Tboli - English


ówóngvargówóng1varhówóngnBoat.Denge myón ówóng dou.As for me, I have ridden in a boat.cfkafal 1vTo ride in a boat.m-.Mówóng me te Sbù.We rode in a boat on Lake Sebu.An airplane is often called ówóng móyóng, a boat that flies.2vTo carry something off; to take without permission, kidnap; to run off with another's spouse; to elope.Mlò ówóngen ngom kdumun tau ni.This person is fond of carrying off other people's belongings.g-.Yó angat gunum gówóng kdeng yó ngaem kéng tibó kilu uyóhen yó.To be involved in trouble that takes you to court; to be carried, swayed, swept or brought into trouble.You will be brought into trouble later on by that unruly child of yours.h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.Root refhówóng 2fromówóng 1
ówównTramp, hobo, as someone who lives here and there with no particular place to call home, no direction in life.synkayóy 1
óyôvarkóyôskóyônA desire, a longing, a choice, a wish for something.Nafasem alì óyóem mken kô laen kem dumu.Control your desire to eat, others might not have any.Sal gel mon yó kem tuha me ekni là óyóen du gel kmingò yem tonok.Our old people always said that the ground didn't desire to shake. (But it shakes, the reason why must be something else.)óyóen du.His desire is not the one (that pushed him into doing something, the reason must be something else).vTo like something or someone; to desire, long for, want something or someone.g-, h-, k-.Mon yem yehenen, dou kóyô anì wen ofolem dou.Her husband said, it's my desire so that you'll have a remembrance of me.Ke gel mnóng kdaw, alì le móyô smolok, ne tey gel bong guta le.When the days are sunny, they really want to fish with a light, and they always have a big catch.m-.Là minggel któgó yem ken lanen là móyô ofihen.The rice is not well cooked because the fire doesn't want to (burn).n-.Nóyóem kô yem blayu kóm?Do you like what I gave you?s-.tódô óyôidiomTo do or say something without thinking; to take for granted; to be careless.Tódô óyóen yó mógów blaem tey desen.He went without thinking but the fact is that he is very sick.Béem tódô óyô.Don't just be careless (a warning to be careful; not careless especially when considering uncertainties ahead).
óyóngvarhóyóngmóyóngsegóyóngv(Of birds) to fly.Yem dù hafak le mò óyóng le.Their remaining wings were for flying.g-, h-, k-, m-.Yó se lolol kteng le anì le gotu móyóng yó kem sit tô mken halay.Those are the strings they pull so that the maya birds who would eat the rice will all fly away.n-.móyóng ta nawanidiomFor the mind to wander around.Móyóng ta nawan, ne là kô wen angat móyô myehen du.Her mind wanders around, and no one will want to marry her.Laen muhem hetbahu du tau ke móyóng ta nawahen.There's no use to have a person work when his mind is on something else (lit. his breath is flying above).

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