Tboli - English


benogonBall of abaca thread.Mahi bè yem benogo mò tigel te nim bigu.Get some (thread) from the ball of abaca to reinforce this winnowing basket.
benswitnAethopyga shelleyi.Sunbird.Appendix 10 Birds
bentalùvTo see or crave food (meat) very much and think you'll enjoy it, but when it is cooked you don't want any.Là doge gemken dou bè yem sdô bkó blatik mà, mome bentalù, lanu alì kmóyô ke mà.I didn't eat any of the pig from father's pig trap; instead I didn't want any when it was cooked, because I was so excited about father getting it.
benteyvTo guard; to watch.Benteyem du kut snafang yem bew.You use the gun to guard the carabao.g-, h-, k-, m-.Menteye bè ni kifu ni.I'm guarding here tonight.-m-, -n-.Tendo bnentey le ksol le du yem halay anì muta le bélê le.They continually watch for (them to do) the harvest ritual so that they'll harvest with them.s-.synsgolò 1golòteyen 2
bentêfrombtêvTo do the ritual of roasting the rice.Ke hanà là dengen hulô, ne ke wen ungé duhen sit, yó nmò le bentê le yem halay deng tô gna hulô tukóen.If (the rice harvest) still isn't red and there are rats or maya birds (eating it), they do the-ritual-of-roasting the rice that gets red first (so that the maya birds will be blind to it).adj(Of eyes) having white scar tissue formed over the pupil causing blindness; blindness caused by the rice-ritual.cfbutô1 1
bentitutnCharadrius dubius dubius.Ring-necked plover.Appendix 10 Birds
bentungnBambusa merrillii.A very thin kind of bamboo used for walling.Appendix 23 Bamboo
benwunCountry, nation, community, dwelling place; earth.Tehe benwu gnahen satù le Tukol Ko.When the earth was first made Tailor Bird and Hornbill had a contest.vTo live in a place.m-.Mebel le gunu le tmiba, gunun hyu numa, yó gunu le bud menwu.They look for a place to make a field where the new forest is good, where they will also live.k-.Bè kmò kbenwu kem Tboli, là holen mdengen.The way the Tboli live it is not very stable (it has its ups and downs).
benyaduIlongo bandihadonLarge rice plate.cfswatan 1
benyawatnDelirium.Yem des mà dì, benyawat.Uncle's sickness is delirium.adjDelirious, incoherent usually from high fever.
beng1nWall.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo put up a wall.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, sems-, sens-.cflabat 1seng 12exprAn expression of emphasis.Beng là dé!It's emp not!Ne beng yó du kem libun klawi le gel mla, gel le hnawê mò kul lelen se kul.As emp for the women, they sing back and forth while they are planting to pass the time.
bengelnMain floor joist; partition, division, boundary, barrier, border.Hek kun, ne e kento megkay gunù, ne hbélét Mal kun hetò, olohen gemkalus sufà bengel.Suddenly the house lifted, and tarsier scrambled to jump (up and catch it), but he only scratched (touched) the end of the main floor joist (he was playing underneath it).Nmò ye bengel bè kililen anì laen tbék.Place a barrier at the edge so it won't erode.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo place a joist, partition, division, boundary, barrier, border.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sen-, sem-.
bengetnFancy chin strap on a woman's wedding hat.Tey tilob kmò le du yem benget sloungem.They did a nice job on that fancy strap on your hat.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sen-, sem-.cfwek 1
bengétv(Of human body) to expand, stretch, dialate, enlarge a natural opening.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.synbsék1 2
bengónvTo almost faint from severe pain or a hard blow.Naw e glus eta hólól tihu yem botu kayangu, yó mò do botonge bengón.When the rock I was carrying fell on my foot, (it hurt so bad) I almost fainted.ge-, he-, ke-, -n-.cftafì 1
bestidaSpanish restidovarmestidanWoman's or girl's dress.
besutnItem used to express purpose.Ni ngà fandì mò besutu du béléem, hol tnóbóngem ou sotu kudà.Here's a skirt blanket for expressing my purpose (in coming) to you; please help me with one horse (i.e., a long term loan).A gift (bribe) that you take with you for someone so that you will get what you want when you ask for a favor.vTo express, to let go, spring off, as an arrow, bullet.ge-.Deng mom gebesutu etahem hanak.I accidentally released the arrow over you.he-, ke-, kege-, -m-.Gel smólók yem tau fun gunù ke là mlosen kendel bemsut du yem tau mógów yó yem hendufen.The owner of the house usually asks the visitor what his purpose is if he doesn't express it right away.-n-.Ngangen ne tódô tahu ne bensuten ebéléen yem hol ógówen.He continued (asking) and he (the visitor) expressed the real purpose for his visit.se-, sen-, sem-, kese-.cfbkas 1bkó 1blus 1
beswit1nMerops viridis americanus.Chestnut-headed bee-eater.Appendix 10 Birds2nSequins or tiny pearl shells used for decorating blouses.adjSequined.-n-.Kgal benswit.Sequined blouse.
betekvarsbeteknColor; design; marking; letters.Kyol kun tódô lengeb lówóhen beteken, okóm ke Ibid, tek són te bótóng ilungen.As for Monitor Lizard his whole body (is full of) design, but as for Brown Lizard it's only the bridge of his nose (that is colored).vTo color, design.ge-, he-, ke-, m-.Mon Kyol, "Uu gna metek do, ne ou tufì metek kóm kedeng."Monitor Lizard said, "You color me first, and I'll color you later."-em-, -en-, s-.To color each other.Ne mon Kyol mò ke Ibid, "E Wè Gà, sbetek te."And Monitor Lizard said to Brown Lizard, "O Friend Gà, let's you and I color each other."
betelnA grub-like worm about 2 in. long with white body and red head.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creaturesvTo be infested with grubs.-n-.
betengvargbeteng1nA tie, cord used for tying.Béem tagad kteng tolo wen betengen.Don't pull on it yet, there is still a tie (holding it).vTo tie, as a rope to something.Betengem kut bè hehek yem tébéd fét bew.Tie this rope to a post for the carabao.g-, h-, k-, m-, -m-, -n-, s-.synbed 1bkes 1ewed 2ewet 1fét 2segfutus 1hutussgafas 1gafassgewed 1ewed 22nA single, short, large, curled strand of hair that is different from the others and causes itching.varsbeteng
betewênDeep cracks in one's heels from too much sun, dirt.vTo have cracks in one's heels.-m-, -n-.
betênLarge black ants that bite.Appendix 13-04 Ants
betê lanA variety of fierce black ants that bite and run.Appendix 13-04 Ants