; to pant, as a dog, carabao, cow.g-, h-, k-, m-.Sok deng mubas mehek yem logi lemwót bè yem alì kehetlasiken yó, tey gel keskuli le du.When a man tires and gives up planting rice because of his speed, they really laugh at him.n-.synliteg 1
ubatnBullet.synbala suk 1henlù 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implementsvTo load a gun with bullets.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.synasad 1
ubekvarlubekmubeknBran, rice or corn.vTo have or make bran.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Rice is first pounded thoroughly without removing the bran, then it is winnowed.
ubesnMegaderma spasma spasma.Malay false vampire bat.Appendix 28 Bats
ubiTagalog kamotenIpomoea batatas.Sweet potato, a root crop vegetable (there are many varieties).Appendix 17-08 TubersvTo have many sweet potatoes.m-, n-.
Varieties of sweet potato
ubi bgawwhite skinned and white inside
ubi katayred edged leaves, red skin, light yellow inside
ubi lendollarge variety
ubi lókóvery yellow inside, violet outside
ubi sabakpurple inside and out
ubi sagêstriped skin, white inside
ubi slityellow skin and inside
ubi koyuTagalog kamoteng kahoynManihot esculenta.Tapioca plant, cassava, manioc, a root crop.ubi koyoyidiomSlang for cassava.Appendix 17-08 Tubers
ubihanOvis aries.Domestic sheep.cftubid 1Appendix 27-01 Domestic animals
ubónnGrey hair.vTo have grey hair.h-, k-, n-.
ubugvTo persuade or force against one's will; to appease.Ubugem du kut soging yem ngà yó anì mkó kiken.Please appease that child with a banana so that he'll stop crying.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Ke kmutel igò le hanà là deng lemwak omol, mon le tmulón mubug tau semlaw.If (the turtledove) calls before they have spit out the mouthwash (after eating at the work site), they say it foretells that the soul of a chronically sick person is being persuaded (to yield to death).s-, sem-, sen-.Relatives spend much time trying to make the sick person eat so that he will not die, but the world of the dead has been long waiting for him to yield.
ubungnThe neck feathers of a rooster, i.e., hackles.v(Of a rooster) to raise the hackles.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
UbùpnName given to other Tboli people living beyond Lake Sebu and bordering Manobo country.
udasnHour.Yem kegen le slébéd yó, wen na sotu udasen.The length of time (the snakes) usually entwine each other there is an hour.vTo keep tract of time, as when paying someone by the number of hours he works.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
udél1nWord, speech, language.Hlós udél Mal ni kmoen ni, "Seku."Tarsier's speech even now continues to be, "Seku."Mon le udél lóyóf tau.They say it is a person's soul speech.vTo speak, talk; to scold.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mon yó kem dumu, "Yó béi tlek mudélem."The others say, "There now, don't you waste time to talk."n-.hudél knùidiomCause yourself to be scolded.2vTo talk to each other; reconcile after a long time of misunderstanding.s-.Deng legen ni ne là bud le sudél.It's been a long time now that they haven't talked to each other.sems-, sens-, kes-.
udél hélénWords spoken with injurious intent.vTo speak in such a manner (lit. words that slice the heart, chest).g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
udìvTo make something smaller, fewer, little, less.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.adjLittle, small; diminutive, not much.Wen se yem onuk koyu udì lówóhen.There are birds with small bodies.Sgoyu tnétê le ne nólól le ket ne udì bè yó kem dumu.They roast one cob and divide it, a little bit for each person.Ke deng lamang udì lan le tmiba, omin le htóbóng.When they have already cleared a little bit of a wide area, then they let others help.cfglaan 1
udinnCommand; law, rule.Sotu kdaw mon Datù Fak mò yó kem fulisen le Goson ne le Ksidung, "Ni wen udinu bélê ye, bê ye abay hebnes yakà naw tungô."One day Chief Frog said to his policemen, Goson and Ksidung, "This is my command to you, don't you dare be noisy because I'm going to sleep."synkiteb 1kwagid 1cfhlau 1
udo1nA curse that is placed where there are plants that are being kept for an owner's use. When someone tries to steal the plants, it's as if he is paralyzed until the owner comes and gives him medicine to remove the curse.synhesek 5fromleseksangan 1cfhetfok 2ulof 12nDictyophora.A variety of mushroom that has a delicate, white, lacy veil hanging from the slimy cap-like upper portion.Appendix 17-09 Mushrooms
udof1nA kind of curse that is put in a little shelter set up by one's plants or trees. If anyone steals from them, then his teeth will fall out and his mouth will become full of pus.cfimò 12vTo wink; to blink.Ke alì klet udof tum blotik, yó sen mon le angat tey nóng kdaw.If the blinking of that star is very rapid, that's when they say it will be a very hot dry season.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.Tek sudof tô tnungóu.It was only a second (lit. a wink of time) I was able to sleep.
udoscflouf 1fromouf
udósvarmudósvTo wash one's feet using one's hands or a stone.Tendù ye o él mò sfeng udósu.Leave me some water, enough to wash my feet with.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sen-, sem-.synugud 1cfdyo 1olob 1ouf 1