Tboli - English


dumunCompanion, other part of something; relatives.Ke deng hulô kem dumu ne hanà lemnaw kem dumu, mon le deng sóól twogun.When part (of the rice field) is already red and part is still green, they say it's still immature (lit. half of older sibling).vTo be a relative or a companion to someone.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfbalà 1
dunuknFlood. A river which has become a torrent after a hard rain.Yó gunun hngelem du, ngalin bè dunuk.His reason for making it deep is because he's protecting it against the flood.vTo be flooded, of a river which has become a torrent after a hard rain.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Tikóng deng lemnga Datù Fak tey tmengeb gu bè longit ominen demsù tey blabaden kulón ne dmunuk yem él.When Chief Frog was in a deep sleep the sky was very dark, then there was a sudden downpour so the river flooded.-n-.cfdlanag 1dunuk ingetidiomSudden outburst of perspiration.
dung1nProxy, substitute.Là gógówem Mà Utù, yó mò dung lówóhen mò lemingun Mà Sita.Mà Utù wasn't able to go, Mà Sita was his substitute to sing.synleyu lówó 1dung kahìidiomWhat you do in place of something you lack, as using an herb for flavor in place of salt.dung lówóidiomSubstitute, representative.2vTo dip so that some of what is dipped into sticks on it (as rock salt on finger food); to shake or set something down hard on its bottom.Yem lókó nki le ne dung le bè balu kdungon anì hulô.They scrape the bark and then dip it into the strands of abaca to make it red.g-, h-.Yó holi hdung bè yó anii butós.To throw oneself down, as one way of committing suicide or causing an abortion.Go ahead and throw yourself down there and let's see if your illness will not return.k-, m-, s-.vargdungmdung kahìidiomBig, clumsy gallop.Nawaw kógówen kudà snakayu yó, lumun tô mdung kahì.The going of the horse that I rode was like dipping something into salt.
dungkulvTo push, drive or scare something further away.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.syntulud 1
dungulvarhegdungulnBig fire log that will bank the fire and insure coals when needed.Nmò ye dungul yem ofi abay se deng gotu kugit.Put a big fire log in the fire because our matches are all gone.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
dungusnThe tip end.syndulung 1dungus bululThe very top of a mountain.
duón1nReason.Sok gel wen udì tenduken yem ngà le, baluen ke hanà tolo lomi sut, gel dnangaw le ke bo tedu duónen yem des ngà le.When their child has a small ache, even if he's a newborn, they usually divine to find out the reason for the sickness of their child.vTo blame.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.synlónón 1cfamad 1antaf 1delem 1deles 2dengef 1hnulék 1uléktngel 1duónen duIt's okay, why not.duónen neIt can be; to agree with something.2advAfter.Slong lebeng le deng duón yem kebeng le ke téméen.They only buried him after burying his grandfather (the younger had died first but was buried after the older).duónen bè yóFrom there, after that, then next after that. This is the same as a similar expressionkogolen bè yó.
durianTagalog duryannDurio zibethinus.Durian tree and its fruit. A huge tree producing fruit about the size of a coconut. The fruit is covered with a hard shell and has hard, stiff, sharp spines.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
dutinA lifeboat carried in a vessel for use in emergency.
dutìnPrepared poison, DDT.vTo apply or use poison.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
dutungnPiles for burning.Bê ye alì hbong dutung yem ofi yakà lemnosen lel ni tey nóng kdaw kô kuy mlób.Don't add piles to burn on that fire for it is windy and the day is hot, we might get burned.vTo burn a large pile.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Ne omin le yó gotu dmutung du yó kem gulom yó.Then it was they all burned piles on (top of) those ants there.-n-, s-.
