Tboli - English


batangnA kind of pig trap made from string, wood and small, sharpened bamboo sticks placed in a small, fenced, planted area. It kills the pig.Appendix 22 TrapsvTo make this pig trap.g-, h-, k-, m-, -n-.cfblatik 1hlugod 1lugod 2sulô 1
batuladjInfrequent in relation to time; far apart in relation to space, slow in relation to speech and action.Là ke batul udofen yem blotik, móyón kmulón ne kendel le mtem.But if the blinking of the star is infrequent, it's about to rain and they will immediately burn (their fields).synhdangan 1dangan*vTo make infrequent; to make longer intervals of space or time.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Olò bnatul ye mkaf agit là dogen mékéng bungu lefò.Wait longer between times when you climb for young coconut, there's none getting dry (to mature).antklet 1syndangan* 1cfblóng 1layuk 1sgawag 1awag 1
batun*varmbatunvTo be transported from earth to heaven.Balù nen mbatun ke gutahen nóyóen béléu (safà).Even if he's transported to heaven he won't get what he wants from me (a vow).h-, k-, m-.Tek sulék le mbatun yó kem tau gnan.The people of ancient times were transported from earth to heaven only once.Mbatun is considered by the Tboli to be an historical event brought about by a man from the former world called Mugut Mangay. It is believed that this event brought about the differentiation between humans and animals and birds.cfLemugut MangayMugut MangayMugut Mangay 1
bausvTo wrap something by winding around it, as a wound, meat.Bausem bè kuluhem yem ulew anì là héféi.Wrap the scarf around your head so that you won't get wet.Gel baus le bè tuhod ke wen hunges ken libut, mon le anì là mimahen ke wen nehek.They always wrap (wind) the bundled food for the rice ritual around a stump; they say it's so that it won't take long to plant rice.g-, h-.Béem sónmò hbaus lem dfél dé, oloi hewà.Don't always wrap yourself up there inside the room (like a hermit), try to get out.k-, m-, -m-.Tau du bmaus/maus du tey ngà kinì ni?Who wrapped in a blanket this child with a fever?-n-, s-.To be all tangled, as vines, grass.sen-, sem-, seg-.synbekunù 1bukut 1bukut nawa 1bukuthunges 1kukum 1lekukus 1cfbsong 1lambung 1gbaus nawaidiomFeeling hemmed in, not knowing what's going on around you or what to do, as when you arrive in a new place.
bawadjTo be satisfied, finished.Used when eating meat and you don't want any more when it's offered to you. You never say bée 'I'm finished' because (it is believed) the spirit owner of the meat may think you do not like it and will not give you any more. You say bawe 'I'm finished' so he'll give again.
bawikvTo come back to life; to revive.Deng bawik yem ohu matay.The dog that died has come back to life.g-, gem-, h-, k-, -m-, m-, -n-, s-, sen-, sem-, kes-.cfawik 1
bawingTagalog balanoynCommon basil, a plant of the mint family, its leaves are used for flavoring in vegetables and its flower is green.Appendix 17-06 Spices and herbsvTo use this plant.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfketai 1kfinù 1kisul 1
bayadnPayment.vTo pay; to make payment.g-, gem-, h-, k-, m-, (mayad), -n-, s-, sem-, sen-.cfbli 1btad 2luluk 1
bayàvTo ignore; to leave alone, let go of, allow.g-.Ke olo gbayà béléu yó ngà matù tuha ngem lembel me sifit.If only that child who challenges the old (people) was left to me, behold he'd have a strong switching.h-.Balù sekteb ke malà tódô hbayà sensudél le.She didn't say a word, she just ignored them scolding her.-m-, m-.Moem mayà du mung elem él yem ngà déke konul.Why did you allow that child to go along to the river, he might have drowned.-n-.Là kô bnayà le do dou mon le hanae ngà.They didn't allow me (to have it), because they said I was still a child.s-, sen-, sem-, seg-.Deng na le e segbayà honon lu kem ngà deng na le e glumfak éfél.It was when the children were left alone by themselves that the calamity with the bees occurred.synhlus 1luskdol 1lugun 1cflus 2tagak 1tebel 1
bayugIlongonA kind of small bamboo used for tying and building houses.Appendix 23 Bamboo
varbalùconjA short form of balù 'even'.Nayem o dé yem kohol noko tmunun setdok.Give me the cutting of sugarcane for planting, even one finger length (piece). sbalu yem kdungon ke wen wahu du.I couldn't afford even one strand of abaca. udì ke wen nwahu du.I didn't take even a little bit of it.
