Tboli - English


angkalfromakalvTo deceive.angkal le ke Tinis gunun matay, mon le, nauyem ngaem.The reason Tinis died is they deceived him, saying, you visit your child.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey sidek yem Ngà Si, olon mangkal yem badungu, là kô bnayaden do.Ngà Si is bad (untrustworthy), he deceived me of my bolo, he didn't pay me for it.n-, s-, sems-, sens-.cfsukat 1ugay 1
angkulnA piece of embroidered cloth about six feet long and one foot wide, with tassels, formerly worn by the bridegroom around his waist at his wedding.vTo wear this cloth.m-, n-.
angusvarmangusnThe pulling out of something with fingers, as weeds, hair.Henkegisem angusem du yem knebeg.Make it strong your pulling out the weeds.vTo pull out, as hair with the fingers.g-, h-, k-.Là mgelen yem kangusu du, élél gunun alì mkik.It wasn't hard my pulling on (her hair), it's unreasonable for her to cry so much.m-, n-, s-.
asad1nBullet.synbala suk 1henlù 1ubat 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements2nA measuring device, a basket or any size can, generic.Appendix 16-01 Measuring devicesvTo measure.Abì asaden du yem halay blay mà do.Father used a bushel basket to measure the rice he gave me.
asakvarbasakbasak 1vTo make puddles of water on the floor.Mlò asak le kem ngà ni.These children are always making puddles (on the floor).g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Deng monu mò kuy bê ye masak bè yó, kat ye kembel, deng mom nasak ye.I told you not to make puddles there, you are so hard-headed, instead you have made puddles.s-, sems-, sens-.
asaln(Of an individual or a group) a custom, practice, characteristic, usually unfavorable.Là kesfu te du yem asal mnagaw.We haven't inherited (from our ancestors) the custom of stealing.synadat 1balu1 1kmò 11knawa 1
asal keconjAs long as.Hmou kóm yem nmou asal ke hol hentilobem.I'll let you do this that I'm doing, as long as you do it well (the way I want it done).synsyan ke 1
asamnSelaginella willdenovii.Peacock fern, a kind of dark brown vine used in weaving ankle bracelets worn by women.cflitok 3Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
asaynHatchet, a short-handled axe.cfbeyung 1Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
asànGrater.vTo grate something, as young corn, cassava, sweet potato.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ke deng semyumé, mon le deng hyu masà du mò lubed.When the husk (of the corn on the stalk) is almost white, they say the corn is good to grate for making sticky corn (in leaves).n-.
asà nongunGrater made from the hard, thorny stalk of wild rattan, used for grating young corn.
asemconjShort form of abay se kóem, meaning because or it was because.Asem uu du.It was because of you.Abay se kóem tudaem yó gunuw temfel du.It was because you threw it away that's why I appropriated it.cfabay se kóem 1
asénadjAbsent-minded. Something is already planned but unintentionally something else is done.Tey asén tau ni.This person is very absent-minded.synbakà 1bisung 1book 2iba 2sekban 1kban
asungnChicken down, fuzz.vTo have lots of fuzz.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
atakvarkatakmataknRawness.adjUnripe, immature, not fully ripe or dried, not fully cooked, as rice.h-.Bê ye hatak sok ye mò ken.When you cook rice don't undercook it (let it be raw).Ke wen silà hanà matak ke alì legen kehyuhem du, matù.When the corn is still immature, if you keep it a long time, it spoils.k-, m-.Yó gel bol le du, blotung matak duhen ke blangul ne yem hakulen.They always mix into it green (not dried) mung beans or green beans and its young pods.n-.Nataken kut ken ni du?Why is this food not fully cooked?cftatak 1matak kestulónenidiomHis talk is insincere, his thoughts are elsewhere, he's hiding something.matak kulihenidiomHis laugh is insincere, hollow.
atak kimunUnpaid dowry.Klabu du atakem béléu ni?Which canopy are you giving to me as unpaid dowry?In the exchange of items at a wedding there are items that are not fully paid for. That is, the item exchanged is not of equal value; it then becomes the dowry and that is what will have to be paid for if the marriage fails.vTo partially pay for something and get the rest on credit.kn-.Tey kemgis mutóng se kun Mà Siba, là bang knataken du Mà Géy.The father of Siba was noted for being good at borrowing (but never paying back), even Géy's father loaned to him.
