Tboli - English


awamadjIgnorant, uneducated; poor.synélél 1
awangconjIt's no longer reasonable to think...; I'd be surprised if...; It's too late...Deng kem awangen ne ke tô le bud móyô hutéb edini kem ngà tu.I'd be surprised if those children would want to show up (a peek only) here again.Awangen ne ke bude tô móyô du igoen deng tendo tmondo do.It's too late now for me to accept him again when he has been continually cheating me.cfsawang 1
awédvTo hold back, as a horse, in a holding pattern.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Béem tlek nawéd ou dé ngà ihi tey nmou nii.Don't hold me back child (don't cling to me), look I have lots to do.s-, sems-, sens-.Sensawéd le tum kudà alì móyô smakab.They are all together holding back that horse that wants to chase the other horses.synafas 1
awik1nA way of getting back, recovering, withdrawing, amending.vTo recover, withdraw or take back what had been given; to reconsider, change a decision inspite of previous refusal.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey kekbéu du yehenu, okóm yó mawik nawahu kem ngau.I really rejected my spouse, but my children are what changed my mind.n-.Yem lieg mimet blay yê do bud nawiken lanu là mayad du.The bead necklace my mother gave (sold) to me she took back because I didn't pay for it.s-.cfbawik 12vTo atone for, make amends for something done or said that one has thought twice about and wants to undo.Awiken yem deng nmoen.He is making amends for that which he did.Sok wen alì lenbutem là gbekem hmifót du, okóm tek olo awik nawahem.If you are really angry about something and can't forgive it, but you just make amends for it (for the sake of peace).
awônTerm of address for teenage girls by older women.Appendix 03 Terms of address
aya faknBare sand in a stream where the frog lays its eggs.Aya fak yem gunun myón lem él mò angat gunun mngà.The bare sand is the place it sits in the water where it lays eggs (lit. gives birth).Sotu gunu le temngón du ke angat wen tem le dun là, hnénég le aya fak.Another reason they know if they will have the time for burning (their field) or not is, they look at the frog's nesting place.vTo make frog-spit.g-, h-, k-, m-.Sok maya fak wen tem le.When the frog makes spittle time for burning will come (good weather for burning is foretold).n-.
ayalnFright, fearfulness, as a chicken after a long time of having no contact with people.vTo be wild, flighty, as fowl.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.adjWild, flighty.m-.Sok legen ktagak tau du yem gónô sal gel mayal onuken.When a person leaves his house for a long time, his chickens are always wild.synlayal 1cflikò 1
ayawvarmnayawnayawnSymptom or evidence of a sickness; a sign, foretelling a future happening.Ayaw dô odoyem yem monem sok yó kekulihem.It's a sign you aren't telling the truth when you laugh like that.vTo have symptoms of something; to expect something bad to happen.Tey mayaw yó kem tau gnan ekini ke gel le sbonok.The people in earlier times who killed each other recognized/knew the signs (of an impending murder).Wen mayaw béléen yem ngà honung yóó.That child huddled up there has symptoms (of a sickness).g-, h-, k-, m-.Wen mayaw béléen yem libun là móyô hol mken yóó.That woman there who doesn't want to eat has symptoms (of being pregnant).n-.Tu nayawen yem alì kgel klowil maen yem ngà deng matay.The child that died is predicting his father's hard life.cfilô 1mayaw tonokUnexpected, coming disaster characterized by bad weather, thundering, flashes of lightning.
ayayvTo threaten with a knife or gun.Béem ayay etahen suk yó, déke wen mò du.Don't threaten him with that bolo, it might induce an accident.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.
ayufnA slight breeze; cold air from an open window, waterfall; draft; breath.Ayuf sut gu lem baken, lumun ke senkyawem bala ofi.The breath coming from his mouth (high fever) is like poking a firebrand at each other.vTo be drafty.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.synsliluf 1cfduf 1sluf 1ayuf hikongBreeze from the waterfall.ayuf lenosBreeze from the wind.ayuf mohinBreeze from the ocean.ayuf nawaTo feel the breath coming out (of a person who appears to be lifeless).