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elekvTo kiss.Béem elek ngà yem bengetem.Don't kiss the child with that beard.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Salà bè Tboli ke nelekem yem sundu yehenem du.It's sin for Tboli if you kiss anyone who is not your spouse.s-.nelek ne ndunidiomRefers to a newborn child in traditional ballads.
elem1vTo submerge in water; to soak, as clothes in water.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Nelemem kut bè él.Soak it in water for us.s-.synleneg 12nPenalty.vTo suspect and bring a charge against someone with the stipulation that he submits to submerging his hand in boiling water to prove his innocence.Gotu nólólen yem kimu elem le du.He distributed all the items they submerged him with.Ni kudà elemu kóm.I charge you with this horse (this horse is yours if you are innocent but I'm sure you are not).This practice is called kmolut libol. If the person is innocent of the charge his hand will not be burned, but if burned he will pay the price.; The items in effect said that he was guilty, but he was not so the items became their penalty.
eles1advtmBeforehand, in advance; tense marker.Ke mtem yem logi, eles mit silà mò gna huluhen du.When a man burns (an area for a rice field), he has in advance brought with him corn for planting first.2advContinually.synkutu 2són mò 1tendo 1
eles kóem...exprAn expression followed by a verb, meaning always.Eles kóem htifós.He's always angry.
-emvar-hem-msfxYou, your singular (-u set).E tenngelem dé, Sembilà, deng gotu mékéng dounen soging huluhu, gotu tógó kem dumuhen.Oh! Youlook there, Friend, the leaves of the banana I planted are all dry, part of them are all ripe.Moen ke là knoduhem do?Why don't youpity me?Deng kógów balum sem ni, hnatayu uu ne.Yoursoul is going now, I'm killing you.
emegvarlemegslemegvTo defile, contaminate.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.
-envar-hen-nsfxHe, she, it, his, hers, its (-u set).Ke tngónen hilu kwenen yó se nwahen.If heknows how many it is that is what hetakes.
enekvarhenek2meneknQuietness, stillness, peacefulness.vTo keep still, be quiet.g-.Là kói genek béléen nim ngà dê hni nii.You can't keep still with this child asking for many things.h-.Tódô le henek kdê le igò le mken yó kem tau.All of them are quiet while those people are eating.k-, m-, n-.adjSettled down; quiet; peaceful; still.m-.Omin le yó mken, tódô menek lem gunù.Then it was that they ate, it was quiet in the house.syntinof 1tnô 2enek nawaidiomQuiet, still, peaceful mind (lit. quiet breath).menek nawa(Of character) quiet, settled.
entekvTo intend something for someone; to be the intended object.Entek le ebéléem tum hilet bong henyu le.They intend for you to have the big belt which they are keeping.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Dô uu nentek le tu kem tau hleng mius tu koni.Perhaps you are their intended object (destination) of those people who directly passed by just now.s-.
engednThe inside part of rattan which is not useful.vTo remove the inside part of rattan.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
engegnThe murmur, mumbling of voices.vTo murmur, mumble.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-, kes-.cfboyong 1uteb 1Bong EngegidiomName of one who has a very low tone; a female character in the Big Spirit Story.
esekvTo pound something into something else, as the end of a knife into a piece of wood to make a handle.Esekem elem tonok yem hteg kudà anì là kduten.Pound the horse's stake into the ground so that it won't be pulled out.Soki mò subeng suk nam esek elem yem subeng nmoem yem sokol bangkung anì minggel ktegen, ominem yó he ganag temuos du.When you make a handle for a knife, first pound the base of the knife into the handle you are making so it will nicely stick (not wobbling), then after that you carefully shave/smooth it (handle) off.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
et-varete-ette-pfxToward something some distance not too far away.Ne sotuhen yem ngà boho udì ne wen hiiten, hensù le kluon tukô yem hiit, ne gtien eteta ebè sufaw yem tniba.And another thing (they do is take) the little bow and some arrows, put )some weeds on the end of the arrow, and shoot toward the-top to the edge of the field.Ne hlóbô kun Iwas, ne ominen tódô kmó etlem él.Monkey was angry, and he immediately jumped toward the-deep water.cfed- 1etebwakFarther downstream.etlemFarther down below.
