Tboli - English


dengvargdenghdeng1vTo finish, complete or end something.g-, h-, k-, s-.adjFinished, completed when reduplicated.Nuta le he yem blangul ke deng deng nuta.They'll harvest the beans yet when the harvest is already finished.Deng deng ne.It's already finished now.syn3kfung 22advtmAlready, past.Deng moo ktuku.I'm already sleepy.
dengefnAccusation.vTo accuse, suspect.dengef le etahu yem matay hlasà le senlem gunuu.They are accusing me of murdering the one they laid down below my house.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfamad 1antaf 1delem 1deles 2duón 1tngel 1
dengen*varhdengenkendengenmdengennState of wellness, orderliness, abundance.vTo do something well, completely.g-, h-, k-, m-.
desvarhdes1n(Of humans, animals, fowls) a sickness, disease, ailment, pain, ache.Gel mon le, yem tau ke wen desen, deng wen glebet yem lóyófen.They always say if a person has a sickness, his soul has accidentally been intercepted (by a spirit-being).cflemen 1adjPainful, as a blow or words; hot, as pepper, tobacco, weather; serious, as a request, courtcase, threat.cfdolong 1hemen 1lemenslaw 1tduk 1udél desHurtful words.2nDamage (to crops, plants, trees either by disease or by insects, birds, rats, wild pigs); damage, crack, as of traditional possessions made of metal.Ke là lemnoken yem kdungon, ke mélél dounen, ne ke matay tubeden, wen desen.When abaca doesn't grow, its leaves are yellow and the shoots die, it has a disease.Ke deng msut butuen yem blówón, gel mon le, wen desen blówón ni.When the knob on a gong has cracked, they always say this gong is damaged.cfhbonu 1
des benlatnFirst stage of a sickness, as when symptoms begin to be felt (by a person).
des blotùnRash, generic.synkuba 1
des kemsong hiletn(Of men) for the penis to shrink back into the body.
des lenelenfromlelen 1nA chronic sickness (such as tuberculosis).
des mektofromktonA sickness that causes sudden death (one that comes on suddenly with great severity).
des mifù1nHansen's disease; leprosy.
des mugod1nEpilepsy.cfsidaf 1
des nawavarkinì nawavTo feel hurt, challenged, provoked, encouraged, inspired to do something (lit. a pain of the breath).Des bè nawahu udél gungolu tu koni.My feelings were hurt by those words I heard just now.
des ówókn(Of women) symptoms of vaginal polyps and discharge.
des senebetfromsebetnSickness due to being intercepted by a spirit being.Horses have also been known to experience des senebet when they have been ridden through areas owned by the spirits. They are treated with the same medicine that is used for humans.
des tabag lóyóffromlóyóf 1nSickness due to one's soul wandering away.
des tawanfromtawannSickness due to being affected by a supernatural force (used by another person).
des tennawnMalaria.
desdefnWest.advToward the west.e-.antdmata kdaw1 1
desenfólnGarbage pile, where dirt and leaves are swept to at the edge of the yard.cfdetliantlian 1
deslimolfromslimolnBaseboard, usually a flat board around the floor of a house.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional house
deslingunnPart of a house opposite where the stair is anchored on the ground.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional house
desnolu1fromsolun(Of people) genitalia area; (of a ladder) in front of.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
desyungnParlor (sleeping area) of a house where guests are usually seated, farthest point from the firetable.Ne tau mulu myón seblà desyung, fen seblà bè ofi tau fun gunù.The wedding guests sit in the parlor area, the host sits near the fire table.synhakê 1cfblabà 1Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional house