Tboli - English


dmata kdaw1nEast.antdesdef 1
dmulun(Of butterflies) great spangled fritillary larva; black caterpillar with very poisonous fur.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures
dnolinA kind of woven abaca cloth, small in size.
dnuvarhednuvTo reject someone or something you owned in the first place because of an offense or damage or it was not returned when you really needed it.Tódô tô gel dnu yem fun yehen yem libun yehenen deng kteng yem sotu logi.He will just reject the woman who is his wife who was pulled (to the basket of food) by another man.Dnuhu kóm ne yem beyung deng hnagawem.I reject this axe that you stole from me.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, se-.Because you stole it, I'm giving it to you and you must pay for it also.
dnulonvargnulonnA variety of banana, eight to ten inches long.Appendix 26 Fruits
dngélvarhedngélvTo push or shove something unwanted aside with one's arm.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syndekol 1dulen 3dway 1
dovardouproMe, my, mine (dou set). It functions only as substitute for the noun participants that are not in focus.Yó se yem gunu le gel mon du yó kem tau, tey nsit yem do halay, abay se lemwót bè kówówu.That's the reason they say there are many maya in my rice field, because I am always going from place to place.Moen ke là knoduhem do?Why don't you pity me?Mon Bulón mò ke Kdaw, "E Wè, nunungem dou ngau, okóm béem abay tenngel."Moon said to Sun, "O Friend, watch my child for me, but don't look at him."
1vTo rely on someone else to do what you have been asked to do.Doem do ne.You leave it to me (don't worry about it).g-, h-, k-.adjIrresponsible.m-.Tey ngà mdò!What an irresponsible child!n-, s-.2vTo think about.he-.To point or aim a gun; to think about something.Hedoem se kóm tu tey klayuken tu.Think about it yourself how far away that one is.
dobungnEdible bamboo shoots.Ke là holen wen tau htibahen yem fun tniba, ne ke hlò kun dumu yó kem tau yó, lelen laen hol halayen, yó olo nmoen, snóbów abu duhen basuk, dobung duhen ke kihu klasi ken.If the field owner doesn't have many people help clear the field, and if they are all relatives, and at the same time he doesn't have much rice, what he does is make a soup of young taro leaves or squash, bamboo shoots or whatever kind of food.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables
dodongvarmedodongnCloseness, as in nearness.v/adjTo put close together, as two things.g-.Là hyuhen ke alì gdodong ebè gónô sok ye mulu soging.It is not good if it is too close to the house when you plant bananas.h-, k-, m-, s-.syngunung 1ununglon 1loni* 1cfdulen 1
dofìvargdofìsdofìsdofì hólólnSlap.Bolok matahen lanen alì mgel yem dofì yehenen du.Her eye is swollen because the slap of her husband was really hard.vTo hit, slap hard with open palm of hand; waves reaching, lapping on the shore.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.syntfê 1tfiling 1tfilóy 1cfsegdofì 1gdofìtofil 1
dofukvargdofukhegdofuk1nA dead, rotten tree still standing.cfledof 22vTo be careless about human or animal waste disposal, thus a person defecates anywhere.g-, h-.Béi alì hdofuk igoem hanà lomi tau.Don't defecate just anywhere, you are still a young person.k-, -m-, -n-, s-.Sanitation and hygiene are not important, thus a person's character is compared to that of an animal or to a dead and rotten tree.
dogintIntensifier implying that the normal or expected thing to happen did not happen.Deng kehlo Tukol du, smufà bè skéen ne smufà lem baken, ne là dogen beklen Tukol.Tailor Bird swallowed it, it protruded from under his tail and it protruded from his mouth, and Tailor Bird didn't int. choke (as expected).Béi dog mung ne kóm yakà hanaen udì ngaem, bong mayuk tum gunu le e solu tu.Don't int. go along yourself since your baby is still small, it's very far where they will go.dog neidiomNever mind.
dohòvTo make certain, to fulfill.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Yó duónen là dmohò yem butengen tey kmulón.The reason he didn't fulfil his appointment with you was because it rained hard.-n-.Dnohoem kut sen yem butengem dou.Please fulfil your promise to me.adjSure; certain.Tahu dohò yem kógówu.My going is truly certain.
dohutvTo pick up something with fingers; to eat with fingers.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sem-, sen-.
dol1nHandle of an arrow, spear.cfbwol 1hagu 1hedwél 1fromdwéltlunul 12v(Of legs) to be extended out when sitting or lying down.ge-, he-, ke-, m-, n-, se-, semse-, sense-.
dolivarmesdolisdolinEither of two equal parts, half; fifty centavos; mate.Appendix 16-02 Units of measurementvTo apportion, parcel out, as land.-m-, -n-, s-.adjBroken in half; divided.mes-.synbalà 1sóól 1cfsufak 1
dolilnRoot of a tree, problem.vTo root (of plants).g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synbugel 2cfdalil 3
dololvargdolol1varhdololsdololvTo be alongside of, to support as one's spouse; to place something alongside; to stick close to someone, as to depend on.g-.Bê ye nudél lu kul tu du kem tau olo le gdolol, tódô ye stulón bè tum kulu le.Don't scold them, those who are only depending (on them), just talk to their leader (lit. head).h-, k-, -m-, -n-.adjDependent.2vTo be guided by a familiar spirit.Wen dolol kestulónen tau ni.This man's conversation is guided by a familiar spirit (lit. has something alongside it).s-.Root refhdolol 1fromdolol 1
dolol liegnThe chain along the side of certain necklaces.
dolongnGroan, moan.vTo groan, moan from sickness; to experience sickness.Ya tey dolong yê yem kegnómen des mdehel.Mother really moaned when she experienced shortness of breath.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Tolo dmolong yem kguhu ditu.He was still sick when I left there.-n-.Tolo wen dnolongen.He still has a sickness.synhbuyon 1cfdes 1hbonu 1slaw 1
doloynA kind of hardwood tree with small, tart, edible fruit.synklambug 1Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
dolunA friendship name by which two friends may call each other, usually having special meaning to them.vTo make or use a friendship name.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
domfolvTo eat hurriedly, as a dog.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfsluma 1