Tboli - English


bal1nMonkey, (Mekel area).Appendix 27-02 Wild animals2vTo permit; to allow; to take leave of; to announce when you leave; to ask permission.Yó muhen yem kimu yó mò balen mken.The purpose of that item there is to obtain permission to eat.Gu laanem là deng mogul yem blówón nam nbal kililen.Before you play the gong, first you get permission by tapping on the edge of the gong (with the beater to see if it's the right beater for it).g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Take leave of others as you are leaving.Timbow deng bangen htiba yem tau, gotu nbalen yó kem ween logi nen tulón kul yem kehtibahen anì tnóbóng le.When it's time for a man to clear a field (for planting), he announces it to his men friends; he tells them he is clearing a field so that they'll help.s-.
bala1nJoist, the beams forming the framework to which roundwood poles are nailed which then support the board or bamboo flooring.Omin le yó mò balahen mò henged seelen, okóm hlò koyu.Then they make the joists for its flooring, but it's all wood.cfbala tók 1Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional house2nCoals.Tey kemyungón balahen yem klokub lefò.The coals from the coconut shell are red hot (hottest).Tódô kmangkang bala ofi bè yem bala tók diloten gu lem yem ofi lubón yem tau msól.The coals of fire stuck to the iron the blacksmith took from the fire.cfkyóngón 1
Varieties of bala
bala oficoals of fire
bala lengobhardest part of a coconut palm tree after the soft part has been removed
bala sukbullet
bala tókiron
bala tonokthe bare ground after a field burns clean or after a long drought
bala gelstrong-willed, disobedient, undisciplined (of a child)
3vTo endure, bear, as pain or hardship.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey mbala tau tu bà udì ke tô tnalawen yem tey halien.That person endures pain well, not even a little bit did he complain of that big wound.varhbalambala4nThe hard or main part of something; scheme of action, plan.vTo prepare or devise a plan.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tolo lel le tô mala du stulón.They are still in the process of devising a plan for discussion (not serious yet).-n-.Tolo bnala le atul.They are still preparing a plan.cfbut 2
bala suknBullet.synasad 1henlù 1ubat 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
bala tóknIron; any hard metal used for making bolos, etc.cfbala 1
balasnGarden, a small to medium size area prepared for planting corn and root crops.Yó nmò yem logi ma koyu ne mò tniba balas, ne bong dê dumu nmò nmoen.The work of the man is to get wood and clear a field for a garden, and to do many other things.vTo plant a small area of root crops and corn.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Bnalasu ubi yem numa moni bè tnibahu.I planted an area of sweet potato near my newly harvested rice field.
balayvarbnalaynHouse, place to live; webs; nets; nest.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo live in a house.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.syngunù 1cfsbalay 1
balay gulomnAnt hill.
balay kugitnMatchbox.
balay ngànUterus.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
balay ungénDry weeds or twigs used by rats for their nests; a hole in the ground where large black rats live, twenty to thirty of them called 'king of the rats'.
balay wongnCobwebs.syngunù wongsubentry ofwong 1
balànReply, response; one of a pair, counterpart.Kihu balaen du ke fandì duhen ke dumu nes, bede béen kumù Tboli du.His response can be anything, a Tboli skirt or other cloth but it can't be a Tboli woven abaca blanket.Ne ke wen yem kimu laen dù tud le du fi gu bè libun, yó se yem mon le kimu mosok laen dù balaen.And if there is an item which has no support (no exchange) from the woman's side, that is said to be an item to be redeemed (the real dowry), it has no counterpart.Yó gel kmò kngom le du kun yem logi gel wen lewu balà tedyung slibayen.The way they usually dress the bridegroom is with two counterparts of skirt-blankets crisscrossing his chest.That is what will have to be repaid if the couple breaks up.vTo reply, respond.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey dê se kem dumu nmò le bè yó, ne gel hélés le nawa le yó kem tau mulu, yó bud gunu le gel malà du ke wen gel hegfan yó kem tau munung gunù.There are many other things they do, and they always try to make the wedding party envious, so that they will do something to respond to what the hosts have shown.-n-.Ne lemwót yó kem kimu hasà le ta bigu ken yó kem tau mulu, nwa yó kem tau mkay bigu, ne bnalà le he ke deng bang le mulu se kul sok bnalà le tum bigu le.And the items which are placed by the wedding party on top of the winnowing baskets of food served by the hosts are taken by the hosts. They will respond to them (bring items in exchange) when it is their time to be hosted and to respond to the baskets of food served.s-.To respond or reply to each other.Sok kifu suloyen buteng laen tungô tau slingun, senged sbalà fi gu dlogi ne fi gu dlibun.When it's dark no one sleeps all night as selected singers sing back and forth, replying to each other from the man's side and from the woman's.syndoli 1seguyun 1cfdumu 1wen 1
baliv(Of food) to decay, sour, spoil.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfbail 1bongol 1kuné 1
balingvarhbalingvTo become, turn or result into; to transform.Là bud gafit kuy du ne yem tneb nuhag deng le gotu baling.We can no longer avail of the honey, they (the honey cells) are already transformed (into pupa).g-, h-, k-, -n-.
