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ya1advHow senseless; how stupid, depending on the context. Often used with intensifier tey.Yem klawa le bè yó ya tey kehta le kul.When they visit there, how int they are welcomed.Ya tey keskuli le du abay se hentaw ton le bè Hnu.How they laughed at him because they were astonished at what they saw on Turtle.Ya tey kbitil me.How very hungry we were.Ya uu!How senseless of you!/How stupid of you!Ya ngà ni kdeng, angat btang.I don't know what will happen to this child here by and by; he will fall.
Ya mon ke...1exprIt doesn't mean that...
ya se yóó1exprAn expression of disbelief along with teasing, it's nonsense.Expression used when speaking to someone who is trying to get something that doesn't really fit him.synna dugaw 1.1
yag1adjUnreasonable.Yag kóm là fmilak tey dê nmò mangat hmilol.It is unreasonable for you not to have money when there is lots of work around waiting (to be done).Yag kul alì nusing kem ngà ni tey él bong mlel moni bè ni.It is unreasonable for these children to be dirty when there is a big river flowing near here.
yakà1conjFor it is, because it is.Yó ne kun Iwas, hganag són huli, yakà blaten ikong niten kun.There was Monkey, lagging behind, for the tail he was bringing was very heavy.
yakù1nRound worm; angle worm.cfbitek 1.2
ye1proYou, your plural (-e, -u sets).Bud dóken yó kem fulisen, monen, "Tu, na ye e bud nwa le Blawang."He again ordered his policemen, he said, "There, now you get the mosquitoes."
11.1nMother.Bè mà ne yem libun gunun mbut ke móyô hyehen yem ngaen.It begins with the father and mother of the girl if they want to let their child marry.1.2vTo mother or to be mothering.
yê abuidiom of1.2To mother or to be mothering.
yê bong1nAunt; term of address for a big, older woman.
yê dì1nAunt; term of address for a small, older woman.synidì 1.1
yê lenosidiom of1.2To mother or to be mothering.
yéy1exprAn expression of the speaker (first party) indicating coming punishment, misfortune by a third party for the listener (second party).synkyò 1.1cfabay dé 1.1
ying1exprWord used for calling a kitten.
yof11.1n(Of animals) snort, the sound of air being expelled through the nostrils.Yem yof sedof ke tódô béléem gotu bolok lówóhem.If the snort of a cobra hits you your body will swell.1.2vTo snort, as a carabao, horse; a snake puffing out its breath.
yol1nFoolishness.Deng mung yolen là buden stódô kestulónen.His foolishness accompanies him; his conversing is no longer right.syngamaw 1.2sngót 1.2sondit 1.2cfbakà 1.2bo 2.2book 2.1me 2.1méw 3.2mo 1.1motoy 1.2smet 1.2ukô 1.2ungel 1.3
1nTerm of address for one's daughter-in-law.
1demThe, that, there. okay. du kóm, olò són ikóng kóm nit yóó.That as for you, it's just only a tail that you have to bring there. se kwen kéen, se angat kwen sigang halay le.The number of pieces of feces, that also will be the number of stacks of their rice.2vOkay; that's good, that's it"," mon Ko."Okay," Hornbill said. dé.That's good emp!/Look out emp! (may be in trouble).Yó kmoen yóvAt that time.Yó sevThat's it.
yó gunuhem monidiom ofgunu 1.2Reason why; where.

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