Tboli - English


aduvarmaduadjBad-tasting; distasteful, unsavory.Deng wen nóm aduhen.It already has an undesirable taste.m-.Là hlós gel ken le du sok mnóm madu yem ubi.They don't continue to eat the sweet potato if it tastes unsavory.
afnA sickness described as an aching in the limbs for no apparent reason. (Swelling follows the aching, travels from limb to limb.)Perhaps actually the first symptom of beriberi, but Tboli consider it a separate sickness.af bukayWhite variety.af hulôRed variety.
afasvargafasnRestraint, as string attached.Mantag deng hlus kem ngà okóm tolo wen dù afasen bè tuha le.Even though the children have already let go of it there are still strings attached (held back) by the parents.vTo restrain; to grasp and hold back or in place.Hol hgetem afasem, kói tulé.(If riding on something) hold on tight, you might fall off.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.synawéd 1geken 1lekengen 1cfblel 1fét 2seng 1skét 1
afas keconjAs long as.Kihu ne ke gotu kimuhu afas ke tói matay.Nevermind if all of my things are gone as long as you won't die.synsyan ke 1
afas nawanSelf control.Deng tô gentien yem kudà mótób bè huluhen ke là wen afas nawa nù béléen.He would have shot with bow and arrow that horse eating his plants if he didn't have self control.vTo control oneself.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Deng tô senboug le yem tau kenfô le ke là nafas le nawa le.They would have beaten up the man they captured if they didn't control themselves.
afànThe hand guard between the blade and the handle of a kris/creese, a dagger with a serpentine blade.cfamfit 1
afidnSaddle blanket, pad or whatever is used under one when riding a horse, carabao or cow.vTo use a saddle blanket.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mafidi dé!Use a saddle blanket (on the horse)!n-.Nafidem kut kudà.Put a saddle blanket on the horse for us.cflafin 1slafi 1
afilvarhafilmung hafilnFan.vTo fan.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.cfyuf 1
afil lohò1nAnything used to fan the fire built to turn shells into lime.afil lohò2idiomA very skinny person.Tey sidek klehenen hol kéng afil lohò.He is so skinny that he appears like a fan for making lime.
afusnBambusa vulgaris.The largest kind of bamboo, thick, strong with edible shoots, used for flooring, fencing and house posts.Afus heheku yem gunuu.I used the largest kind of bamboo for posts in my house.Appendix 23 Bamboo
Afus WenpnName of a place.
afùvTo wet or dampen something or someone using a leaf, cloth, sponge, as medicine that may be dripped onto a person over his head and shoulders or putting medicine on a pig trap.Afuem du tifas héét.You dampen it with bitter palm drink.m-, n-.Nafuen tifas eginu.He fermented the palm drink earlier.
agavargagavTo pressure someone to hurry by threatening with punishment.Aga Tadu ke Angkuy snafang.Tadu threatened Angkuy with a gun.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.syndanda 1dansók 1cfegef 1hamfas 1hugus 1kuhì 1led 1tfel 1
agangnThe protruding portion of taro or sweet potato above the ground; the protruding part of cooked rice over the rim of the kettle; protruding teeth.vTo protrude, as taro shows above the ground.Tey leged yem mà Bedung, tey agang kleben yem knuen bè Ledel.Bedung's father is very industrious, his taro really protruded above the ground (was abundant) when he lived at Ledel.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey magang tiol kwangen yem sdô tnomò le Tadu.The backbone of the pig the family of Tadu took care of really protruded (very thin).n-.Sdangaw nagangen te tonok yem klut te Lemwél.The wild, poisonous root at Lemwél protrudes a handspan above the ground.synhegwis 1ukuk 1utù 1uyù 1
agasCoastal Area1nSpears, generic.Tey dê agas nù bè gunuen.There are many spears at his house.Agas bonok le du tau tu.It was a spear they used to kill that person.cfbuyus 1gebyak 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements2nDrippings, as pus from a sore.Maan lekesen bè tihen agas tum halien.It's very evident from the scar on his leg that there had been pus dripping from his wound.
agitnYoung, green coconut.
ahayvTo hand over, carry over to another, as a responsibility or a child.Bê le tagad ahay edini yó ngà tolo tey wen nmou.They shouldn't hand over here that child yet, I still have much work to do.g-, h-, k-, m-, s-.cfblay 1duung 1eted 1ogu 11ufuk 1unduk 1
ahànThe old and dry stalks of banana, areca nut, abaca, corn, rice, etc., that have fallen away from the main stalk.Kóhem ahà tum soging anì tilob kbunguhen.Remove the old, dry leaves of that banana plant so that its fruit will be good.vTo have lots of dry leaves.g-, h-.Hahaen ke Min kedungonen.He had Min remove all the dry leaves of his abaca plants.k-, m-.Alì mahà kedungon yó.That abaca plant has a lot of dry leaves.n-.Nahaen soging.He is removing all the dry leaves on the banana plant.cfklifak 1kufà 1
ahì1vTo bore a hole through something by twisting and turning a sharp, pointed knife.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.synuhol 12adj(Of taste) sweet and sour, as when fruits are over-ripe.m-.
ahosTagalog bawangnAllium sativum.Garlic.Appendix 17-06 Spices and herbs
ahulvarlahulmahulsahulnPerforation; end portion of something.Maan ktonem du ahulen te kwangen yem suk tbek le du.It was easy to see the end portion of the knife they stabbed him with sticking out his back.Balù lenbengem ahulen te kwangen yem ketbek le du.You could even bury something in the perforation in his back from their stabbing him.vTo pierce, puncture, perforate something.g-, h-, k-, m-.Botong mahul bè haha iwas yem hanak.The arrow they shot the monkey with pierced his thigh.n-, s-.
ahunvarhahunvTo lift something cooked off the fire; to lift up out of, as problems, circumstances; to lift to a higher level or condition.Nii se yem mò ahunem du.This here is for you to lift it with.g-.Yó gunun bud gahun Mà Dì lan le mudél béléen.The reason Uncle was able to be lifted up (out of his problems) was because they talked to him.h-, k-.Mekto kahun le du yó gunu le gotu mluf, mkok yem kuleng.Their lifting of it was abrupt is why they were all burned, the kettle spilled.m-.Mahuni kut kun tlu tedek yem soging tnétéu.Lift out of the fire three of the bananas I roasted for us.n-.Là kat heflò le du, kendel nahun le, ne omin le yó mdek du hanà kinì.They don't overdo it (overcook the corn), they immediately lift it off the fire, then they pound it while it's still hot.ahun nawaidiomTo get away from a depressing situation.
ahùvarmahùnThe infestation of sweet potato characterized by discoloration of the inside part and bitter tasting.adj(Of sweet potato) infested.k-, m-.Tey mahù ubi yó bê ye duel tnógó.That sweet potato is very bitter tasting, don't insist on cooking it.n-.