duuvardluun(Of children) crying continuously; (of dogs) barking.Tu duu ohu du sdô deng masà lem bnes ditu.There's the barking of the dog at the pig that's lying dead there in the grass.v(Of children) to cry continuously; (of dogs) to bark continuously, needlessly.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Kesok me gel mlok ne ke leblab yem sdô là hol gisen le du kem ohu, yó kmò le du tódô dnuu le.When we hunt, if it's a big male pig the dogs aren't able to make move; what they do is just bark at it.s-.cfail 1
duungvargduung1vTo bring, pull, push, force forward.Béem tagad duung do edini ngà yó tolo là dengen deng nmou.Don't bring that child here to me yet, I'm still not done with my work.varsduungsynblay 1bunggù 1ufuk 1unduk 1cfahay 1eted 1ogu 112vTo come and stop in every port, as a ship, or as little fish, tadpoles that come up to the rocks.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfgdek 1fromdek 2kól 1
duùvarhduùexprTerm of endearment to a child or a pet.anttfé 1tfê 1cfhdana 1kbit kakim 1
11nDipstick, that which is used to dip into something.Nù se duem du?Where is your dipstick?vTo use the dipstick.Ni mò duem du.Use this to dip into it.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.synkayit 3seklayit 12nLeftover, remainder.Mon le angat là tnagak funen du, ne angat bong halay le, laen desen.They say the owner will not leave it, and they will have a big harvest without leftover sickness.Ne són usoken ne tagak.And it's only the small pieces remaining behind.3vTo touch; to tease by poking; to provoke.Yó kem ngà gu edlem mlò le.Those children from down below are always poking.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, se-.Béem hnungol yó kem le kóm.Don't listen to their provoking you (if a case has been settled but one party keeps on bringing it up).synkleyek 1kudit 1skuditidiom ofkudit 1sodoycfklit 12idiomTo note, pay attention to.Hol duem du ni monu.Mark my word.
DwatavarhedwatanGod.vTo have supernatural powers.-em-.
dwata kéngnIdol; false god.
dway1vTo push something away after being through with it, as food; to move away from something, as work; to move something out of the way, as trash.Dwayem kut etu yem ungé bolok, sidek boohen.Please move away that dead rat, it smells bad.Ke deng bong yem libun gunu le mò ken, du se yem hol gel malak yó kem dumun libun mò ne e muku du yó kem ngom ken lomi gunu le gu hedway yó kem tau mulu.If the girl that is being married is already big, she leads the other girls in cleaning up the dishes that the guests have just pushed away (eaten from).ge-, he-.Timbow hedway yó kem munung gunù, bud lu tles smagi.When the hosts move out of the way, the wedding guests take their place playing the gongs.ke-, -em-, -en-.syndekol 1dngél 1dulen 32vTo reject one another, as spouses.se-.synkbê 1from2
dwegeynAn instrument made from half of a coconut shell with a piece of bamboo as its handle. Its one string (any kind) and bamboo bow is strung with abaca and played like a violin.cfboho 2Appendix 04 Musical instrumentsvTo play this instrument.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
dweynSecond or succeeding wives.vTo take a second or another wife.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
dwélvargedwélhedwélnPrybar.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo use a pry bar in order to get what is wanted.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.cfgbanggol 1
dwóng*varhedwóngvTo be poised, as above or over something; to look down or hover from a high place.Demwóng esubô kun yem Mélê Botu.Mélê Botu mountain is poised upstream.ge-, he-, -em-.Là dengen deng keklo le yem demwóng fi ditu.They haven't finished weeding the portion hovering along the mountain side.-en-.cfhatu 1
dyaleminnEye glasses.
dyovTo take a bath, including washing one's hair.Gotu le dyo lem él kem ngà.All the children are taking baths in the river.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Soki demyo bulung, dyohem sok sdef kdaw, ne sohulem yem élen anì mung bè tum kesdef kdaw, ne tódô lana yem desem.If you bathe with medicine (ritual), bathe at sunset, and fling the water away so that it goes along with the setting of the sun, and your sickness will disappear.-en-.To bathe someone; to bathe with something.se-.cfbwas 1louf 1oufolob 1ouf 1udós 1ugud 1