etedvTo deliver or convey someone or something to an intended destination.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Neted Bén o kudà ekimel.Ben delivered the horse to me yesterday.s-, sems-, sens-.Two parties bringing something to a third party.Senseted kuy lu anì là mgelen bélê le.Let's all bring (something) to them so that it won't be hard for them.antangay1 1synblay 1cfahay 1duung 1ogu 11ufuk 1unduk 1
etemvarmetemnSuspicion.adjSuspicious. In a state of readiness, prepared, in case of an attack by one's enemies.g-, h-, k-, m-.Laen gentiu deng le metem kem onuk (udél tau kól myón lubung).I didn't get to shoot anything (with bow and arrow), the birds were suspicious (words of a person returning from sitting in a bird blind).n-, s-.
etengvarmetengvTo stake out an animal.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tau du meteng du bè huluhu yem kudà yóó?Who staked that horse in my planted area?n-, s-, sems-, sens-.
ewed1vTo direct the fall of a tree by tying something to the upper end and pulling it in the direction that you want it to go.cfaba 2eled 12vTo tie or wind one end of an animal's tether around something strong in order to really hold it.Ke là ewedem du bè but lefò kudà mékét ni, kô hnatayen yem sotu kudà.If you don't wind the tether of this fighting horse to the base of the coconut tree, he might kill the other horse.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Newedem kudà yóó.Wind well the tether of that horse there.s-.varnewedsgewedsynbed 1beteng 1ewet 1fét 23vTo be pulled into something, involved, tricked.Na te ewed u lemen knukum bong ni ke gbekem.We'll pull you into this big case if you're able.Eweden o elem yem kasu.He tricked me into the case.m-.Wen lanen dô mewed edyó ni sentulón ni.It seems you might be involved in the problem if traced.Root refsgewed 1fromewed 2sensewed/sen-gewedidiomGossiping/plotting against.Olò hnungolem se kóm dé yem alì sensewed le gu dlem nii.You too should pay attention to the gossiping together from down below.Deng sana sen-gewed le kmò khatay le du.Already they have plotted together how they will kill him.
ewel1nWeave, texture of cloth.Hgetem ewel yem newelem.Tighten the weave (strands) of that cloth you are weaving.vTo weave cloth by crossing the warp threads on the woof using a loom.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Lumun se ke nes newel, hlungkal ne kihu kimu libun.Like if it's cloth being woven, earrings or anything used by women.2adjImprecise or inefficient in a job.Bong ke Tihô kun ke mogot beyung, tey ewel.As for Tihô when he holds the axe, he's very inefficient (does not know how to handle it).Used mostly when referring to someone not able to use a knife or an axe very well, can not hit the same place twice.cfangaw 1ewel nawaidiomState of confusion.
ewen seconjWhy then? So then, there shouldn't be a problem.Ewen se du ke alii bud mokol lembut igò sem deng gotu gutahem hnihem?Why then are you still (lit. digging up) endlessly angry when you already got what you asked for (there shouldn't be a problem)?
ewenemconjEven so, and yet.Balù yem tey kebtes msó ewenem sana alì kebli tau lemwót bè yem klaen dumu ken le.Even though the price of rice is very high even so people are still buying it since they have nothing else to eat.cfanienidiom ofanì 1
ewetvarkewetnTie, chain.vTo connect, hook, tie something to something else, as with a rope or wire.Ewet ye edlem bè kling yem fét lolol.Tie the string of the contraption to the bamboo down below.Ewetem bè klinguhem nim hlungkal nii.Hook these earrings here on your ears.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synbeteng 1ewed 2fét 2

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