atalnLipstick.vTo use lipstick.g-, h-, hef-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
atiladjBarren, not producing offspring.
atisTagalog atisnAnnona squamosa.Sugar apple, sweetsop tree and its fruit.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
atulnPlan, idea, source, means for expenses.Gel wen heklo le snéen ke bud wen atul le du.They usually have others help weed also if there's a source for the expenses.vTo plan.g-, h-, k-, m-.Omin le yó matul du ke bo tedu kmò le du.Then it is they plan what they will do.n-.Ne eles natul le se mò angat hutón le kul.And they plan in advance for what will be their meat-viand for them.s-.To all plan together, exchange ideas, as in solving a case/problem.sems-.Sok deng gel kesefni le linti, ne deng wen balaen, omin le yó gel semsatul du keslawa le.After their asking bracelets from each other and there's a reply, it is then that they all plan together their visiting each other.sens-, kes-.synitung 1
atù1nWhatever is used to help you win something; anything put down on a gambling debt.vTo win, as in a race, game.Yó kudà yó atuu kóm, syan nangayem do tu libun tu.I promise you to win that horse there, as long as you fetch that woman for me.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ke kihu bélê le alì mfól ngeden, efet kól mwas là tngónen du tum balaen, yó se matù.It doesn't matter which of the (singers) has a deep riddle, if the other one doesn't know (the answer) until daybreak, he's the one to win.synanggan 22vTo defy someone, as a child his parents; to pick a fight with someone.n-, s-.adjDefiant, challenging.m-.Libun matù tey gel nubang kem tuónen ne kem fayen.A defiant girl is always complained about by her parents-in-law and her sisters-in-law.synanggan 13vTo spoil, decay as vegetables that spoil before they can be used, fruit that isn't mature when picked and doesn't really ripen.m-.Ke wen silà hanà matak ke alì legen kehyuhem du, matù.If the corn is still immature or if you keep it a long time, it spoils.synleneg 1
autvarmautnNotched pole ladder (used to go up into a house).Wen lomi aut nmò mà eginu.Father made a new pole ladder (for our house) earlier today.There is a certain ritual called hlibut aut 'circling the pole ladder' that is always done before taking a newborn to visit another house. On the day the umbilical cord drops off, the newborn is given his/her second bath. Then the mother carries him/her down out of the house and, with the baby in her arms, walks all around the pole ladder, stooping to go underneath it. This is done so that the soul of the newborn will always be able to find its way back to this pole ladder, and, as an adult, no matter where the individual goes in the world, he/she will always come back to the pole ladder of his/her parents' home.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo climb a notched pole ladder (to go up into a building) or to descend vertically.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Nautem dé yem henyuhu te bnalay.Climb the notched pole ladder to get what I put away in the rafters.cfsdaut 1slikan 1
auyvarlauymauynauyvTo visit someone or something.Gel wen nitem mò auyem du.Always take something with you for a reason to visit.g-, gemg-, h-, hef-, k-, m-.Lewu butengen he omin le bud mauy du.They will visit it (the field) again in two nights (days) time.n-.Mungi do dé monen, na nauy soging huluw leged.You go with me he said, to visit the bananas I planted upstream.s-, sems-, sens-.Ke gu bè libun, yó nmò yó kem tuha le, ne le slauy gna.If it's from the girl, then what the parents do is visit each other first.cflawa 1
awag1nEmpty space between something or someone.vargawagsgawag2nTrace, remains of, as a previous path.Wen awag lan tonu.I see there's a trace of a path.cfanal 1lot 3
awal1nAn old, long, leafless, creeper vine that grows along the ground, as sweet potato, rarely with roots.Mtóhi kut yem awal ubi mò tudók te.Cut the creeper from the sweet potato so we can plant it.synlefà 12nNegligence, omission of the task in due time.adjNegligent, unexacting, nonchalant, slovenly, lax, slack, doing things much later than expected and very few of what one is asked to do.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey mawal tau mni!This person here is very slack (there's a long space between the plants he's planting)!n-.antleged 2synduk 1ledug 2ledut 2lefu 1cflayul 1