Tboli - English


gunuvargónónReason, purpose, motive.gunuhen mò du, abay se...His motive for doing it was because...advReason why; where.Gunuhen gel nù yem tau yó?Where does that man stay?"Bè ni ne, Sembilà, gunuhu mbot kóm," mon Iwas mò ke Hnu."Here, Friend, is where I'll throw you," Monkey said to Turtle.yó gunuhem monidiomTherefore; that's why.Yó gunuhem mon, gna hnulu silà ke wen tniba anì là angaten nolos silaen.Therefore, you plant corn first when you have a field so that its corn will not be undeveloped.
gunu mdànWealth; ground, basis, place to stand.Hyu se ke hol tngón te yem tahu anì tngón te gunu te mdà.It is good if we really know the truth so that we know where to stand.Bê te hlikò smolu kul yó kem tau yó balù ni klaen kut gunu mdà.Let us not be afraid to face those people even if we don't have wealth (lit. place or something to stand on).cfmdà 12
gunungfromunungadjToo near, too close; too soon, as a date.Hlayuk ye sok ye mulu soging, là hyuhen ke alì gunung bè gónô.Plant the bananas farther away, it's not good if it is too close to the house.h-.Béem alì hgunung edini.Don't make it too close here.antlayuk 1syndodong 1dulen 1lon 1loni* 1
gunùvargónônHouse, home; household.Hyu ke wen se nwit le bè ngà le tagak bè gunù.It's good if there's some for them to bring back to their children left at home.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo build a house; to have a house; be a household.Yó kem tau nù bè yó tek sotu gmunù, okóm dê tau nù lemen.All the people living there were of one household, but many people lived there.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-.Gmunù le te bulul le mà.Father and his household have a house on top of the mountain.synbalay 1gunù hemotAn antique necklace, a chain about a foot long with other chains attached to it with bells on them. It is worn around the neck by the bride and other women at weddings.gunù seslongMeeting place.gunù tmaba DwataChurch.sotu gmunùOne household.
gunù slongnOld term for market place, a place of bartering.
gutavTo reach or get something; to obtain or achieve, as grades.Ke gel mnóng kdaw, alì le móyô smolok, ne tey gel bong guta le.During dry season, they really like to fish (at night) with a light and they always get a large amount.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sem-, sen-.syngafit 1
adjVery short, as a girl's haircut at the neckline level or a chicken that has no tail.Deng baling ne yem tehe tey wek tahaem yu.Your hair that used to be very long has become very short.h-, k-, m-, ne-.synbukug 1
gwafromwa 11nBrillantine, a kind of hair oil.cfgbót 2bót2vTo get, acquire; gain, as respect of people.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.Deng le segwa nawa.They already gained each other's respect.
gwakvarmegwakvTo all come out of the belly, as intestines when stabbed in a fight.he-, ke-, -en-.
gwàvTo escape, as from prison; to get loose, untangled, as animals by accident or mistake.he-.To intentionally let loose.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synglus 1lusledus 1lóy 2cfhewà 1lewàlewà 1
gwitfromwitvTo take something along by mistake.ke-, -em-, -en-.
gwóngnPanus.An edible mushroom that grows on the ground.cfhlos 1ufas 1Appendix 17-09 Mushrooms
gwósvTo waste by lavishness; to squander.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.adjExtravagant; wasteful, squander, as of food, possessions or money.syngamà 1amà
gyobadjCrushed, smashed (of things) from the top down.Gotu gyob latahu lanen btang etahen botu.My can was crushed when a rock fell onto it.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cfgmê 1kyom 1
gyónfromyónvTo be able to sit down and concentrate working on something; to accidentally sit on something.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.