balitnA type of tying something together.vTo tie something together by interweaving the tie around it, as bamboo slats used for a bed.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfkalo 1
balit ngihinGums.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
balu11nSoul; character; appearance.Ke wen lanem mton ke Ibid tólóng se kun lem balu.If you happen to see Brown Lizard you'll notice its appearance is different.Dô ógów baluhen tau tu, anamem yó tey mgel htóbóng béléen, ekimel botong tóbóngen do bewen.Perhaps his soul has left (there's something wrong with) that person there; despite it's being very hard to get help from him, yesterday he unbelievably helped me with his carabao (loaned).synadat 1asal 1halas 1kmò 1from1knawa 1mógów baluidiomSaid of someone who does something unusual or refuses to do what is expected (lit. His soul (mind) is gone).Mógów baluhen ngà là mimón ni.His soul has left this disobedient child here.2nRays of the sun; fibers of abaca; strand, as of hair or beads.Nayem o kun sbalu yem kdungon mò toolu yem mimet mò lieg ngau.Give me one strand of abaca to thread the beads for my child's necklace.s-.Tek sbalu blayen do.She gave me just one strand.synholu 1balu kdawSun rays.balu kdungonStrand of abaca.balu kulónStrands of rain.balu liegStrand of beads.balu tnikelStrand of thread.balu wekStrand of hair.adjNet-like, as strands of beads woven together.Wen blay le do lieg bnalu.They gave me a net-like necklace.-n-.Nam e hnénég balu lenos motun bè Hnulu Halay, tô kbangen lulun igam.Look at the strand of wind (typhoon) rolling up Mt. Hnulu Halay. It's as big as rolled up mats.synbitek 2halut 1tooltloolbalu2idiomIt refers to the intensity of the typhoon, as seen in the thick sheets (slanting strands) of rain.3vTo take turns, spell off.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Tlasik bnalu ye o kun mit du ngà ni deng des sigelu.Quickly spell me in carrying this child; my arm is already aching.s-.Sbalu te mit du.We'll each take turns carrying it.sen-, sem-.
balunnWrapper leaves used when cooking something in the fire.Bê ye tudà yem balun utón mò ken ohu yó kem dù ubangen nù lemen.Don't throw away the meat wrapper; the remaining crumbs of meat inside are for the dog to eat.vTo wrap something in leaves for cooking in the coals on the fire.g-, h-, k-, m-.Maluni do kun yem snual.Wrap up in leaves and cook in the fire for me those greens.-en-, s-.cfbsong 1hunges 1
balutnA tall red grass with three very sharp blades. Its very tiny, white fruit is eaten as medicine believed to prevent boils.Appendix 17-02 Grasses
balùvarconjEven if; even though; even so.Baluen ke kinì, tódô henlel le mò nmò.Even if it's hot, they just continue to work.Balù udì dou yem msó nù lem bluyutem ne balù sbotù ke wen nwahu du.I didn't take even a little bit or even one kernel of the rice from your basket.Ke mtem yem logi, eles mit silà balù là bongen mò gna huluhen du.When the man burns (his field), he brings some corn along to plant first even though it's not much.
balù monvarbà monexprThe fact is, the truth of the matter is; too (much), too (many), too (pretty), exceeding the normal.Tek me higed mbô tlapia gu bè Hólón bà mon tlapia lembang.We struggled to carry perch from Hólón, the fact is the perch is so big (exceeding the normal).Balù mon tey ktiloben libun tu, yó gunu le semgled du yó kem logi.That girl is too pretty, that's why the fellows are fighting over her.
banalnA briar plant with woody vines bearing thorns or prickles.Tey hdék haliu lanu gemsligot banal.My sore from getting tangled in the wild briars is really smarting.Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
banal bleknA vine, black with long thorns, strong and hard.Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines