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wa1vTo obtain, acquire, take, get, to trade, barter.g-, h-, k-.Ket na lewu mò kwahen du.He takes it two by two.m-.To take some of something.Lemwót yó kem tau mulu nwa le yem kimu eles tgama le, hasà le ta yem bigu kay le ebélê le.To take all of something.The people of the wedding party take the item they have prepared beforehand and place it on top of the basket of food that has been served to them.n-.Là kóen fakay ke sulék tô nwahem yem sotu kmu abay se wen gel sidek du.It isn't good if you take all of that one cluster because there is always some that are bad.s-, sems-.Yó kem sidek tehe nmò le lumun monok, semswa tau, mulof, kemfô ngà, kemfô kimu, là bud nmò le du abay se deng wen udin.The evil things they always did like murder, getting and giving (trading) people (slaves), using the sleep curse, kidnapping children, capturing property, they don't do now because of the law.sens-, kes-.vargwakwasyngkitay 1fromkitaycfdikót 1dot 1ma 1skot 1kwa ken mdóidiom(Lit. taking food as if not returning.) To not care about tomorrow's needs. With fruits, vegetables and root crops, if not handled carefully, destroying the young ones, seedlings, leaves, buds.Kwa ken mdó angati bitil.Taking stuff for food as if you'll not return, you will be hungry later.2nA spirit that appears like a bird whose head is believed to go out at night, called onuk busaw 'spirit-bird'.synnewed 1fromewed 2Appendix 02-01 Spirit beings known as individuals
waàexclExclamation, used when scolding someone because of carelessness.Waà, gotu mosok blibóyu alì nim ngà lò alat nii.Oh no, my betel nut is all tipped over because of this child's always wanting to help.
wadag1vTo add more to, thus making the burden greater.Géhél blay ye kimu yó wadag bnulóy tau.Hurry and give that item away; it adds more to people being frustrated.Là móyóe hemsù ngà libun lem gónóu wadag gotu niwol le béléu.I don't want to take care of girls in my house; it further adds to all they desire from me.Là bemlihe dê nes wadag gotu fen nówóng le.I don't buy lots of clothes; it adds more to all they take away from me (by my siblings, children or friends).advMoreover, furthermore, in addition to.Wadag dê dumu, là gsenged le du yem kóm.Furthermore many others (are good), but they can't measure up to you.2adjMany, comprising a great number.Wadag le mógów.Many of them are going.geh-, h-, keh-.syn1gengón 1gulà 1cfgenged 1kdê 1
waknCorvus macrorhynchos philippinus.Large-billed crow.Ke deng móyón gefet silà ne wen lan ungé duhen lan wak mken ne sdô, yó nmò le tnétê le yem silà, boluyen kminì.If the corn is almost ready to be harvested and there is evidence of rats or crows and pigs eating it, what they do is roast the corn, and this is called a harvest ritual.Appendix 10 Birds
wakanAbaca which is not very strong, uncultivated, wild.synluden 1wogu 1Appendix 17-07 Other plants
walàvarwalaem déexprAn expression of praise and admiration.
walà giexprAn expression of disgust, disapproval.
waling iwasTagalog waling-walingnVanda sanderiana.Wild orchid, queen of Philippine orchids.Appendix 17-07 Other plants
wasvarmwasnDaybreak.Hwas kuy etu he.(Traveling at night in order) to get there at daybreak.g-, h-.Bè kul adat kem tau teganay ke gel le lembeng, gel le hwas ebè gunu le lembeng yem mlef (nù le bè yó efet mwas).In former times it was the custom when someone was buried, they went before daybreak to the burial site (staying until daybreak).k-.Timbow deng kwasen bè yó sékét le kudà mò lelen le hatan yem bud kkay le kul bigu.When it's already daybreak, they begin to have the horses fight as a pastime while they wait for food to be served.Tódô suloy le buteng mò du slingun efet mwas.They sing back and forth all night long until daybreak.m-.Btik le hanà minal mwas abay se sut yó kem limu blotik.They always arise while the light of day is still beginning to break through because that's when those five stars appear.n-.cfkdaw 1mwas taidiomTo pass over, be removed from debt or other problems.Hyu nawaw deng mwas tahu.I'm glad that it has passed over me.móyón mwasAlmost daybreak, between 3:00 and 4:00.
nA potion used to remove a curse or to treat a snake bite.
nFriend; term of address for one's peers and between wives of brothers."E , benlayem ou sen," mon Hnu."Oh Friend, give me some," Turtle said.Appendix 03 Terms of address vTo befriend.g-, h-, k-, m-, men-, n-, s-, kes-, sef-.
weknHair; corn silk.Kesok sut wek yem silà, hanà lomi, bede hulô.When the hair of the corn comes out, it is still new but red.Kambong gel hkó kulón ne hemsidek wek libun.This curse always removes the rain and makes a woman's hair fall out.Appendix 12 Body parts of a personvTo have lots of hair.Ke là buden mwek yem libun, laen dù btesen.If a woman no longer has hair, she has no price (not worth anything).g-, h-, k-, m-.Knutu yem libun mwek.The woman with plenty of hair has lice.n-.cfbenget 1bnget 1bul 1tukù 1
wek snofilnBraided hair.
welvTo wave back and forth, as one's hand, dog's tail, handkerchief, burning ember.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.cfdiwel 1
welednLong, thick vines hanging down from a tall tree in the jungle.Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
wenvTo have some.Weni kut kô kóm?Do you have some for us?g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.synhóngón 1cfbalà 1advThere is, there are.Wen se gel tmétê onuk.There are (those) who usually roast chicken.k-.Amount of, number of, as companions, relatives.Wen dô lematu libu kwen le kem Tboli.There are about 100,000 Tboli in number.syn1hengón 1gunun wenidiomPublic, place of many.Myak yem tau ke skon bè gunun wen duhen ke beklen.A person is ashamed if he chokes (on liquid) in public or if he chokes on food.
wesvarhegwesvTo speed by someone.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mwes bè ni klohoku koni là bud tonu du gunun e hlós.He sped by me earlier, I didn't see where he proceeded.n-.adjSwift, as an arrow.
weyòexclOh no!; Oh my! an exclamation of distress.Weyò nen e demsù dé kun tey kulón.Oh my! Suddenly it was a downpour.cfna 3wis 1wóhô 1wóyóy 1
varhwémwénThe loud whinny of a horse showing pride.Appendix 19 Soundsv(Of a horse) to whinny.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
nTerm of address between sisters-in-law.cffay 11Appendix 03 Terms of address
wê libunnTerm of address by the son-in-law or the daughter-in-law to his or her mother-in-law.Appendix 03 Terms of address
wê loginTerm of address by the son-in-law or the daughter-in-law to his or her father-in-law.Appendix 03 Terms of address
wés1nCacomantis merculinus merculinus.Gray-breasted brush cuckoo or plaintive cuckoo.Appendix 10 Birds2nA kind of moth.cfkuled lembenu 1Appendix 13-01 Flying insects

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