Tboli - English


blalanA kind of palm similar to coconut palm.Appendix 09-01 Palm trees
blambadvarklambadadjHuge; enormous.Tikóng deng lemnga ne Datù Fak, tey tmengeb gu bè longit, ne demsù yem tey blambaden kulón, ne dmunuk yem él.When Chief Frog was already in a deep sleep and the sky was very dark, there came a sudden huge rain and the river flooded.
blanak1nA kind of large, reddish, scaly fish that appears at the time of harvesting the early rice.Appendix 25-01 Kinds of fish2nA variety of rice that matures a month earlier than the regular variety of rice.Appendix 06 Varieties of upland rice
blanasnA light rain; mist.cftlitik 1
blangvarseblangteblangnInterruption, by talking.vTo interrupt a conversation by talking.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Béem tagad benlang yem dou tulón.Don't interrupt what I'm saying.se-.cfbleng 1tebleng 1bleng
blangavarheblanga1nA spirit believed to be living in caves in the jungle that makes a stranger sick and unable to go through the jungle.It is said to be a fierce horned animal looking somewhat like a deer causing sickness when one offers admiration out loud for what he sees.Appendix 02-02 Spirit beings considered as a groupvTo experience sickness caused by this spirit.-n-.Ke mógówi lem tuduk béen dê nengakem kói bnanga.When you walk in the jungle don't verbally admire many things, you might get sick by this spirit.2interjExpression of anger.cfbwaya 3
blangannPart of a fishtrap that prevents the fish from escaping.Appendix 25-02 Fishing implements
blangasnNephelium lappaceum.Wild rambutan tree and its fruit.cfbkelen 1Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
blangaw1nA type of snare used for reaching fruit or anything that is hard to get at. It is usually a long pole with a crook or hooked knife attached to the end of it.vTo get fruit in this way, by hooking.Hanga naf blangaw me du koni basuk ni.We used a small bamboo branch to hook the squash earlier.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-....tek benangawen....he got it only by using a long branch to hook it.2nThe sharp teeth in a horse's mouth which he uses for biting.
blanggùnPrison.vTo be in prison.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
blangitnA charm used on horses, usually tied on in some way. Its purpose is to make the horse brave or fierce.vTo use this charm.-em-, -en-.synblét 1imò 1kutom 1
blangulTagalog bitsuwelasnPhaseolus vulgaris.Beans, generic, but especially green beans, string beans or kidney beans.Ntól le yem silà, ne gnólód le, omin le smóbów du, nbol le blotung ne koti, ne wen se tubed blangul.They chop the corn kernels and scrape it off the cob, then they make it into soup, mixing in mung beans, koti greens, and bean plant tips.
Types of beans
blangul bulingmottled
blangul hitemblack
blangul hulô ne bukayred and white
blangul kabangspotted
blangul mkafclimbing
blangul ukolshort
Appendix 17-01 Vegetables
blatvarheblat1adjHeavy.-en-.antmaan 1laan 1benlatidiom(Of sickness) when one feels weak, drowsy, lazy to move.blat nawaidiomHeavy hearted, sad, unhappy.antlaan 1maan 1fromlaan 1
blataTagalog pako-pakonA wild, inedible, large fern. Stem may be green or dark.cfhokù 1Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
blatiknA trap for pig, deer, monkey.cfbatang 1sulô 1Appendix 22 Traps
blawangnCulex pipiens quinquefasciatus.Rain barrel mosquito."A," mon Kefti, "yó gunuhu tendo eles mit ofi, knikou yó kem blawang, tódô le gel mékét.""Oh," Firefly said, "the reason I'm always bringing fire with me is because I'm afraid of those mosquitoes, they always bite."Appendix 13-01 Flying insects
blayvTo give something to someone else; to sell, trade.Ne htólóng le se gunu le ma mò blay le bè tau.And they set apart that which they will give to other people.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-.Ke wen tau alì bitil halay, yó buten lanen alì bemlay, efet laen dù tagak béléen.If someone is very hungry for rice, it's because he gave so much away he didn't have any left.m-.Tau mlay du kóm filak blihem nesem yó?Who gave you the money to buy your clothes?-n-."E Wè, benlayem ou sen," mon Hnu."Oh Friend, give me some now," Turtle said.se-.synduung 1eted 1ogu 11ufuk 1unduk 1cfahay 1basa 1lasam 1twon 1
blà1varseblànPartner, counterpart; opponent.Tu se knóón kóm blà sket kuy tuha. Seblà ye.That one is fitting (as) your partner, you are both old. You are compatible with each other.vTo be the counterpart, opponent.Béem blà do yem là kemgisen mlóy kô gtagak.Don't partner me with someone who isn't strong to run, she might be left behind.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Mebeli kut tau mò bemlà kut bè yem udél slai nmò le bé.Look for someone to counterpoise/match us in the marriage arrangements grandmother and company are making.-en-.Na benlà le mà dì he do bè yem udél slai bè lówó twolihu.I will make uncle and his family be my counterpart in the marriage arrangements for my younger brother.se-.cfgeblà 2blà 2tibó 12adjEnough; adequate.vargeblà
blegelnCollarbone; the brim of a cooking pot.Appendix 12 Body parts of a personadjSkinny, undernourished.-n-.Mom bnegel bà mon seflós tbahu.No wonder he's skinny (collarbone is showing), he works all the time.
bleknBoar, male pig.Appendix 27-01 Domestic animalsvTo mention this word when irritated about something or someone.-en-.Katen benlek ngà ni!This child really has the spirit of the boar!
blek balayvarsdô balaycfsdô 1
blek koyunA large, wild animal, often talked about but never seen, perhaps mythological.
blekelvTo put crosswise; to obstruct, oppose, thwart.ge-.Ne timbow hlo Ko ne geblekel lem liholen, botong gekwak Ko.When Hornbill swallowed, it went crosswise in his throat to the extent that Hornbill choked and cried out.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.syngbótóng 1bótóng 1gtólón 1adjCrosswise; horizontal.synsbólów 1bólówseblangan 1sembelewsgangaw 1blekel nawaidiomHard to choose which to do.udél blekelidiomThe different pronunciation and intonation pattern of another group who speak the same language.
blelnA framework or stand for keeping or holding something up.vTo prop something up, as rice plants, to prevent breaking or falling over; to hold in place; to make a stand for racks of meat to be dried over the fire.Blelem du seben yem halay hugón ebak lan.Use bamboo to prop up the rice plants that have fallen onto the path.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Benlelem yem halay hugón ebak lan.Prop up the rice plants that have fallen over onto the path.se-.Tey bong sdô umun mà dì dou botong seblel.Uncle gave me a big portion of pig as much as a stand of racks. synsuguk 1cfafas 1begel 2fét 1seng 1skét 1tud 1
blengvarteblengnInterruption.vTo stop or block something, or an idea.Yó gel kenbéu bélê le yó kem ngà yóó lò gel bleng le ke wen tô nmou.That is what I don't like about those children there; they are fond of blocking anything I want to do.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-, sen-, sem-.synbólów 1hseng 1sengcfblang 1