Tboli - English


banayvarsbanaynA section of bamboo; the portion between two joints, as arm, thigh.Yem banay afus mà dì lem Kegang sotu lata lemen.The section of bamboo that uncle has in Kegang holds one can (five gallons).s-.One length, one section.banay lewékA section of a tube skirt.
bansélnGold teeth.
bantaknDenouncement.Tey bantak des bantak le kóm.It's a very serious denouncement, their denouncement of you.vTo denounce, inform against someone.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.synantak 1ifis 1
bantangadjActual, real, exact; appropriate; right time.Timbow deng hol bantang le maba du, lemwót yem logi hmò ke yehenen ken mò bnotuhen maba.When it's the right time to do initial work on a field, the man will have his wife make food for his lunch.Tódô tulónu kóm bantangen, kéng yem delemem do.I'll just tell you the actual fact, your accusation of me is a lie.synbang 2
banugnPithecophaga jefferyi.Monkey-eating eagle, largest eagle found in the Philippines.Appendix 10 Birds
bangvarmegbang1nSteps of a ladder; notched steps for climbing a coconut tree.vTo make steps.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synkbéng 1adjCut in too far as notches on a pole for stairs; hair that is cut stair-like.2nTime, a particular moment.Ne lemwót yó kem kimu hasà le ta bigu ken yó kem tau mulu, nwa yó kem tau mkay bigu, ne bnalà le he ke deng bang le bud mulu se kul.And the items which are placed by the wedding party on top of the winnowing baskets of food served by the hosts are taken by the hosts; they will respond (bring items) when it is time for them to be hosted.Ne angat htibahen snéen yem deng nabahen yó ke deng bangen htiba du.He will have others help clear also what he has begun there when it's time to have help clearing the field.Bang katayen ne bà mon deng tey kegenen semlaw.It's time for him to die now, the fact is he's been sick for a long time.Bang kehednuhen ne bà mon deng tey kegenen mangat mtuk.It's time for him to give up now after a long time of waiting, trying to collect payment.synbantang 1cftul 13adjAny; nothing.Laen dù ofolu bemlay kóm filak abay se laen bang muhem du.It's useless to give you money because you don't have any use for it.bang tôidiomWhat for?/There's nothing to do.
bangag kulun(Of people or animals) skull bone of skeletons.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
bangan1nFramework used in weaving cloth; framework used to hold a sharpening stone in place.Bala basag se hyu nwa mò bangan.The Bahi palm is good to use for the weaving frame.Nitem kut yem éhék wen banganen mò gunu te méhék sok teból suk te.Bring with you the sharpening stone that has the framework so that we can sharpen our bolo when it's no longer sharp.vTo set up the frame for weaving.-en-.Bnangan ye kut fen newelu.You be the ones to set up for weaving and I'll be the one to weave.2nPrediction through a fortune teller.Yem banganu kul yó kem tau syehen yóó logi duhen libun hyu.My prediction is good for the man or woman who are marrying there.vTo foretell, predict.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tódói mangan sen ke hulungi.You just predict (his future) if you know how.-n-.Bnanganem lu kun ni kem tau syehen ni ke kól le tuha.Foretell for these marrying each other here if they will reach old age together.s-.synungkul 13nA charm made for a female child when she is only a few days old, usually a small replica of a betel nut box, bracelet, blanket. It can never be given away. For a male child it would be a small replica of a bolo, bow and arrow, fancy bolo.A ritual performed, when a baby girl is adopted by a chosen woman, on the child's first visit to anyone.cfhlawa ngà 1vTo make this charm; to perform this ritual.h-.
bangkilvTo ward off with bolo, stick or hands; to defend oneself when fighting; to spar.g-, gem-, h-, k-, keg-, -m-, -n-, s-.Lelen kuy sbangkil dé mò lelen kuy lem kulón.Let us spar together to pass the time while it rains.sen-, sem-.cfgedfì 1dfì
bangkungnA work bolo.synkdang 1cfbadung 1but 3kbahù 1suk 1tefek 1tók 1Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
bangkù1nChair, stool, bench.2nBank, an establishment for the custody, loan, exchange or issue of money. It may also extend credit and facilitate the transmission of funds by drafts or bills of exchange.vTo deposit or withdraw money from a bank.
