Tboli - English


duelv(Of people and animals) to insist strongly, vehemently.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Tey dmuel mutóng tau ni igò le se là hutóng kóm.This person really insists on borrowing when they don't lend to you.-n-, s-.synbasul 1binsul 1dendel 1duil 1lumel 1lusu 1uluk 2useg 1
duf1nNature of something; innate or essential quality of something; the feeling of something between warm and cold.duf élThe feel of the water early in the morning.adjLukewarm, as water, warmth from the ground after a rain; feel, perceive by touching.Mduf kinì ngà ni.This child feels warm (feverish).m-.Tolo mduf kinì sungoyen yem kkólu bè yó.The hollow in his throat still felt warm when I arrived.cfayuf 1sliluf 12vTo talk someone into doing something, good or bad.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.vargdufhdufsegdufsynstud 1fromtudcfblét 3
dugangvTo carry a child on the shoulders with the feet dangling on the chest of the carrier.Dugangem kut ngà yó, hyu kóm tolohi mgel.Please carry that child on your shoulders; it's good as for you, you are still strong.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfhuyù 1ligen 1nkem 1kem 2nogot 1ogot 2Appendix 07 Ways of carrying
dugolvTo pass something to someone by means of a long stick for reaching it.Dugolem kut etu nim blogo ni.Pass this betel nut box over there for us.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfoluk 1
dugóng kulnThe edible soft base of the rattan plant.cfkul 2
dugóng suknGunstock.Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
duhenconjOr.Mdengen ke ket tau ket ne tlu duhen fat hunges ken nù béléen.It's plenty if each person has three or four (pieces of) wrapped rice.cfdu 1
duilvTo insist; assert.Ngem ni kun glumfakem ni, benkólu mólów kóm okóm tódô duilem yem kóm.Look at your disaster here now, I tried to rebuke you but you insisted on your way.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, ges-, kes-, sem-, sen-.synbasul 1binsul 1dendel 1duel 1lumel 1lusu 1uluk 2useg 1
dukvarmduknLaziness.Ayaw duk yó du kun yó.What he did is a sign of his laziness (he didn't want to go again so he overdid it).adjLazy.g-, h-, k-, m-."Ê gi," mon Iwas, "mduke mógów do.""Oh no!" Monkey said, "as for me I'm just lazy to go."n-.antleged 2synawal 2ledug 2ledut 2lefu 1
dulvTo lean or prop something straight up in such a way that it easily falls over.g-, h-.Ke hlédem yem dek béem hdul déke mugod etahem.If you lean the pestle up don't lean it too straight up, (or) it might fall on top of you.k-.adjStraight up.m-.Alì mdul kehléd ye du yó gunun hugón.It fell over because you leaned it too straight up.n-, s-.
dulakvTo spit.Béem tusak dulakem, tey litô namakem.Don't spit just anywhere, your chew is blood-red.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Béi dmulak bè ni.Don't spit here.-n-, s-.cfdfut 1
dulangv(Of hens) to fight over a nest.dulang le kem onuk ni, mò le là mngà bè kul sala?These hens always fight over a nest, why can't they lay eggs in their own nests?g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.Two or three hens laying eggs in the same nest.Gel neet kun sok sdulang onuk, tmulón tau sesamuk.It's usually an omen when hens fight over a nest, it tells of an adulterous affair.syndulen 2olò 1tfel 1
dulasadjOriginal, old, as people; antique.Mà dì Mà Wing sana dulas tau gnan.Uncle Mà Wing is still one of the original people.-m-.Deng dmulas tóken tau ni.This man's knife is already antique (has cleared many fields for planting).cflabi 1legen 1
dulenvarmedulen1advNear; around.g-, h-, k-, m-.mdulenen bélê me gunuen.His house isn't near us.s-.syngunung 1fromunungloni* 1cfdodong 1hloni 1klohok 1fromlohok 2lemoni2v(Of hens) to join and use another hen's nest to lay eggs.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Deng dmulen dini mlonem.Your hen has joined my hen (in her nest).-n-, s-.syndulang 1olò 1tfel 13vTo shove one's trash to someone else's area.syndekol 1dngél 1dway 1cflansud 1
dulénFishhook.Appendix 25-02 Fishing implementsvTo fish with a fishhook.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
duléknTimes, occasions, occurrences.Okóm ke lewu duléken duhen tlu duhen fat kdawen, yó se snukéy.But if he helps two times or three to four days, then he is to be paid.cfsulék 2ulék
dulilfromulilfromlulilRoot reflulil 1vTo place a child close to its mother.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
dulisnA scraper or knife used to scrape the burned hair off a pig or deer hide.Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implementsvTo scrape off the burned hair of pig or deer.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synki 1
dulokvTo hunt.g-, h-, -m-, -n-, s-.cflok 2mógów hdulokidiomOf someone walking stealthily.
dulonnA wild shrub, its tubers in clusters near the surface of the ground are sweet and eaten raw.cfhosò 2klogo 2lembong 1likontulé 1Appendix 17-05 Bushes and shrubs
dulunA pole to which cargo is tied.vTo carry something tied onto a pole.Tódô dulu le du afus etlem.He was carried downstream with a bamboo pole.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sem-, sen-.Two people carrying a load that is tied to a pole with the pole resting on the shoulders of the two.Slong gefet ebè duktul tek sendulu le.Only when he was carried with a pole did he reach the doctor.kes-.A patient or a dead person is carried in a tube skirt by using a pole.cfhuyù 1ligen 1nkem 1kem 2nogot 1ogot 2Appendix 07 Ways of carrying
dulukvarguluknHunting knife; dagger; a short double-bladed knife, that a man carries in his pocket or tucked in his waist for defense in case of attackers.cfsudeng 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
dulungnThe front end, bow of a ship, boat; tip end of a house.syndungus 1tfod 1
dumdemA contraction of du 'it' and yem 'that', meaning what or this.Tek élél gendaen tu dum mon Skukuk.The (sky's) anger over what Skukuk said is unreasonable."Ne sélét ni dum do," mon Hnu, "tey keblat gunù eles nitu nii.""How much more for this (load) of mine," Turtle said, "this house I'm bringing along is very heavy."
dumevardumeiexprYes!cftahu 1ulit 2