Tboli - English


ailnYelp of a dog when he has been hurt.Són gungolem ail ne toul ohu, gotu hnù le lu bè tonok.You only heard the yelp and whine of the dogs, they had put them all outside on the ground.vTo yelp.g-, h-, k-.Tey legen kail yem ohu yó gunuw hemdem du wen mékét du.The dog's yelping was so long, that's why I thought he had been bitten.m-.Sok wen des béléen mail.When he is hurt he yelps.n-.Nailen tu du?What is he yelping about?cfbak 3dluu 1duuduu 1hwóng 1toul 1
akalvarangkalnDeception; fraud; chicanery.Nawaw uu ni, tey akal bong nmoem béléu.What kind of a person are you, it was a big deception you did to me.vTo deceive, obtain something by false promises.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.cfkéng 1sukat 1tondo 1
akatvarmakatmegakatvTo take things out of storage; to transfer to a new house; to open up what has been closed up and scatter what was kept in order.akaten ngà ni.This child is scattering everything that has been closed up.Yem bulón akat me eta gunù tngel.It was full moon the month we transferred to our house.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tau du makat du yem henyuhu?Who opened up what I put away?n-.Bê ye nakat kahunu kem ngà.Don't you children open up my box.s-, sens-.Moen ke gotu sensakat ye yem henyuhu?Why did you all open and scatter what I had put away?cfukal 1akat doidiomThe same; no difference. It is your perception that makes something appear the same but it is actually different.Akat do se yem libun tonu fatu él hol lumun tô yéem.There was no difference, the woman I saw across the river was just like your mother.ken makatidiomA feast celebrating the move into a new house.
akuknAnus.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
akùIlongovTo accept or admit to your mistake.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
AlapnAllah River.
alabnSickle, a reaping hook with a semi-circular blade and short handle, usually used for cutting cogon grass, rice stalks and food for animals.Likò wa alab, déke alab le bè liholen.The spirit is afraid of the sickle, they might use the sickle on his throat.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo cut tall grass with a sickle.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.cffas 1gahit 1ótó 1Appendix 08 Ways of cutting
alakvarmalaknLeading, guide.Nawaw alaken lan tau ni, tey alak sidek.Imagine this person leading the way, his leading is bad (doesn't follow the path or is too fast).vTo lead, guide.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tólóng tau fen bud malak bè sigel yem logi myehen eklohok tum libun myón te kama.A different person will lead the bridegroom by his arm to the side of the woman sitting on the pillow.n-, s-, sems-, sens-, kes-.malak któ(Of monkeys) to check if hunters are around. One of them is sent to find out if it is safe for all of them to come out into the open. Hunters won't shoot the first one they see, because the others will remain hidden.malak lan(Of person) leading the way; tour guide.malak nati(Of horse) leading a newborn colt.malak ngà(Of fowls or animals) leading newborn offspring.
alangnThe featheredge on the blade of a newly-sharpened bolo.Mom smilà alangen yem tók lomi néhék yó.The featheredge flashes (in sharpness) on that newly-sharpened fancy bolo.adjFeatheredged, a sign of sharpness and even tempering of a bolo.Tey malang yem suk nogotu.The bolo I held was very featheredged.m-.malangen suk ni, là tógó sbuhen.This knife isn't featheredged, it wasn't properly heat treated.
alasnThe poison of snakes, spiders; the bite of animals.adj(Of bites) poisonous; (of speech) hurting.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
alatnUnwanted help, i.e., an attempt to do things thinking it is right but it isn't, thus being bothersome.alaten ngà ni.This child is all unwanted help (wants to help but only makes a mess).vTo attempt to be helpful (but not be).g-, h-, k-, m-.Alì malat.He's attempting to be helpful (but he's not).n-.Nalaten yéen.He is attempting to help his mother (but he's not).s-.
alawvarsalaw tavTo snatch something which belongs to someone else or that someone else is using; also used when a man runs off with someone else's wife.alaw le libun yó kem logi gnan.The men of earlier times all snatched women.g-, h-, k-, m-.Sal gel adat kesok wen mulu, gel malaw slagi yem tau mulu.It's customary when there's a wedding, that those attending will snatch (the drumstick and play) the drums.n-.Dalang se kun yem tau fen mtang, bud nalawen se kun yem tang.It is the same of the person who plays the large bass gong, he also grabs (the drumstick and plays) the large bass gong.s-, sems-, sens-.synled 1tfel 1cfskot 1
alìintReally, very (intensifies a verb or adjective).Ke mdengen keheken yem tau, yó sen alì dóyón le, mon le tey mdengen.If a man's (food) preparation for planting rice is complete, that's what they really praise, they say it's very plentiful.synhol 1tey 2cf1
alisnA kind of small bamboo used for arrows.Appendix 23 Bamboo
aluvarmalu1nA snare trap, anything used to catch something with.Appendix 22 TrapsvTo hook, snare an animal, bird, person; to catch.Yakù lembang fanu yem duléhu gel aluhu kili.I use large earthworms on my fishhook to catch eel.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.syniwol 2cfgalu 1ibeg 1sgalu 1galu2nSpillway, outlet, as water out of a lake.cflibeg 1fromibeg
alu nawanIntention; desire.vTo strongly desire, strive for.Tek alu nawahen.If he hadn't strived for it, (he wouldn't have made it).m-, n-.cfgalu 1
alulnPortulaca oleracea.Purslane, a wild growing herb with many branches.Alul bulungu du ngihihu.I used alul-weed as medicine for my tooth.Appendix 17-06 Spices and herbs
alumadjGreedy, wanting a bigger portion; ravenous.Tey alum tau ni.This person is wanting more (gluttonous).g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey malum kkenen bew yó.That carabao's eating is very ravenous.n-.Béem kat alì nalum ne.Don't be greedy now.cfsbì 1seglom 1lomtyan 1
alunvarnalunvTo wrap something up in leaves and roast it in the fire.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.cfkmê 2
alùnMudfish.Appendix 25-01 Kinds of fish
amavarmamavTo wander through the grass or field not following the path.g-, h-, hef-, k-, m-, n-.Bê ye nama lem halay kô tfok.Don't you wander in the rice (field), the (stalks) might break.s-.
amadnDistrust (due to previous record).vTo distrust or suspect someone because of one's previous record.Deng wen amadu kóm, lugihem bud hfasang.I already have (reason) to distrust you, it won't do you any good to try to be authoritative.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Namad le u bè mnagaw.They suspect you of stealing.s-, sem-, sen-.cfantaf 1delem 1deles 2dengef 1duón 1tngel 1
amakvarhamaknA masticatory composed of betel nut or tree bark mixed with lime and wrapped in ikô leaves.Mung amakem du bakuen.Include tobacco in your chew.vTo chew betel nut.g-, gemg-, h-, k-.Yó mon le hyu ke kmutel muhen deng kamak le.They say it's good if the omen call is after their chewing (of betel nut).m-.Yem igò le mamak, gel le stulón.While they are chewing, they always talk together.n-.Tey hulô yem namak blayem do.It's very red (refers to best quality) the chew you gave to me.s-, sems-, sens-.To make betel nut chews (only one makes them) for everyone.Sok deng kken le, omin le yó gotu bud sfamak yó kem tau mamak, ne omin le hegnù.After eating, then they make betel nut chews for those who chew, then they rest.
amasnA variety of banana, small and sweet.Appendix 26 Fruits