bà monvarbalù monconjThe reason is; the fact is (implies idea of something being extreme).... bà mon tey kinì kdaw ni.(My plants all died)... the reason is the days are so hot.Tey madas lem liholu, bà mon tey ksom yem kenu koni.My throat is very irritated, the reason is what I just ate was very sour.
1locAt, to, in, on, indicates the place where the action happens; indicates the person or thing to which the action is directed. (See section 10.1 of Grammar Sketch.)Hyu ke wen se nwit le ngà le tagak gunù.It is good if there's some (left-over food) for them to bring to their children who are left at the house.cfe- 12prepOf, about, with, for. klotò sok alì tminò, angat mnóng kdaw, okóm ke là, angat là holen mnóng.About klotò, when this tree really flowers, it will be sunny (long dry season), but if not, it won't be very sunny.Là ligal kem tuhahen yem nmoen.His parents were not happy with what he did.Yó se ofolem yem nmoem.That's what you got for what you did.
beb1nThe bass sound from the bottom of a Tboli drum.2adjHuge, over-sized and over-weight.Yem umew geslongu bè lan hol beben umew.The mute person I met on the road was huge.Tey beben libun, libun tu.What a huge woman that woman there is.m-.Gungol ye kô kuy tum tey muni mbeb doli bulul?Do you hear that huge (loud) sound (explosion) on the other side of the mountain?synklambad 1
bednThe stitch-like finishing at the edge of a bamboo basket.Anything used to wind around something and knotted, i.e., Tboli blanket design.vTo entwine; to wrap around; to tie around something.g-, gem-, h-, k-, keg-, m-, n-.Mon le yó gunun gel leminol ke sok gel nbed tum kili bong yem suguken.They say the reason the earth shakes is when the big eel entwines the support post (in the middle of the earth).s-, sems-, sens-, kes.synbeteng 1blikis 1ewed 2fét 2
bedaknFace powder.cfhebus 1
bedeconjBut.Bede lusà du gunu Tukol e smolu anì là dilô Ko du yem kmò Tukol du.But Warbler turned this way and that so that Hornbill wouldn't recognize what Warbler was doing.Bede olo kóm, ke yem logi otun le, laen dù sangay gna.But if it's the man they bring up, there isn't any fetching first.The parents usually arrange the marriage of their children. One of the many arrangements is that the groom comes with his parents to the feast of the agreed upon wedding ceremony which is hosted by the bride's side. Another arrangement is the fetching. The groom will be fetched by the bride's side, and a simple ceremony will take place then; later on the big wedding feast will be agreed upon.synokóm 1
beengnMolar teeth.cfnihi 1holung beeng1idiomTo grate one's teeth in anger.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
begaduSpanish abogadonLawyer.
begel1varmbegeln(Of a leader's rule) firmness, tightness; sturdiness, durableness of something.adjFirm, sturdy, strong.m-.syngemel 1cfhgemel 1gemel2nBrace, support.Ni dé Mà Dì luos mò tugedem mò begelem anì là masai.Uncle, here is a rattan for your cane for supporting you so you won't fall.vTo brace or support something for added strength; to rely on someone who can back you up.g-, h-, k-.cfblel 1tud 1
bekadjPuny, meager, small.Bê ye ukel kneyek yem bek ngà filak sentifunu.Don't you do anything to the hard-earned little amount I'm saving.Élél ukel alì senkóyô le kem ngà ni yem bek ngà utón là bong nitu.It's very unreasonable for these children to be so excited over this little bit of meat I brought.
bekaduTagalog abukadonPersea americana.Avocado tree and its fruit, also known as alligator pear. The delicious fruit is pear-shaped with a single seed inside.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
bekatawnYaws (frambesia), a contagious skin disease caused by a spirochete, with a superficial resemblance to syphilis.vTo have or be sick with yaws.-n-.