Tboli - English


detlianfromtlianvardekliannPlace at one side of the firetable where garbage or root crops are temporarily put, opposite the entrance to the house.Olò kok ye yem tey fól luduk detlian.You should throw out that garbage piled near the firetable.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional house
ptlEmphasizes a verb or adverb.Weyò nen e demsù kun, tey kulón.Oh, it suddenly poured emp reportedly, it really rained.E tenngelem , Sembilà, deng gotu mékéng dounen soging huluhu.O look emp Sembilà, the leaves of the banana I planted are already all dry.
adjMany, numerous, multitudinous.Ke wen tau gna gefet silaen, tey tau mni béléen.When someone's corn is harvested first, very many people will ask from him.syngengón 1gulà 1wadag 2wen 1cfgenged 1kdê 1
dédét1nA small flute-like instrument made from a certain kind of leaf.Appendix 04 Musical instruments2nApus Melba.Alpine swift.Appendix 10 Birds
déféngvarsdéféngvTo be side by side, close together.Déféngem kut bè kuleng ken yem kuleng utón.Put the kettle of meat beside the kettle of rice for us.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.synléténg 1sféng 1cfhéng 1sdéféng gunùNeighbor.tau dméféngNew neighbors.
déknPungent odor.k-, m-.Mo le mom moo mdék ni kem ngà là olò dyo nie.These children who haven't bathed have a pungent odor.n-.
dékeadvMight; maybe; perhaps; liable; usually used in connection with a feared event.Abay se ke tô le mdà ne ke mudél le, déke skon yem tau mken.Because if they would stand and talk, the person eating might choke.Ke là eles te mabung hla, déke mtem.If we don't prepare seed-rice beforehand, it might be too late after burning.syn1
démdemA contraction of 'emphasis' and yem 'that', meaning that one there.Yake yó dém twolihem benlayem.Better if you give it to emp that younger sibling of yours.
démêvarhdémêexprExpression of desire when desiring for something or to be somewhere.Démê mton du yem benwu fi dmata kdaw.How I wish to see the country to the east.synkóyô 1óyô
déyexprOh! an expression of fright or impending danger or of delight.Déy, hatay kuy!Oh, we'll die!"Déy Sembilà," mon Hnu, "tenngelem yó dé gunuu, tódô hitem.""Oh Friend," Turtle said, "look at my house, it's black."
dfélnA room, any partitioned area inside a house.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo put side by side, beside; to make a partition in a house.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
dfìvargedfìvTo kick a horse in the ribs to get him to run when riding.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-, sem-, sen-.syntfiling 1tfilóy 1
dfilvTo spring (shoot) off an arrow; to ward off with a knife or stick.Deng na le e dfil etahen sbat tódô olom mton kingoen sdô etlem.When the pig arrow sprang off, immediately you saw the pig's movement far below.ge-.To miss the target because of interference.Deng mom gedfil gtì le yem mósól.Instead (of hitting it) they missed (through interference) the rooster with bow and arrow.he-, ke-, -em-.Bè yem ktolok mà kum anì hulung me demfil hanak, hegna toloken mi hlanen bè blos (wen oniten ne klung).When father taught us how to ward off an arrow, first he showed us using blunted arrows (with armor and shield).-en-.
dfonThe sound of a fire that is very fast burning (dry and hot).Appendix 19 SoundsvTo hurry in fright or anger; to fly as a chicken that is startled, frightened.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.antganag 1synkadas 2segdendel 1dendelslò 1tlasik 1
dfutvTo spit out over a distance.Dfutem kut lem klingu yem tau sut blututen yem mala tonok anì bud hetngón.Spit the ginger into the ear of the one who just delivered (a baby) so that she'll revive (unconscious due to pain and loss of energy).ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.cfdulak 1
difunA fathom, a measure of length; armspan, the space to which a person extends his arms, approx. 1 1/2 m.s-.A measurement of one armspan.Appendix 16-01 Measuring devicesvTo spread one's arm out in the way preventing people from moving freely as they work, bothersome.Béi tlek dmifu bè yó.Don't spread your arm out in the way there.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
diiptlEmphasis particle, a contraction of + i.Ni dii kmoem du.Here emp is how you should do it.dii.That's the way emp.
dikexprA word used to call a pig.
dikótvTo take away, pick up; to take on, put on.Timbow dikótu sendu lasak ominen yó he hekmón lemwót yem ngà dóku.When I took up a piece of bamboo (to swat the child) that's the time he paid attention and went.Bud dikóten nawahen là gulit.He again took on his unpredictable and violent behavior.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfwa 1
dilvarmedilv(Of things or people) to tilt to one side, to lean; to position to fall.g-, h-, k-, m-.Móyón hugón gunù deng mdil yóó.That house that is leaning is about to fall over.n-, s-.
dilaknTongue.Sotu olo tngónu yem gel nmò le ulof, dilak tau matay.One thing only I know, they always make this curse from the tongue of a dead person.When a brave (fierce) person dies, they wrap him in a blanket and mat and place him in a shelter in the wild. After several nights they go there to get a piece of his tongue to make this curse that will cause people to sleep. They pry open his teeth and bite off the tip of his tongue. Then they get an eyelash from a green lizard to go with it. This curse is used when they go to steal so that the people won't wake up while they are there.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
dilak kukùnAn edible mushroom that grows on dry wood and looks like a cat's tongue.Appendix 17-09 Mushrooms
dilan1nA heavy rat trap made of bamboo and roundwood. The wood is placed in such a way that it drops onto the rat and kills it.Gel nmò le kem dilan ne kem iluy gu bè yó hmilol yem tniba.They set (make) the heavy rat trap and the noose type rat traps around the field.syntufil 1Appendix 22 Traps2vTo lay on top of something; to press something down.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfdken 1tken 1
dilongnA lullaby to lull a child to sleep.vTo sing a lullaby; to sing a baby to sleep.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Dnilong yéen yem ngà anì tungô.The mother sang to lull her child to sleep.s-.Deng tódô sdilong kik libun nen a masà bè suk mà le.It was the lullaby of many women crying together when their father lay there dead from a shot.
dilotvTo pull one piece from a bunch, as one piece of firewood from a bundle tied together or a bolo from its scabbard.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfilot 2kteng 1uluk 1dilot nawaidiomLast breath, died (lit. pulling away of the last breath).