Tboli - English


amàvargamàmamànDestruction, devastation.Nawaw amà Sfali, deng là bud hlowonen du.Imagine the destruction (caused by) the Sfali (river), it's not teasing anymore.vTo waste, destroy, as in abortion.Lumun ke amà le kóm sudeng.It's as if they waste (kill) you with a kris (dagger).g-.Moen tu du ke gamà yem bnututem?Why was your pregnancy wasted?/What caused you to miscarry?h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.syngbà 1lebà 1
amfitnThe tin or aluminum band on a scabbard, sheath.cfafà 1
amilnScrotum and testicles.synleman 1Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
amoSpanishnLord; boss, master.g-, h-, k-, m-, s-.
amulvarmamulvTo suck on, as candy, one's thumb.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synlimod 1
amutIlongonContribution.Deng wen kum amut bè yó.We already have our contribution for that.vTo give a contribution in support of something.g-, h-, k-, m-.Deng me mamut bè yó.We already contributed for that.n-, s-.cftóbóng 1
amùnDew.cfblinteng 1vTo dampen something: to be wet with dew.Ke móyói lemnok wekem, ten-gafitem tum fun él (blinteng) anì amuem tum él hanà kinì.If you want your hair to grow fast, you catch up with the water fairy (lit. spirit owner of the water) (before daylight) so that you'll dampen it with the water that's still warm.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey mamù yem lan edlem.The path going down below is very wet with dew.n-.Namuem wekem anì là temfasangen.Dampen your hair so that it won't be unmanageable (snarled).s-, sem-, sen-, keses-.hamù tbulidiomSponge bath.
analnPrint, mark or sign of an old path, river.Sana knù analen.Its print is still there.vTo make a wide path or canal usually left by heavy rain, as in a field.h-, k-, m-.Tey él manal talak dnadu.The much water made a path (left its mark) in the middle of the plowed field.syndanà 1liseg 1sogu 1cfawag 2lot 3
anam yó neprepDespite, in spite of; notwithstanding.Balù udì ke wen ilihen yem desen, anam yó ne deng tódô kdéen bulung gotu bulung le du.There hasn't been even a little change in his sickness, in spite of all the medicine they have treated him with.
anay nawag-, h-, k-, m-, n-.nLength of (lit. breath) patience.vTo bear pain, trials, without complaint.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.adjPatient.m-.Tey manay nawahen tau tu.That person is very patient.
anay*varmanaynLength, span of constancy, as in patience.vTo lengthen, as rope or one's patience.
andalSpanish andarvarmandalnThe sound of an engine, wind or heartbeat.Nawaw andal lem kfuhen tau ni.You should hear the sound (fast heartbeat from fright) in the chest of this person.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo make sound, as an engine, wind, heartbeat; to run, as an engine.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tódô gotu baling él yem bè gunù le yó koni, ne són moen tendo mandal yem mkina kahì.It just became all water there at their house, and the salt machine just continued to run (sound).n-.synlendel 1linggeng 1luk 1lungkul 1cfuni 1
anìsubord conjSo that.Mon le anì hyu kehlafus le ebè tniba.(They cook beforehand) they say so that it's good for them to be early in the morning (going) to the field.anì monem1idiomBut instead. Something different (than what was expected) happened.Ofo kut mon du ke smolok yem mà anì monem mom mung modung.We thought father went fishing but instead he was with those keeping vigil.anienidiomEven if.Anien ni kemdaw ni ke mataye.Even if I die today it doesn't matter.cfewenem 1anien duidiomEven then; so what.anien heidiomEven so.Anien he ke blayu kóm abay se wen duen tagak béléu.Even so if I give (some) to you I still have some left.anien keidiomEven if.Ke semdô le yem sdô wen neeten, anien ke lomi yem gunù le, tnagak le.If they get a pig (when hunting) that has a defect (curse), even if their house is new, they will leave it.anien seidiomI don't care.Anien se ke nam hlun mulék ebè le yéem.I don't care, you can temporarily return to your mother.
antafnSupposition, suspicion.Déke tahu yem antaf le kóm.Perhaps it's true their supposition of you.vTo suspect someone because of his previous record.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.cfamad 1delem 1deles 2dengef 1duón 1tngel 1
antaknThreat, denouncement; plot against someone; bait, incentive for good or bad.vTo bait someone into something, also of horses.Wen tau antak tô blà le kóm.They had baited someone to be your opponent.synbantak 1
antingnDecorative, brass chains that dangle on the handle of a fancy bolo.Tey tilob kmò le du antingen tók yóó.They did a nice job on the dangles of that fancy bolo there.vTo have or make these fancy decorations.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.cfhewók 1
antungnA type of small mortar made by chipping out one end of a block of wood, used for pounding rice.synsung 1
angatvarhangat1advtmFuture tense. Indicates something will happen in the distant future.Sal gel wen henyuhen se kun anì wen gunun ma mò kenen ne angat bud hlahen.As for him, he always puts some away so that he has a place to get his food and he will in the future have something to plant again.synmenku 1
Tense Markers
angat 11future, incomplete action
deng 2past, completed action
eles 1beforehand, in advance
lomi 1near past
móyónnear future
teheremote past
tolopresent continuative
sana 1present, as always
hanàstill, only, not yet
igò 2while, still, just finished
2nA shelter in a rice field used to watch for rice birds (in order to frighten them away from the ripening grain).angat mà koni.Father just made a shelter in the rice field to watch for rice birds.vTo sit in the shelter and watch for and scare the birds away.m-.Mangati kut leged bè hegna.Please watch for the rice birds upstream by the early rice.n-.Nam ne nangat kut kemdaw ni yem halay, haya he kuta du.First you watch the birds in the rice today for us, tomorrow we'll harvest it.3vTo wait (for someone or something).g-.Mon le là gangat funen du halayen.They say the owner is not able to wait for his rice (i.e., he will die/be sent away for a long time before it is harvested).h-, k-, m-.Mangati kut ke wen tau kól fedyan, kô wen kahì nwit le, mnihi kut bélê le.You wait for someone coming from the market, perhaps they'll have some salt, ask for us from them.n-.Nangatem kut yê kô wen ken tógó nwiten.Please wait for mother, perhaps she is bringing cooked rice with her.s-.synhatan 1cfhékét 1hku 1tanud 1tineg 14vTo put away or keep aside for someone.Sotu blówón angaten kóm.He has put away a gong for you.Tulónen ke mà dì ni wen sotu fandì angaten ke Bedung.He told uncle he had one blanket put away for Bedung.synfan 3hyu 2tgama 1
angawadjInexperienced by nature, unskilled, as a child learning to walk.Tolo angaw mógów, mudél.He's still inexperienced to walk, to speak.Là buden angaw mogot heglung, deng tey hulung ne.He is no longer unskilled to play the lute, he really knows how now.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.cfewel 2
angay11vTo fetch or send for someone; to go and get something or someone, as water.Ówóng mò angayu kuy.The plane is for my fetching you.g-, h-.E Kefti, hangay Datù uu, wen snólóken bélê ye.Oh Firefly, the Chief is sending for you, he has something to ask you.Mangayi kut él dé.You fetch water for us.k-, m-.Són ni kem ngà gel mógów ebè nim tau demwata ni gembek ne e mangay du.Only these little folk who go to this spirit medium are able to fetch him.n-.To come for each other.Deng nangay ye bew fét dlem kô ginu?Have you fetched the carabao that was tied down below earlier?s-.anteted 1angay2idiomOff and on pain inside one's body or head.Des mangay lem kfuhu.I have active/existing pain in my chest.2vTo appease; placate; pacify, as a wife who has left her husband.Kudà kun mò angayem du tum yehenem, anì móyô mulék béléem.Reportedly, it's a horse you (take and give) to appease your wife, so that she'll want to return to you.Angayem do kmagi, ominu mung kóm mulék.You can appease me with a gold necklace, then I will accompany you home.
angàvarmangànangà1vTo stick one's tongue out, as children when teasing.2vTo carry something in the mouth, as a dog carries a bone; to hold between one's teeth, as a pencil.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Deng nangà ohu yem utón tô nalunu.The dog has carried (away) in his mouth the meat I was about to cook in leaves.s-, sem-, sen-, keses-.Appendix 07 Ways of carrying3adj(Of a baby girl) having a large clitoris.
anggan1nA race, contest of skills.vTo race, challenge.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Nangganu uu.I challange you.s-.Sanggan te.Let's race each other.synatù 22nBet; wager.Angganu kóm yem kudau kesok là mlufi bè yem kehkolutu kóm libol.My wager on you is my horse if you're not burned when I have you reach into the boiling pot.vTo wager.m-, s-, ses-.Three people are involved.synatù 1
anggàvarganggànDelay.vTo be delayed.Tedu alì anggà ye du?What delayed you so much?g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
anggutnRequirement, prerequisite, something necessary to an end.Anggut le do mà ni gunu le là deng smolu do.Their requirement of me is (to bring) my father, that's why they haven't faced me.vTo require, as a prerequisite for something else to happen.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Là deng hendeng le du kestulón na le hol nanggut kyón maen.They haven't finished the case, first they are requiring the presence of his father.s-.
angil1varmangilvTo chew or break off sugarcane (with teeth only).Ukel alì angil yem tey noko mgel yóó yem ngà nihi tek hilu dù mteg.It is very unlikely he'll break that hard sugarcane off with those very few teeth left standing there.g-, h-, k-, m-.s-.cfékét 1angil2idiomSaid of a child who keeps breastfeeding/sucking when his teeth are already complete and it hurts the mother since there is not enough milk anymore.Ksón tendo mangil nim tey ngà deng tuha nii.To this time this already matured child here is still sucking (for more milk).angil3idiomSaid of horses during a fighting contest.Hónói mungol du langat tau deng na le e stengen sangil Bulaw ne yem kudà balaen.You get tired hearing all the people screaming when Bulaw and the other horse attack and bite each other.