banglìnA big betel nut box that contains a set of small betel nut boxes and has small wheels, used for bartering and dowry.Ne timbow le deng gotu myón, ominen lemwót yem libun hol fun ngà libun notun le nee hemtifes yó kem namak, ne du fen nee mkay kul kem banglì ne kem blogo yó kem tau mulu.After everyone is seated, the woman whose daughter is the object of the entrance will prepare the betel nut chews, and she will serve the betel nut containers with wheels and the containers of lime to the wedding guests.They also fill it with libut, a kind of glutinous rice, so that it won't be given away. Another purpose of this box is if a child is sick, either they wash the child from it or rub it on the child to remove his sickness.cfblogo 1
banglì kningunBetel nut box, with handles (lit. ears).cfblogo 1
basavTo give a gift, usually because it's expected or commanded.Kem ken ne utón gel basa le yó kem fi gu bè logi, ne ngom libun duhen filak gel kul blay yó kem fi gu bè libun.From the bridegroom's side they usually give gifts of food and meat, and from the woman's side they give woman's finery or money.g-, gem-, h-, k-, kes-, m-, (masa), -m-, -n-.Ke miwóli libun, tódô hegfanem khulungem mò nmò, ne hol bnasahem tuha yem libun.If you desire a woman, you prove that you know how to do work, and give gifts to the parents of the girl.s-, sem-, sen-.cfblay 1lasam 1twon 1
basagnCaryota rumphiana.A type of palm tree which is used for making a drink called tifas.The trunk is like the trunk of a coconut palm, but the leaves and branches are different. The starch-like substance found in the trunk is also used for food. Its wood is used as roundwood in building houses, and for making axe handles, bows and arrows, sticks for digging sweet potato or gabi and one of the weaving tools.cflefò 1tbà 1tifas 1twok 1Appendix 09-01 Palm trees
basakfromasak1nPuddle on table or floor where liquid has been spilt.Tendafuhem kut dé yem basak bè seel yóó.Wipe up that puddle on the floor.vTo make a puddle.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.2nRice paddy; irrigated rice.Mutahi kut dé yem halay basak.Harvest the irrigated rice for us.vTo make a rice paddy; to plant irrigated rice.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
basalnClearness, pleasantness, as the sound of a gong, bell or anvil.adj(Of sounds) clear and pleasing.h-, k-, m-.Mbasal unihen.Its sound is clear.
basukTagalog kalabasanCucurbita maxima.Squash, generic.Ke là holen wen tau htiba le, ne ke hlò kun dumu yem fun tniba, lelen laen hol halayen, yó olo nmoen, snóbów abu duhen basuk, dobung duhen ke kihu klasi ken.If there are only a few people who help clear the field and they are all relatives and the host doesn't have much rice, then he makes a soup of gabi leaves or squash, bamboo shoots or whatever kind of food he has.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables
basuk bkongnWhite squash.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables
basuk ibidnBrown squash (the color of brown lizard), elongated, long-necked.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables
basulvTo insist on one's own idea.g-, h-, k-.Nawaw tau ni, balù gunun matay sana kbasulen du.Imagine that, even though it kills him, still he is insisting on it.-m-, -n-.synbinsul 1dendel 1duel 1duil 1hlel 1hlós 1lumel 1lusu 1uluk 2useg 1
basul sungnA muffin-shaped block of hardwood used in the bottom of a mortar in order to pound corn and rice faster.Là géhélen gel lemubek yem halay ndek ke laen basulen yem sung.It takes a long time to pound the husks off the rice if there's no mortar block.
basùnDrinking glass.vTo use a glass.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.Olon sbasù él ne hinumem du.Let him drink only one glass of water.