Tboli - English


bitilvTo be hungry.Tey bitil halay abay se monem gotu kem sit kun halay.He's hungry for rice because the rice birds ate his rice.h-, k-, -n-.basa bitilidiomSeasonal lack of food, very little food anywhere at a certain time.Tolo mlel basa bitil yem ksut blututen.When the baby was born it was still the hunger season.bitil bongidiomFamine.
bitsinnFlavor enhancer, MSG.
bkas1vTo come apart or to disconnect; to get free from, detach, wean; to separate, divorce; to unfold, open up.Bkas bè bak hanak yem onuk gentiu ekuloy.The chicken I shot with my bow yesterday got free from the arrow.Lomi bkas bè yehenen yem libun yó.That woman just recently separated from her husband.Hanà là dengen bkas tmutù yem ngà yem klef yéen.That child wasn't weaned yet when his mother died.Lomi bkas bè sumungem ken, dengi sana bud heslaf bitil.You have just come away from eating, but already you are agonizingly hungry.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Benkasem yem kumù.Open up that blanket.synlayuk 1lekà1 1lesò 1sgawag 1fromawag 1skas 1fromlekasskó 1fromcfbesut 12vTo speak openly, to tell everything.Tódô benkasem lem blóng tau ke tahu duhen là yem delem le kóm.Just speak openly in the midst of these people whether or not it is true of what they are accusing you.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synblus 1
bkelenTagalog daonDracontomelum dao.A hardwood tree used for furniture. The fruit is sour with a hard brown skin and a large pit.cfblangas 1kadi 2móków 1Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
bkesvargebkeshebkessebkesnAnything that is used for tying.vTo tie.Bkes le hmules, anì mima kuta le du.They tie the rice charm so that their harvesting will take a long time (because it is big).ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Nbut le muta, okóm tnagak le tum gunu le bemkes hmules.They begin to harvest, but they leave unharvested the area where they tied the charm.-en-.Deng benkesen kdungon yem kahun mò nwiten.He tied the box he was bringing with abaca.se-.synbeteng 1blikis 1fét 2cflébéd 1sebkes 1bkesules 2
bkikìnMumps.vTo have the mumps.-en-.Benkikì ngà ni.This child has mumps.
bkongnThe smallest land lizard.Appendix 20 Reptiles
bkong lemnawnA kind of lizard, green.Appendix 20 Reptiles
bkong lobongnA fat lizard.Appendix 20 Reptiles
bkóvTo spring, snap shut, as a trap.Bkó kdéen klasi hengalaf ke wen bagangen.All the traps will spring shut if they use a charm.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syntawan 1cfbak 1besut 1blus 1sidek kebkóhenidiomAngry outburst.
bkókô1nHalcyon myrnensis ularis.White-throated kingfisher common throughout the Philippines.Appendix 10 Birds2nItchy sores on ears.
bkólvarbenkólvTo try one's best with full strength, attempt, endeavor, but unsuccessfully.Benkól le tô mali du là kô hdonen kul.They attempted to keep him (there) but he ignored them.Benkólu tô mni béléen, là kô benlayen do.I tried my best to ask him for some, but he did not give me anything.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Benkólu tô mnak du yó kem hengalafu, balù sotu ke wen bkó du.I endeavored to set my traps, but not even one of them sprang.adjUnfinished, as a field; unproductive, as a trap; unsuccessful endeavor.Nawaw yem kenlo mà dì lem Lemyan, mom bkól.What a pity about the weeding of uncle's (field) in Lemyan, it was left unfinished.cfbakag 1
bkugnCrook.Bkug koyu gun gel téwéng nuhag.Honeybees usually hang (their hive) in the crook of a leaning tree branch.vTo bend something.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.adjBent over; no longer straight, as a fallen tree; crooked.Deng nan e nékét mi nuhag, là kóen kembil yem bkug knowol nulé me.When the honeybees bit us, the bent-over tree didn't even move when we went over it.cfbkul 1bkut 1kigò 1kogò 1legù 1ligù 1sigol 1
bkukangnTropical ulcer.vTo have or be infected with a tropical ulcer.-en-.synbekuk 1
bkukunDangling earrings with large shells fastened to the ends, worn by Tboli women - very expensive.vTo wear these earrings.-em-, -en-.cfbektut 1hlungkal 1lembaléy 1nomong 1omong
bkulvTo curve something.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, sen-, sem-.cfbeklew 1adjCurved, as a carabao's horn, eyebrow, eagles beak.cfbkug 1bkut 1hetfok 1kigò 1kogò 1legù 1ligù 1sigol 1
bkuloyvarekuloyadvYesterday afternoon.
bkungùnAn amphibious, brown lizard somewhat like the tree lizard but longer.Appendix 20 Reptiles
bkutvTo bend or fold something up, as the legs of a table.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.adjBent, crooked, as of a cat's tail or a nail while hammering.Tey mogut yem kukù ke bkut ikongen.A cat with a crooked tail is a good hunter (lit. brings in).Hlò bkut tdok bé lan sumil.Grandmother's fingers are all bent because of the painful bite of a poisonous worm (deformed due to severe infection).cfbkug 1bkul 1kigò 1kogò 1lafì 1legù 1ligù 1sigol 1
blanRice that is pounded and made wet enough to stick together when rolled in the hand and then roasted in the fire. It is part of the medicinal ritual.
blabadnThe music (huge dull sound) produced on the drum (such as a plastic can or basket) that is played along with the klintang.Hyu ke solò edu yem blabaden.It is good if the music beaten on the drum follows the rhythm (of the instrument).Appendix 19 Sounds
blabàvarteblabànRaised platform around the main floor of a Tboli house where people sit or sleep. The outside wall of this area can be opened outward for more light.synhakê 1cfdesyung 1Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional house
blabudnA variety of rice.Appendix 06 Varieties of upland rice
blaem kómexprThe truth is; the fact is; the reality is; actually.Blaem kóm kun là kô nen e tehe tngón du yó kem kimu tehe senblay le bè kyehenen.Actually, she didn't previously know about the items they exchanged at her marriage.Kendel msut yem tau mtuk do blaem kóm là denge tmimbang silà.The one collecting payment from me arrived (unexpectedly); the fact is, I hadn't weighed (sold) the corn yet (so I didn't have the payment).Tódô kóem hdó le lu ta yem tonok blaem kóm kul funen.Without reason they removed them from the land when actually they own it.
blakangnTwig; the small dry branches of a bamboo.