Tboli - English


bekawan1nThe round frame for a Tboli woman's hat.vTo make a round frame for a hat.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfbekung 1bekawan2idiomTo set out with bow and arrow arched and ready (of Tboli warriors).Kéng bekawan bohohen.His bow is arched, ready for anything.
bekewet1nDangles made of beads or horsehair, used on earrings and necklaces.synhlungkal 12nChin strap on a hat made of several layers of cloth, sometimes with beads sewed on it, and with both ends fastened.3nStraps made of strong vines or braided abaca fastened in crisscross fashion onto the bottom of a large rice storage bin. Large leaves are placed on top of these before the unhusked rice is put in it.Mahi kut yem liling mò bekewet te sékê lihub mò gunu te hemsù halay.Please get abaca skin to use for straps on the bottom of the rice storage container, so we can put the rice in it.vTo make these straps or to use straps in a crisscross fashion.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfbukól 1
bekiwakv/adjTo be restless, giddy like a young girl who acts silly.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
beklenvTo choke on something, as a bone.Tey myak yem tau ke skon bè gunun wen honéen ke beklen.A person is very ashamed if he chokes (on liquid) in public, especially if he chokes on food.ge-, he-, ke-, -n-, -m-.cfbuel 1gebesuk 1skon 1snilen 1
beklew1nArc, a bow-like curve, as of a rainbow.Tau mò du yem beklew leketem yó?Who made the arc that you are putting up?synkewel 1vTo arc.Tonem kô yem léwés hebeklew bè kulu él?Did you see the rainbow arced at the head of the river?he-.Bo tedu yem hebeklew bè yó yó? Lumun tô ulal.What is that arced there? It's like a snake.synbekung 1cfbkul 12vTo tie the contents of a large carrying basket in place.he-.
beklilvTo turn over; to turn around; to turn to the other side.Sok deng kokol ye ubi kóó Témê, géhél ye bud beklil mulék.When you have finished digging sweet potato Grandchild, immediately turn around and return.ge-, he-, ke-, kehe-, -m-, -n-.cfswì 1beklil lem sokil/beklil hólól tiidiom(Lit. his feet turn around) Said of someone who is easy to work with, fast, quick, responsible, and work oriented
beklongnAdam's apple; esophagus.Appendix 12 Body parts of a personvTo have Adam's apple.-n-.
bekonadj(Of eyes) small.he-, ke-.
bekownA variety of fruit tree that has sour, red fruit about the size of small tomatoes.cfngihan 1tekdis 1twól 1Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
beksannAn original, old, colorful and expensive bead made of pottery on a Tboli bell necklace.Yem beksan sotu boluy betek hnumbu gna.The bead made of pottery is another name for the color of the old bell necklace.
bektutvarbeketutnLarge earrings, made from a small round piece of wood and inset with a mirror encircled by tiny beads. It is placed through a large hole in the ear.vTo wear these large earrings.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.antkuból 1cfbkuku 1hlungkal 1lembaléy 1nomong 1omong
bekuknTropical ulcer.vTo be infected with a tropical ulcer.-n-.synbkukang 1
bekunànVaccination, vaccine.Tey wen muhen bè lówó kem ngà yem bekunà.The vaccine is very important to the health of children.vTo get a vaccination.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Kdê yó kem ngà bè gunù mnagì gotu benkunà le lu.They vaccinated all the children in the school.
bekunùvTo sleep curled up with one's chin almost meeting the knees.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synbaus 1heblukus 1blukuslekulù 1cfhlukus 1lukus
bekungnThe circular frame and shape of a fishing net or a Tboli woman's hat made of rattan or bamboo.synkewel 1vTo make this circular frame.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Benkungem kut salaf ni.Make for us the circular frame for this net.synbeklew 1cfbekawan1 1
belvarmbelnThe occurrence of something unexpected.vTo occur; to hit or strike; to come or flash to mind, memory or sight.g-.Gbel bè nawan filaken sana klasaen ta lemisa.It came to his mind that his money was still on top of the table.h-, k-, m-, n-.Tek udì gunu me là matay nan e nbel mi lenos mbung bè Hnulu Halay.We almost died when a tornado hit us on Hnulu Halay mountain.s-.mbel bitilFamine (lit. the shaking of hunger).mbel lenosFor the wind to blow strong.mbel lenos mbungUsually in ballads, it's a disaster confined to one place, as a tornado.mbel linolFor the earth to quake.
bel*vTo strive or work harder.h-.Hol hbel ye kul yem dù dnadu gu laanen là deng demsù kulón.Let them strive (to finish) the remainder of the plowing before the rain pours.k-.Anam yó ne kbel le kenlo yem tey tau wen yó hnikót he sufaw tniba.Despite their striving (to finish) the weeding, all those people were still very far from finishing in the upper end of the field.m-.Hol hotuhem nawam mbel du yem hilu halay dù hennagiem.Put your whole heart in striving harder in your remaining years of study.n-.Hol nbelem yem hmò le kóm efet gbayadem yem dù utóngem.Really work harder at the work they give you to do until you have paid your debt.s-, sens-, sems-.Deng na le e sbel Kitem yem sdô gentì le slong kó Kitem deng tódô hegdungul laan bótóng yem tey sdô.Blacky and the pig that they shot with a bow and arrow were striving with each other other (wouldn't give up); Blacky only stopped when the pig just laid down under a log.kes-.
belennImperfection; blemish, any deformity either physical or moral; mixture.Béen tlek wen belen hendemem sok wen nógówem.There must be no mixture (ulterior motives) in your thinking when you make a transaction.vTo mix together, mingle with.Soki mulu kut blangul belenem kut lemen ne yem blotung.When you plant the green beans for us mix in the mung beans.g-, h-.Yó gunu ye là mton du abay se hbelen lem tum tey tau slimbul.The reason you can't find him is because he is mingling with the people who are busy walking about.k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sen-, sem-, kes-.synbol 1bool 1lemes 1
belesvarmelesnVengeance.Deng deng ne belesem.Your vengeance is already done.vTo take revenge; to avenge; to pay back a bad deed or insult.g-, h-, k-, keg-, keh-, m-.Kebenwu teganay là gbek le du ke là meles le yó kem fes lówó yem tau ke hnatay le.In the former world (in earlier times) it would be impossible for the family not to avenge a member who had been killed.-n-, s-.To take part in avenging someone else's defeat or death.sem-, sen-, kes-.
belewvTo interrupt; hold back, keep from, as of people leaving.g-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sem-.Denge sana bud kól ne ke là ni sem yu kutu sembelew du yem dou kógów.I could have made it back by now if you hadn't kept me from leaving.sen-.synseblangan 1semblekelsgangaw 1cfbólów 1segwê 1tebleng 1bleng
benkegvTo experience tightening of the jaw from eating too much salt.benkeg yem ngà mken kahì yóó.That child eating salt might experience tightening of the jaw.